How to Access Your Android From Computer Using SSH [No ROOT]


Imagine, you are on vacation and then suddenly you got a call from your boss, asking you to troubleshoot a server issue. Well, usually, this isn’t a big problem. Most of you’ll install an SSHclient on your smartphone and log in to your remote server. But how about the other way …

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How to Convert Video on Android with FFmpeg Using Termux

Android Launcher

Termux is our favorite terminal emulator for Android. Yesterday, we saw, how to use Termux to download any video. And today, we’ll take a look at how you can use it to convert any video on android with FFmpeg. Why Termux? There is no real advantage of using Termux over Video Converter apps …

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How to use Termux to download YouTube videos


Last week, we showed you how to download any video from Android terminal without using any third-party software. But there were two major issues that were stopping people from trying it. You would have to type dozen of commands, and many of you get an error messages while doing that. There was no …

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5 Ways To Record Calls on iPhone or Android

How to record a phone call

There are several reasons why you may want to record your phone calls –  Keeping records of important conversations with your clients Verbal evidence of something that happened Or simply dealing with shitty customer service So, here are all the possible ways to record to your phone calls on Android and …

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Download Any Videos on the Internet with Android Terminal

There are tons of online sites and Android apps, that let you download videos from the Internet. But how about we do this, with Android terminal (No ROOT required). Sounds geeky? Well, let’s see how to do it.  Related: 3 Ways to Loop YouTube Videos on Android and iOS Advantages No need …

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10 Best GBA Emulator Games For Android

In my childhood whenever I used to visit my doctor, I made sure to bring my GBA console with me to kill some time in the waiting room. Those were the happy days. Now, although GBA was not that graphically advanced, I still loved it for its strategy based gaming.  …

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12 Most Common Android Problems and Their solutions


Android phones are not immune to problems, and you may face hardware or software problems every now and then. However, you can easily solve most of the Android problems yourself with a little tinkering. To help you easily deal with common Android problems, we have created a list of most …

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13 Must Have Xposed Modules of All Time

Xposed Framework

Now, I don’t root my Android (or even suggest other to do so) as much as I used to do a few years back. However, Xposed Module still remains one of the biggest reason to root my Android. What are Xposed modules and how to install it? In case you don’t know, Xposed modules …

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10 Awesome Things You Can do With Lightning Launcher


Don’t like the way your Android’s home screen look? Change your Launcher. Launchers have the biggest impact on Android customization. And thankfully there are many options to choose from. Up until now, I was a fan of Nova launcher (and don’t get me wrong, I still am). But recently, I got some time to …

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