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Mac Tips: Cleaver use of Spotlight

spotlight in mac

Ever since I switch to MAC, Spotlight is my favorite feature. It’s a ‘desktop search’ feature for Mac OS X which lets you search for ‘stuff’ on your computer. But unlike ‘Window’s search’, the spotlight is dashing fast. The spotlight has become better, with new Yosemite update. As it now, appears …

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Better Way to Backup Your WordPress Blog [Tutorial]


A good webmaster always keeps multiple backups of his or her websites. Backups not only protect your website from server failure and security attacks but are also needed while changing your host. Now some of you may question, “Why should I take regular backups when my hosting provider is already doing that …

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Prevent Mac from Automatically Going to Sleep

Prevent your Mac from automatically going to sleep

One thing that every new Mac user notice pretty soon is that; their computer put itself to sleep after some time of inactivity. This is a useful feature, introduce to save battery. But often this feature becomes irritating. For instance when rendering video, compiling code or downloading something from the …

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Share Files Between Mac and PC

Share Files Between Mac and PC

If you are following my updates on Instagram, then you may have noticed the MacBook, which I bought a few weeks back. And the first problem I faced with my new MacBook was, How do I transfer files to new computer, i.e., From Windows to Mac. Watch this Video Tutorial (recommended) Related: How …

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Facebook Tips: Automatically backup your FB images to dropbox

How to backup your Facebook images

Most of us are living a virtual life on Facebook. We chat, we share our thoughts, upload selfies, comments on others and pretty much do everything that we do in our real world. But at the same time it important to differentiate between a real world and virtual world. Facebook …

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Backup and Restore Accidently Delete WhatsApp Conversation

backup and restore whatsapp conversations

If you are the one who like to keep records of all WhatsApp conversation or have accidently deleted your WhatsApp chat history then, read along.In this article, you will find how to restore WhatsApp conversation if delete accidently. You can also move your WhatsApp conversation between two devices provided that …

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How I solved my bluestacks graphic card error (2 Ways)

older version of bluestacks

So you are installing bluestacks, but suddenly you get this Graphics Card Error, even tough your system have met all the system requirement. So now what?   Reason for Bluestacks Graphic Card Error There are two types of Graphic card — Microsoft’s proprietary Direct3D, which is used to run windows programs OpenGL, …

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How to fix grub rescue error with Fixmbr Command

How to Solve Grub Rescue Error with Fixmbr Command

Want to know how to fix grub rescue error with the help of single command? All you need is Windows installation or recovery disk. If you haven’t made it, you can use Hiren’s boot CD. (download link) Error Shown Unknown Filesystem Grub Rescue How It May Happen There are many reasons, but …

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How to Save Android battery Life With ABC

saving android barttery RTT

When I switch to my first Android smartphones, I was shocked to see the battery life; it won’t last more than 6-8 hours. So I looked over the internet and found many tips. After testing them on my android I found some were effective while others were not. If you …

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