How to Remove Blue Ticks on WhatsApp

Remove Blue Ticks on WhatsApp

Update Nov 14: As predicted WhatsApp has now made the ‘read feature’ optional in its latest version. To get it, update your WhatsApp from the App store or download its apk from official website. Once you have the latest version, you will find this option under settings > accounts > privacy settings. Video : How to …

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The Unethical Guide to Spy on Your Competitors Website

Spy on Your Competitors Website

Do you want to know more about their competitor’s website? like where are they hosting their website, how much traffic they are getting, which keywords they ranking for, or which WordPress theme and plugins they are using etc etc. Although, you can always contact the webmaster with your queries, reply may not …

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How to Reset Password in HDFC Net Banking

Reset Password in HDFC Net Banking

Net banking is cool, but at the same time, you should use it carefully. If your login credentials fall into wrong hand, you are doomed. With that in mind, banks make the password recovery process a little more challenging, than usual. That’s you don’t get ‘new password link’ in your email like …

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Things You Should Know About Flipkart Affiliate Program

Flipkart Affilate Program

Flipkart, a popular Indian eCommerce website that sells everything from low price books to expensive television sets. And like many other eCommerce giants, they also have an affiliate program. But is it worth it? How Flipkart affiliate works? First, you will have to sign up for their affiliate program, and you will get a unique tracking id. …

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Things you Should Know if you are Using Snapchat


Started as a small college project, in Stanford classroom and now share 700 million photos per day; there is no doubt snapchat is one of biggest mobile app in the industry. However it is not only the hottest but also the most controversial mobile messaging apps in the market today. …

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Find out How Well Two Person Know Each Other on Facebook

Find out How Well Two Person Know Each Other on Facebook

So you are curious to find out if two people you know on Facebook already; knows each other. And you even want to know, the kind of relationship they have? Are they close friends or only acquaintance. Off-course there is no 100% solution for this, but there is one simple trick …

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FakeOFF: Easily Identify Fake Account on Facebook

how to tell a fake facebook account

Everyone knows Facebook is biggest social networking website in this world, But what we usually miss is not everyone is real on Facebook. According to a recent survey about 10% of the Facebook’s accounts are fake. [source] So if you are skeptical about some of the friends identify, especially if you …

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How To Pay Electricity Bill Online in India (Video)

Pay Electricity Bill Online

Long gone are the days when you have to stand in a queue to pay your bills. Now you can pay almost any bills online. Paying bills online not only save time and fuel but it also reduces the use of paper receipts. It further cut company’s expense on paper works …

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How To Find The Name of a Song With Few Information

find the name of a song

Suppose you are in party and an awesome song comes in, but unfortunately you can’t figure out its name. Now here you have two options, you can either ask your friends for the name of song or you can take help of technology. Although the former option may risked revealing your ignorance …

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