Everything You Need To Know About WhatsApp Plus

Everything You Should Know About WhatsApp Plus

Warning: After Jan 21 2015, WhatsApp has suspended accounts of some WhatsApp plus user. Using third-party application is against their t&c. So use WhatsApp plus at your own risk. Everyone love WhatsApp. It’s the most popular messenger app, that lets you send messages with no extra cost. Like many others, I am also a …

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Easily Way To Track Your Monthly Broadband Usage

How to keep track your monthly broadband usage

Everyone loves the high-speed internet, especially when it’s unlimited. But not everyone has unlimited bandwidth. Most broadband plans come with fair usage policy; better known as ‘data cap’- which means after a certain data usage your Internet speed will decrease. But if you are like me, who browse videos and stream music all day long, even on …

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Check If Your Website Is Mobile Friendly or Not

swift responsive website

Gone are the days, when people only browse website from their computer. As smartphone users are increasing day by day, we see more and more traffic comes from mobile users. With introduction of mobile friendly label, in Google search results; rumor has it, that next Google update, will reword mobile friendly …

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Easily Setup Picture to your Phone Contact using Whatsapp

Setup Picture to your Phone Contact

It’s easier to identify someone from their picture than their names. Right! So, wouldn’t it be great if can somehow, set a display picture for all your contacts? Now, the traditional way of doing that is very tedious. First, you will have to collect photos of everyone who is on your phonebook …

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How To Hide Whatsapp picture/videos from your Gallery

Hide Whatsapp picture from your Gallery

Are you tired of your nosy friends, who don’t respect your privacy? Do you want to hide your personal photos on Android? If yes, then look no more. Now, for many of us, WhatsApp is more than a messaging app. It’s personal. And we don’t want others to invade our …

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How to Remove Blue Ticks on WhatsApp

Remove Blue Ticks on WhatsApp

Update Nov 14: As predicted WhatsApp has now made the ‘read feature’ optional in its latest version. To get it, update your WhatsApp from the App store or download its apk from official website. Once you have the latest version, you will find this option under settings > accounts > privacy settings. Video : How to …

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The Unethical Guide to Spy on Your Competitors Website

Spy on Your Competitors Website

Do you want to know more about their competitor’s website? like where are they hosting their website, how much traffic they are getting, which keywords they ranking for, or which WordPress theme and plugins they are using etc etc. Although, you can always contact the webmaster with your queries, reply may not …

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How to Reset Password in HDFC Net Banking

Reset Password in HDFC Net Banking

Net banking is cool, but at the same time, you should use it carefully. If your login credentials fall into wrong hand, you are doomed. With that in mind, banks make the password recovery process a little more challenging, than usual. That’s you don’t get ‘new password link’ in your email like …

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Things You Should Know About Flipkart Affiliate Program

Flipkart Affilate Program

Flipkart, a popular Indian eCommerce website that sells everything from low price books to expensive television sets. And like many other eCommerce giants, they also have an affiliate program. But is it worth it? How Flipkart affiliate works? First, you will have to sign up for their affiliate program, and you will get a unique tracking id. …

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