Why Microsoft Allows People To Use Pirated windows

activate windows 8 blue screen

If you think you are smart enough to get away with Pirated Windows, then I am must tell you that you are wrong. The moment you connect your PC to the internet, Microsoft can easily detect if you are running pirated version of Windows 7/8 or not. So this brings us …

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Effectively use Google Search While Traveling


Are you planning your next vacation? Or looking forward to exploring new places? Or do you often travel for businesses? If an answer to any of these question is yes, then read along. Google is the king of search. And I am sure you already use many Google products. Like Google search, Maps, Translate, …

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How Secure is NFC Technology ? Lets find out

nfc payment is secure

NFC (Near Field Communication) has been there for a while now, but still it’s underrated technology. I remember, 2 years back when I first heard about NFC, I was excited to see it in every smartphone. Related: NFC Technology: Things you should know about it Sadly, NFC didn’t get the head-start that it needed. …

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100 Most Popular Internet slangs that Everyone should know

popular internet slangs

Weather you like it or not, Internet slangs are widely popular and if you don’t want to sound like your Mom then better take a look at them. Origin of Internet slangs   Although there is no organization / community which is responsible for their standardization. It ‘s very hard …

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Torrents Tips and Tricks for advanced users (Video)

In the previous article we have talk about beginners guide of torrent like what exactly is torrent ? How does it work? etc. If you haven’t already read this article, I will suggest that you to read it first. Although this article is independent, it will be better you know …

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Everything a Beginner Needs to Know About Torrents

Torrents account for approximately 43% to 70% of all Internet traffic. And I am pretty sure you have heard the word torrents a lot. Some of you may be using it right now. But do you understand what torrent is? Is it a website or a protocol? How does this torrenting work? And is it legal? …

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How to Extract apk From Google Play (Video)

How to extract apk file from google play

There are times when you need the .apk file of your favorite Android application. But since Google Play hides it inside the data/app folder it’s not accessible to regular users and the only option left is to root your device. One way to overcome that is by taking backup of the …

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How to manage multiple twitter accounts on same screen

manage multiple twitter accounts

While most of the web entrepreneurs and internet power users have more than one Twitter account and often managing them all together, become very tedious as you have to log in and log out every time you check/tweet from your particular account. One way of avoiding this is by using different browser. But again this …

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Which Webpages Should you Optimized For Adsense

better adsense earning

Most of the blogger (including me) use Google analytics to determine top pages in search engines. So, we start working on them to make it look better, load faster and get more backlink to it. Hoping that it would increase our revenue !! We assume that top pages in search engines …

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