5 Most Common Bluestacks Error Solved (With Videos)

solving bluestacks error

So your friend introduced you to this new software called bluestacks; that run android apps on the computer. And you decided to give it a try, but unfortunately, it didn’t work. You may have got errors like BlueStacks 25000, BlueStacks 2GB Memory Error or a Video Card Error. Update  Before we …

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What To Do Just After you Lost your Android

crying lost his phone

If you are reading this then you might have lost your android or just want to prepare yourself for the disaster. If you happens to be from the first group then you have my condolence. And if you belong to second group who are just anxious, then I will really like …

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Wubi: Install Linux on same drive as Windows

Wubi installer Window

If you are one of those who wants to try Linux but are afraid to create another partition for installation, well there is a solution for you. With Wubi installer, you can install Linux on the same drive as your Windows and select the OS on start-up. If you are looking for …

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Top 5 Free Services send large files via email

Send Big Files via Email

Having problem sending big file to your friend ?  Well I have solutions. I have faced the similar problem while making my project where I have to send large files via email to my colleagues so, Here I am after lot of googling I have made a list . The most common way …

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How to add Contacts in Whatsapp in Bluestacks

Blustack: How to Import Contact List to Whatsapp

If you are using WhatsApp on your computer then you have to add every contact manually by going into emulator settings. Right? Similarly, if you use Viber on your PC, you need a contact list to see which friend has installed Viber. In short, if use any Android emulator you have to enter contacts one by …

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How to Convert Flash Drive Into a Portable Web Server


Facing Problem while running your Web Project online & working with Multiple locations? There is a simple way to convert Pen-drive into web-server without installing any software on Multiple Computer. All you have to do is plug and play your pen drive. What is USBWebServer? It’s a combination of the popular web server software like …

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10 funny Websites List to Kill Boredom

Monoface funny websites

Getting Bored !! But Don’t want to waste your time on Facebook, twitter or any social networking sites. Then you have come to right place, In this article I have made a list of 10 funny Websites List to Kill Boredom. 1. Help drunken man The objective of this game is to …

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How to fix grub rescue error with Fixmbr Command

How to Solve Grub Rescue Error with Fixmbr Command

Want to know how to fix grub rescue error with the help of single command? All you need is Windows installation or recovery disk. If you haven’t made it, you can use Hiren’s boot CD. (download link) Error Shown Unknown Filesystem Grub Rescue How It May Happen There are many reasons, but …

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How to Save Android battery Life With ABC

saving android barttery RTT

When I switch to my first Android smartphones, I was shocked to see the battery life; it won’t last more than 6-8 hours. So I looked over the internet and found many tips. After testing them on my android I found some were effective while others were not. If you …

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Bluestack: How to insert profile picture in Whatsapp (Video)

Bluestack: Insert profile picture in whatsapp

Last updated on Oct 2014 Since you reading this page, I am assuming that you have successfully install bluestack and running whatsapp in it. But you are struck or donot know how to Change your Profile Pictures on whatsapp. Right ? Well don’t worry, you have come to right place …

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