Solved: Not able to login to gmail in android

android unable to login

Q. Having trouble login to your Gmail in your android? A.Yes, I am not able to login to my android even though I am entering right password. Well first thing first, This is just a minor problem which can be solved very easily. I had the similar problem few day …

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Gif Animation: Make Your Own Joker Clapping Gif

joker clapping

In this tutorial, I will show you how to make a gif of Joker clapping without a help of any Photoshop. All you need is a free software and 5 minutes of your time.  If you are looking forward to installing flash on your website but not sure about the security vulnerability it may cause or …

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List of Internet Slang Symbols and Their Meanings

internet slangs

Internet slang are quite popular on the web. People use them everywhere, like reddit, 4chan, even on Facebook and WhatsApp.  So here I made a list some not so popular internet slangs. $_$ Has money ?u@ Where are you? ^5 high five >,< Angry *4u Kiss for you *67 unknown *eg* evil grin 187 murder 2k15 2015 24/7 Twenty-four hours a day, seven days …

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Surf Internet Anonymously With Tor Browser Bundle

surf the internet anonymously

You may find proxy websites banned in college or workspace; sometimes even ultra surf don’t work. In such cases, the only option we are left out with is the Tor project. In my opinion, it’s the only thing that works. The best part Tor never failed me from accessing blocked websites …

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Step by Step Guide to install Whatsapp on PC [Video]

whatsapp for pc

Q. Is it Possible to download WhatsApp for PC? A. Yes Q. Cool, What I need to do then? A. You can easily install WhatsApp on PC but for that, you will need a software or better called it an emulator that can run android apps on PC. There are …

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How to Identify Fake People on Facebook


OK, one fine day a really hot girl added you on Facebook you chatted with her for a while and soon you were buddies. When you asked for her no or any contact info, she would only change the topic even go offline. This led you thinking whether she is real …

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How to Get Rid Of Close Friends Notifications on Facebook


Facebook has widely known for it changes from timeline to ticker to subscribe button, it keeps on making the little change. A few months back Facebook has launched a new feature called Close Friend list. And if are a Facebook maniac like me then you may have added lots of …

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5 Funny Computer Pranks to Impress Your Friends

cool idea

Looking for some funny computer pranks? Well here are some simple tips and tricks to trick your friend. All you need is a couple of minutes alone with your friend’s laptop. So, let’s get started.  1. Where Are My Icons? This computer prank is pretty old school. but works every …

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Top 6 Useful DOS Commands That You Should Know

useful dos commands

There are unlimited possibilities to cmd can be used, but to keep things simple in this post we will focus on six useful dos commands which I believe every one of us should know about. 1. Systeminfo As the name suggests this command gives you everything you need to know about the …

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How to Share Files between Two Computers Using LAN Cable


Looking for a way to share files between two computers using LAN cable? Well, your search finally ends here. This step by step guide (with a video tutorial in the end) has helped thousands of people who want to transfer files from PC to PC using Ethernet cable. And I am sure …

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