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5 Best Fishing Games for Android in 2021

by Sagar Naresh
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Fishing requires a lot of patience. However, the end result can be greatly rewarding, or sometimes you are hit hard on the face. As we are still in the middle of the pandemic, outdoor activity is something we should avoid when possible. There are several apps modeled after outdoor activities like fishing on mobile phones. Though it could never be as good as the real thing, it at least gives us the feel. In this post, we will talk about some of the best fishing games for Android in 2021.

1. Ace Fishing: Wild Catch

Without a doubt, Ace Fishing: Wild Catch is something that you should try out if you really enjoy fishing. The Android fishing game allows users to fish in some of the world’s most beautiful destinations. You can catch a huge variety of fishes, some you might have never heard of.

You can customize fishing rod, fishing lines, and other elements easily. You can try your hand at fishing in locations right from the Amazon river to the rivers in other parts of the world. With the latest update, Ace Fishing has also now added the legendary Atlantis location to the map.

The app is free to play and offers simple controls. The Ace Fishing game comes with some in-app purchases and also a worldwide leaderboard. It records your catches and you can share your scores with the world.


  • Easy controls
  • Good 3D graphics
  • Multiple fishing locations
  • Can play with friends


  • Some special accessories require real money
  • Experienced some bugs

Download: Ace Fishing

2. FishingStrike

FishingStrike is one of the best fishing games on Android. It allows you to catch a wide variety of fishes across different places. You get to catch fishes, complete levels, rank up, play with your friends, and unlock gears. There are over 500 varieties of fishes that you can hunt for on FishingStrike.


The home screen gives you access to all the settings and there is a globe at the center which you can rotate to access all the unlocked levels. One good thing about the FishingStrike is that there are no energy restrictions. Meaning that you can play the game as often as you like.

FishingStrike also gives you the option to create your own Aquarium and bring it to life with VR Mode. In AR Mode, you can view the fishes moving in real life. Talking about the fishing experience, it somehow lacks the real-world feel and could be better.


  • Unique AR and VR features
  • You can play the game as often you like
  • Good graphics


  • Average fishing experience
  • Gameplay feels repetitive and boring after sometime

Download: FishingStrike

3. My Fishing World

The game My Fishing World is a nice and realistic fishing game for Android. It comes with day and night cycles, and corresponds to real-time. The game offers a great fishing experience. My Fishing World boasts a simple user interface and gameplay.

My fishing world best fishing game android 2021

Users can chat with other players online while you continue to catch fishes. I personally feel the gameplay could have been better, but the good thing is that it will not let you get bored. There is a huge collection of fishes to catch.

There are multiple locations where you catch a wide variety of fishes. You can store all your trophies in an album and get detailed information about each trophy. One of the perks of My Fishing World is that you can play this game offline as well.


  • Play offline
  • Real-time day/weather change
  • Simple user interface


  • Some room for gameplay improvement

Download: My Fishing World

4. Let’s Fish

Another Android fishing game available on the Play Store is Let’s Fish: Sport Fishing Games. You can fish in over 60 locations across the globe. Moreover, there are over 650 species of fishes such as catfish, albacore, skipjack tuna, salmon, coelacanths, peacock bass, and even white sharks and whales.

best fishing game android

The popular Android fishing game features an online multiplayer mode, so you can play with your friends. There is an online chat feature as well, which allows you to communicate with connected players. There are a variety of fishing tackles and rods, hooks, lines, reels, landing nets, bait, ground bait, buffs to collect.

Let’s Fish provides an authentic gaming experience, where you won’t be able to catch a big fish with a small rod. You need to constantly upgrade and select your weapon for the war, in our case, for fishing. It is a free game but involves in-app purchases.


  • Easy to play gameplay
  • Multiplayer mode
  • Huge variety of equipment to collect


  • Average graphics
  • A bit buggy

Download: Let’s Fish

5. Fishing Clash

Fishing Clash is developed by the same developers who developed the Let’s Fish: Sport Fishing Game. The game gets all the basics right when it comes to fishing simulation. The graphics are quite good and the details on the fish are nice. You can 1v1 PvP battles with your friend.

Best fishing game android

There are multiple popular locations to choose from right from Amazon, Kenai rivers, and the Deep Sea. There are hundreds of different species of fishes to catch. You can catch a rare breed of fishes when you level up.

Fishing Clash offers tournaments, battle royale where 4-8 people come together to get the highest points on a given spot. You have to play this game regularly in order to up your level. Overall, a good fishing simulation game with lots of modes to play.


  • Great 3D graphics
  • Multiple playing modes
  • Variety of locations


  • Requires real money to buy equipment
  • PvP matchmaking is unfair
  • Freezing issues

Download: Fishing Clash

Wrap Up: Best Fishing Games for Android

Well, there you have it from my side in this post. Note that there are a ton of fishing games available on the Play Store that you can play, but they are either filled with ads or don’t provide you with great gameplay. The above-listed fishing apps are good in some areas and bad in some.

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