7 Best Teleprompter Apps for iPad To Try in 2019

Whether you are practicing your presentation or making YouTube videos, having a teleprompter next to your camera can significantly boost your video production quality. Now, you can always buy a budget teleprompter from Amazon but you would still need a smartphone or a tablet. If you have an old iPad lying around why not use that instead? There are plenty of apps that can turn your iPhone and iPad into a useable teleprompter. Some of these apps offer simple interface but limited option while others come with advanced options such as remote speed control, text placement, built-in video recorder and much more.

Before we check out some of the best teleprompter apps, it’s worth point out that the inbuilt Pages app has a hidden teleprompter mode. Simply, open your script in the Pages app, tap on the Options icon on the top right, next select the Presenter Mode to start the teleprompter. Because it is so simple, there are some limitations. For example, lack of an auto-scroll option and remote playback control to name the few. And this is where third-party Teleprompter apps come in. So, let’s check out some of the best Teleprompter apps for iPad.

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Best Teleprompter Apps for iPad and iPhone

1. Teleprompter Pro Lite

After Pages’ inbuilt feature, this app has the most basic functionality of a teleprompter. It takes scripts and projects it to your iPad screen just like a regular teleprompter.

It does allow you to change the speed and size of the text on the screen. While the speed can be changed during the run, you can not change the font size. If you want to mirror the text to be used as a screen for a real teleprompter, you would have to upgrade to the premium app from the app store.

In the free version, you can either type everything manually or copy it from your drive and paste it in the app. The premium version offers Mirror mode, Bluetooth control, unlimited scripts.

Though it works decently as a standalone teleprompter, it lacks the ability to mirror the text to be used as a screen for a regular teleprompter.

Download Teleprompter Pro Lite  (Free)

2. Prompster

Prompster is another free app which transforms your iPad into a teleprompter. It has a simple interface with a few additional features than the previous app. Like you can mirror your iPad text to make it compatible with the traditional teleprompter screen.

Not just that you can adjust the speed and text while running the prompt. This makes it very intuitive and versatile. You also get the option to import scripts from your Dropbox and Email. You can directly email it to other people after you’re done right from the app.

The free version is great on its own and if you decide to upgrade to the premium version, you’ll get audio video recording feature with no ads.

Prompster can mirror your text and functions as teleprompter screen, it lacks a highlighted text feature. A user might lose track of the text and without the marker, it makes it a little hard for them to find the correct spot. The next app, however, does have this feature.

Download Prompster  Free)

3. OnCue Teleprompter

OnCue is a meticulously designed teleprompter app to work with the iPhone and the iPad. Just like previous apps, it can be used as a standalone teleprompter or used as an accessory to a more sophisticated rig.

The main features of this app include the Rich text editor which gives you more customization options. You can change fonts, adjust the text size of each word, italicize and underline important sentences. It allows you to emphasize more on certain words and make the script even more convincing. OnCue Teleprompter scrolls automatically where you can adjust the speed and alignment. This app can also be controlled by any iCade Bluetooth controllers. This gives you additional functions like fast-forward and rewind.

OnCue Teleprompter is a great app if you want to create custom scripts and control the teleprompter externally. You can get the app from the App Store for free.

Install OnCue Teleprompter (free)

4. Parrot

Parrot Teleprompter much like the bird it is named after lets you recite your entire script in front of the camera. Other apps above it do a decent job as a teleprompter or as a screen for one.

You can connect your Dropbox and all your scripts(in .txt) will sync with this app. It can mirror, adjust speed and size and loop the entire script. You can also change the background and the font color as per your requirement. The toggle marker is a good addition as it gives you a clue where in the script are you with a highlighter mark on the screen and an arrow pointing towards it. Parrot also make their own teleprompter hardware as well.

These apps are good as standalone teleprompter apps but next app in the list have this amazing feature which no other app in this list has.

Download Parrot (Free)

5. PromptSmart Lite

PromptSmart Lite has the most intuitive feature in this list.

It functions as a teleprompter but the text scrolls as you read it out loud syncs to your speech, as you say a line it listens to your speech and proceeds to push the text. If you stop for a while, the teleprompter also pauses and resumes as you start reading again.

This is a proprietary feature developed by Promptsmart and no other app offers this technology yet. VoiceTrackTM is an advanced audio tracking algorithm which listens to the sound and extracts the words and matches with the highlighted text. This gives you an added advantage with which you don’t have to worry about rushing your text.

These features are available in the free version, however, if you purchase the paid version, you get additional features like video recording, auto capitalization, Mirror text, change text and Background color.

If you want an app that does video recording in the free version, check the next apps in the list.

Download PromptSmart Lite (Free)

6. Video teleprompter lite

Video Teleprompter lite is a more advanced version of a teleprompter app with added features. You can import your scripts from your phone or cloud or even other apps. Once you choose your file and press next, you’ll get a prompt from the app to allow the camera. Yes, this app lets you record the video on the iPad with teleprompter running right on the screen. You can see your preview with the prompter making the session easier to record.

One of the best features of this app that went missing on most teleprompter apps is the adjustable text area. While recording a video, you can move your script closer to the camera, so your eyes are looking directly at the lens while you record.

Another useful feature of this app is that you can use a Bluetooth keyboard or your Apple watch to control the speed and recording without touching the iPad. You get an app on the watch which pairs with the app during a session and instantly reacts to your commands. You can tap on the Bluetooth icon on the bottom left, right next to the gear icon. This feature is only available in the premium version, though. Your saved recordings are automatically saved to Photos and you can share it from there.

These are the features of the premium version offers different formatting and colors to the script, keyboard control, you can import the scripts directly, and remove the watermark.

Video Teleprompter lite is great but the text covers the entire screen and can be a little distracting and the next app has a creative solution to this problem.

Download Video Teleprompter lite (Free)


BigVu is the only app in the list that requires an active internet connection to function. You have to log in with one of your social media accounts or email. The YouTube integration makes it better and you can directly upload videos to your channel.

It has smart features like it automatically adjusts the teleprompter speed based on the number of words in a line. You can adjust the speed and set video quality in the settings. The dedicated tab offers tips on how to effectively use this app. You select your script from the list and tap on the camera button on the camera button in the top right corner. You get all the controls like speed adjustment bar, text size and teleprompt window size right next to the record button. After you’re done with the recording, you get a few options, some free and some available with the pro version.

The free version lets you share your videos unedited, however, the premium version offers watermark removal, full HD recording, you can boost audio levels and add music background. You can add your custom logo and create your custom outro.

Download BIGVU (Free)

Consider buying a Real Teleprompter

I am pretty confident that the apps mentioned above are decent enough to act as a makeshift Teleprompter. A real teleprompter would make a significant difference as it is professionally built and you can look directly into the camera while reading out your lines. There are plenty of budget teleprompters out there and Amazon would be your first step to start the search. I would recommend Glide Gear TMP100, it is lightweight and compatible with most camera setup. The glass is a 70/30 standard beam split glass which ensures the camera doesn’t record any of the texts. It doesn’t have its own display and you can use any smartphone or iPad to act as the display (up to 10.5 inches). You can get it for $200.

Buy Glide Gear TMP100

Which are the Best Teleprompter Apps for iPad?

I personally prefer Parrot as a standalone teleprompter app for iPad because it has all the essential features of a teleprompter like mirroring, speed and text adjustment. However, Prompster and Teleprompter Pro Lite do the job just as well. For a Video Teleprompter app, Promptsmart Lite Works great and even BIGVU doesn’t offer the VoiceTrack like feature. Which app did you like the most and how well scripted videos did you make?

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