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6 Ways to Transfer Google Photos from One Account to Another

by Ravi Teja KNTS

Google Photos is not just a cloud storage service for photos and videos, it is also a Gallery app on Android. It is quite powerful and has amazing features like searching photos, recognizing faces, things, location, unlimited free backup option in High Quality, etc. Along with that, it also has a ton of options for you to transfer photos from One account to another.

Whether you just want to transfer one photo, a group of photos, or even all of them, you can use any one of these techniques to transfer. Let’s begin.

Transfering Google photos from one account to another

1. Google Photo Messages

Google Photos has an in-built messages option. You can take advantage of it and share photos by selecting them > Clicking on the Share option > And sending it to their Google Photos account with their mail id or phone number. You can even send it to multiple accounts at once just by entering multiple mail id’s. This technique is useful to send a single photo or a handful of them. This is the quickest option one can rely on on a day-to-day basis.

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sending photo in Google Photo message

Later, you can access their contact in the Google Photos by clicking on the Sharing option > and selecting the required contact name. You can share more images from here and even you have the ability to send a text. If you have sent it to multiple people at once, it will create something like a group chat. In short, this works just like sending a photo on Whatsapp or iMessage to the Contact, but here you can do that right inside the Google account.

image showing photos in google Photo message

2. Album Sharing

Album sharing is different than sending via Photo messages. Here, you can select the images > click on the Plus icon > select the option called a shared album > select new shared memory > give the album a name and click on the share button > Now select a contact from the list, you can send to multiple contacts as well. That’s it, you have shared that album with the contacts you have selected.

creating an shared album on Google photos

The difference between album sharing and message sharing is, the photos you shared with messages will just add those photos into their library, whereas sending through Album will create an album where everyone who has permission can share photos into the album.

shared album on Google photos

5. Download and upload

Download and upload is the basic method where you can download the images and send them through any medium like Whatsapp or iMessage. This method can be useful to people that don’t use Google Photos.

You can select single or multiple images and click on the three-dot menu and download it. The photos will be downloaded to your device and you can share them with the platform you prefer.

downloading an image from Google Photos

4. Partner Sharing

Partner sharing is kind of a nifty feature that can be used to transfer all the photos or only photos with specific people. You can access this by going to Settings > Shared Libraries and click on Get Started > and select the contact. Here you can only select one partner. Once you have selected the partner click on next and select whether or you won’t share all the photos or only the photos with specific people. Now you can select the date if you want so that only the photos after that date will be sent. Once you click on the next, it will ask to send an invitation. It will send an email as an invitation. Once they have accepted, your photos will start transferring to their account.

The best part is, as you have added them as a partner, even the future photos will also be getting transferred according to your setting. This method is useful if you are having multiple accounts and sync them to each other.

partner sharing on Google Photos

5. Google Takeout

Google Takeout is also kind of Download and upload, but this will be useful to download all photos and upload all of them to another account. This is the most used technique when anyone wants to switch accounts.

You can open Google settings > Data and Privacy > Download your Data > Deselect all and select only Google Photos and click on Next step > Now, make your changes and click on create the export. This might take a few minutes to even days depending on the data on your Google Photos account and notifies you with mail after completed. You can download all the images in a single click and upload them to the account you needed.

Downloading Google Photos from Google Takeout

6. Multi-Cloud

Nonetheless, Google Takeout is a hefty process to transfer all the photos from one account to another as it required you do download a lot of data and upload it back again. There comes the third party option called Multi-cloud, where you can just select the 2 Google Photos accounts and the data will get transferred in the backend.

To start, you need to create an account and log-in to the Multi-cloud service > Choose the option called cloud explorer in the top menu > in the add cloud drives option, select Google Photos option and name it Google Photos 1> Log-in to the account from where you want to transfer the data.  Again come back to add cloud Drives > and select Google Photos option again and name it Google Photos 2 > log-in to the Google Photos account to which you want to transfer.

Now select the Option called Cloud Transfer in the top menu > select the Google Photos 1 option in the ‘from’ option and select the Google Photos 2 option in the ‘to’ section and click on transfer data. It may take a few minutes to even days depending on your data and send you a mail once the process is completed. The best part is, it will copy Albums, Shared Albums, etc just like they are in the previous account.

Using Multi-Cloud to share all the Google Photos

Transfer Google Photos

If you are looking to send one or a few photos, you can choose either message or download an upload option. You can choose album sharing if you are looking to share a group of photos. If you want to sync two accounts, then partner sharing is a no-brainer. You can choose Google Takeout or even a third-party service Multi-cloud to share all the photos from one account to another.

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