7 Best App Store and Google Play Screenshot Generator

So, you have finally finished the app you always wanted to make, and you are ready to publish it in the App Store. Congrats. But wait, what about the screenshots?

We all know, apps screenshots play an important role compelling the users to download your app. According to Splitmetrics, enhanced screenshots increase the likelihood of downloads by over 30%.

And that’s where screenshot generator comes in. These online tools make it easy to create custom images for your App Store and Google Play page, so you can focus on making the best app possible.

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You don’t have to go look for the best apps store or Google play Store screenshot generator, we did the hard for you. Here are some online tools that will help you to quickly create really nice App Store and Google Play Store screenshots.

App Store and Google Play Screenshot Generator

1. Device Art Generator

Device Art Generator is Google-owned Android’s default screenshot maker. Being a Google product, you will see options to drag and drop screenshots in empty device frames of Google Pixel smartphones along with Android Wear and Pixelbook. The drop-down menu also offers Nexus device mockups.

Simply drag and drop the images, has to be in PNG format, and it will show you a preview. Other options include the ability to manage screen glare and adding shadow effects to your app screenshots. Once you have your properly-framed screenshot, you can then upload to your Play Store listing.

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Device art generator

Supports: Play Store

Price: Free

Pros: It’s a simple yet reliable tool.

Cons: No advanced editing options and supports a limited number of Android devices.

Verdict: The service is free and easy to use. It only supports a handful of Android smartphones, and judging by the number of devices that are circulating in the market, no service provider can include all devices.

2. App Launchpad

AppLaunchpad was originally launched to help app developers build beautiful and functionals apps. As part of the package, they also offer a free to use app mockup generator that supports both Android and iOS smartphones.

You will find a number of options and settings to choose from including a multi-device option where you can add screenshots in more than 1 device in the same screenshot. Looks pretty cool.

App Launchpad also comes with an editing tool which you can use to add text, choose fonts, additional devices, add graphics and new backgrounds on the fly. There are already hundreds of templates to choose from, and you can upload your own devices and templates if you want.

App Launchpad

Supports: App Store and Play Store

Price: Free but requires registration

Pros: App Launchpad supports both the platforms and offers advanced editing options to add more effects

Cons: With so many options, there is a need for a search function for device models

Verdict: You will have to create an account, free, to use AppLaunchpad but it is probably the best tool available to create app mockups. Also supports smartwatches, Windows, and Mackbooks. Very advanced for a free tool.

3. App Screenshot

App Screenshot is another screenshot generator for App Store and Play Store with some advanced options and settings. Though the number of devices supported is really limited in case of Android, you can change the background, add and position text, and choose a different style.

App Screenshot Generator

Where it shines is the App Store department. Because there are a limited number of iPhone and iPad models, it supports all of them. You can connect with any Mongo DB and if I am using an iPhone 6s, I will see the screenshots in the same device frame. This is useful as a user so I know exactly how the app will look and feel.

You can change the colour of the handset which is an added bonus. I liked the icon generator tool so you can upload and see how the app icon will look on the homescreen on mobile and smartwatches.

Note: During my tests, I was able to see the download button for the mockup only after I added the image format (JPEG or PNG) in the file name that I created in Mac. Otherwise, the tool will reject your image without giving a reason.

Supports – Google Play Store and App Store

Price – Free

Pros – You can connect with Mongo DB and users will see screenshots in the device frame that they are using.

Cons – It only supports a handful of Android devices like Nexus 4,5,6, Galaxy S3. Most of them are outdated. Also no support for Android Wear.

Verdict: Although it loses some points when compared with App Launchpad, the icon testing feature is cool and I liked the ability to see the app screenshot in the same frame as the one I am using to view the mockup.

4. App Institute

App Institute is another app builder resource which offers developers to create beautiful and optimized screenshots to use in Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store.

You will have to create an account which is free and quick. You can add text, background, add graphics and colours, customize font and styling. It supports both Android and iOS devices. App Institute is known to be used by a lot of app developers due to its advanced options.

play store and app store screnshot generator

App Institue also offers a number of resources like ASO (app store optimization) guide, tutorials and tips on how to use the app screenshot maker.

Supports: Google Play Store and App Store

Price: Free (requires registration)

Pros: The screenshot maker comes with advanced editing options

Cons: You can’t see the tool in action without first uploading the screenshot

Verdict: App Institute is in the same league as App Launchpad, offering a robust set of tools to create beautiful looking screenshots. One of the best Google Play screenshot generator.

5. Sketch to App Store

Taking a different approach, Sketch to App Store, developed by Brenden Mulligan, who is currently working as the product guy in Google, created a free downloadable software to create app screenshots for Apple! Interesting, this is.

Sketch to App Store


The software comes with a number of artworks and store images that you can use in your screenshots to make it more eye-catching. You can use sketch symbols and export on the fly. The only issue is that the software only supports up to iPhone 6+. A deal breaker, especially after the release of iPhone X.

Supports: App Store

Price: Free

Pros: You can work offline as it is a downloadable software

Cons: No support for newer devices

Verdict: The software is neat and offers a number of customizations but lack of support for the latest iPhone models tell me the project has been long abandoned.

6. ShotBot

ShotBot is an advanced screenshot maker for App Store from the developers of MockUPhone, a free alternative that supports both Play Store and App Store and offers a limited set of frames with no editing options.

ShotBot supports all the iPhone and iPad models including the latest model X. There are a number of templates to choose from with editing options to add backgrounds, text, and colours. The templates are really gorgeous and as ShotBot claims, it shouldn’t take you long to create mockups.



You can connect to iTunes Connect and automagically generate screenshots for each iPhone model on the fly. They also offer a guide which should help you create better-looking screenshots.

Supports: App Store

Price: Free (requires registration)

Pros: Create screenshots for each iPhone model on the fly

Cons: Editing options are still limited

Verdict: ShotBot was built with ease and convenience in mind. They want you to get it done and move on to more pressing issues like getting your app live and marketing it.

7. Screener

Unlike all the other web tools in the is list, Screener is an Android app that allows you to add screenshots in ready to use device frames on the fly. There are more than 100 frames to choose from. If you are just beginning, this is a good and quick way to come with screenshots.



It supports a number of models from all the manufacturers including the now extinct BlackBerry!

It comes with a number of options like the ability to add glare and shadow effects, custom backgrounds, colours, and see the live rendering. It also supports Android wear.

Supports: Google Play Store and App Store

Price: Free

Pros: Quick and easy way to add screenshots and edit on the fly

Cons: No way to create your own designs and frames

Verdict: This is an Android app which means you can create screenshots for your app for both App Store and Play Store without needing access to a computer.

Best Practices for Taking App Screenshots

With the average user attention span falling to about 8 seconds, that means you got 8 seconds to impress someone to download your app, the importance of a good app screenshot cannot be overemphasized. Think of them as visual representations of your months of hard work.

Here are some best practices for taking the right screenshots:

  • Always upload at least 3 screenshots, 5 is better. Helps to showcase more of what’s inside
  • Always follow the RGB colour scheme with 72 dpi, flattened with no transparency
  • Your screenshots should be either JPEG or PNG
  • Use captions with descriptive text
  • Design and functionality go hand in hand
  • Use native language to penetrate deeper into local markets
  • Got achievements? Show off!

Wrapping Up: App Store and Google Play Screenshot Generator

I like App Launchpad and App Institute the most because they offer a set of advanced editing tools and allows developers to mix and match to create literally thousands of unique screenshots. Both of them are easy to use, free, loved by many developers and comes with a number of customization options.

Which one are you using and why?

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