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7 Best Google Calendar Add-Ons to Manage Time Better

by Gaurav Bidasaria

Google Calendar is one of the most popular, free, and powerful calendar app that was ever built. What makes it even more awesome are add-ons. Like Sheets, Docs, and other Google apps, Google Calendar add-ons enhance its utility and productivity. Without further ado, let’s get going with it.

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Best Google Calendar Add-Ons

1. Zoom

Zoom is an audio and call manager and video conferencing app that integrates with Google Calendar to help you schedule, manage and initiate your meetings right from inside Google Calendar. We are already using it to keep track and remind us of important meetings and agendas. Why not use it for the meetings too? One of the best Google Calendar add-ons for meetings.

zoom meeting

You can add participants to the scheduled meetings. When the date and time arrives, you will be able to join the same meeting from the app itself. Zoom works on all platforms so you don’t have to worry about laptops and conference rooms anymore.  Other important features include webinars and town hall.

Download Zoom: Google Calendar

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2. Cloud Flow Director

One of the strengths of any Google app including Calendar is that they integrate with a number of third-party apps like Slack, Drive, Dropbox, Asana, and countless others. Google Calendar is no different but unlike Gmail, there are some barriers. Cloud Flow Director is a Gmail and Google Calendar add-on that will let you interact with these apps natively.

google calendar app integration

You can now view guest information when and where required, set actions that will execute when conditions are met like creating a new Trello card, and so on. You can now communicate with other apps, share information, and take actions right inside from Calendar.

Download Cloud Flow Director: Google Calendar

3. GoToMeeting

Another popular Google Calendar add-on, GoToMeeting is as popular as the Zoom conference app I discussed above. You can now create, join, and collaborate on the important stuff with others right inside from Google Calendar. GoToMeeting works on every platform and supports all popular OS.scheduling a meeting in calendar There are separate plans for individual and corporate users but they are all competitively priced. One cool feature is the ability to share your screen with other participants of the meeting. That makes it easier to share information, show slides or anything else you have to share.

Download GoToMeeting: Google Calendar

4. Form to Calendar

A lot of people use Google Forms to collect information like names and addresses of respondents. Form to Calendar is a  neat add-on that will allow you to turn a response in the form to an event in Google Calendar. Say, a respondent fills a form and selects a date. You can use that date as an event date to set things up.

creating events from forms

You can create an event from any form using this cross Forms and Calendar add-on. Useful for schools organizing parent meetings or secretaries scheduling client meetings. One of the only Google Calendar add-ons that also works with Forms.

Download Form to Calendar: Google Calendar

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5. Calendar to Sheet

Do you like to maintain a spreadsheet with all the events and occasions marked in your Google Calendar? Calendar to Sheet is the only Google Calendar add-on that I know of which does this. You can now export all or selected calendar events into a sheet using date and text filters.

import events to sheet

How to import select calendar events only? You can create a separate calendar in Google Calendar and then import all event entries from there easily. That will leave your other personal and professional calendars alone.

Download Calendar to Sheet: Google Calendar

6. Groove

Groove is one of those Google Calendar add-ons that also works with Gmail by Google. What it does is sync all your data between Gmail and Calendar with Salesforce. Some example for Gmail includes mails, mailmerge, drip campaigns, and even sending emails in bulk to your clients.

salesforce integration

Some examples for Calendar include events, dates, times, reminders, and goals that you have entered into Calendar directly or were created indirectly via a different app. Either way, all the data will now be in sync between all the three apps allowing better control to Salesforce users.

Download Groove: Google Calendar

7. Trustbot

Do you work in a field where a lot of NDAs or Non-Disclosure Agreements need to be signed? Trustbot is a Google Calendar add-on that will help you with this. When you create an event and add participants or members to the same, Trustbot will check whether the member has signed an NDA or not.

If not, a copy will be attached immediately which the other party can then e-sign online. There are plenty of Google Docs add-ons for e-signing documents too. Trustbot also works with Gmail so you can send email invites or share NDA by emails. As far as security is concerned, while the add-on will check email ID for signed NDA, no information will ever be stored.

Download Trustbot: Google Calendar

Wrapping Up: Google Calendar Add-Ons

There are few add-ons for Google Calendar but those that are available are really good. You can manage, schedule, and conduct your meetings, NDAs, import and export data to and from Google Calendar and more using these add-ons. Google Calendar also works with popular mail apps like Outlook, Apple Mail, and Gmail out of the box and is completely free.

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