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7 Best Offline Games for Kids Under 6 Years: WFH Series

by Gaurav Bidasaria

Working from home can be tough for those who have little or no experience doing it. Add kids under 5 years to the equation and you are looking at mild distraction to full-on mayhem. Solution? Because everything is shut down due to COVID-19, there’s only one way to keep these little bundles of energy busy. Offline games on Android and iOS. Why offline? Because the internet is slow these days and pretty unreliable with servers breaking under the extra load all the time. Here are some of the best offline games for kids under 5 years, so you can work and get some stuff done.

I would suggest you download more than one game at a time. Kids get bored easily and once they are done with a game, they will be looking for something new sooner than you know. Having options means they can jump between these games, keeping them busy for hours at an end for days.

Let’s begin.

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Offline Games for Kids

1. Fruit Ninja

It’s an old classic but who cares! Fruit Ninja is an amazing way to pass time for hours at a stretch and it works offline too. Turn your kid into a ninja and let him slice fruits all day long. The graphics are colorful and it might just nudge him to eat more fruits. Maybe not! But Fruit Ninja is an addictive game which is exactly what you need right now.

fruit ninja in action

What’s better? Up to four players can play which means if you have more than one kid, even better. Maybe you can join the action for some time? A tablet is more suitable for this game. A larger screen means more space to slice and dice and multiplayer mode can reduce screen estate considerably.

Fruit Ninja is free but comes with in-app purchases which are not exactly necessary.

Download Fruit Ninja: Android | iOS

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2. Crossy Roads

Crossy Roads is a massive hit with simple gameplay that’s addictive and funny. There are a number of Disney characters to choose from and your job is to help them cross the roads. There is traffic, trains, and boats in your way. Moving too fast or too slow will result in the character break into pieces or just splatter across the truck.

crossy roads maps and modes

The whole world has been built with blocks which gives you a Minecraft like feeling. It’s a colorful world with different settings and you don’t need to go for in-app purchases. There is multiplayer mode too and everything works offline. A perfect offline game for kids of all ages. One of the must-have offline games for kids on either mobile OS.

Download Crossy Roads: Android | iOS

3. Mekorama

Think your kid is smart? Well, they are definitely smarter than we were at their age. Mekorama is a free offline game that will remind you of Monument Valley. The difference here is that there are no optical illusions. Instead, your job is to help the character complete levels by showing him the path.

mekorama gameplay

The popular puzzle game offers a tactile experience where your kid will need to pause, think, and figure a way to reach the end. There are 50 levels but you can also download new levels created by others of social media or even create your own. It can be an educational and stimulating experience.

Download Mekorama: Android | iOS

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4. Ludo King

Ludo is a classic four-player game that can offer endless hours of fun at a stretch. Definitely, one of the best offline games for kids and adults alike. Ludo King is the most popular ludo app on Play and App Store. It is light, easy to use, and works offline. There are four corners marked in different colors.

ludo king in action

Note that in order to play with your online friends, you will need an internet connection. But you can play with offline friends and against the computer. Ludo is a timeless classic game that is still very popular across the world. This is evident by the number of players.

Download Ludo King: Android | iOS

5. Monument Valley 2

Monument Valley is a beautiful, intelligent, and visually mind-bending. It’s a puzzle game like no other where you have to guide a mother through buildings that are beautiful and full of illusions. As you turn and move the architecture, you will find the new pathways that were previously not visible.

monument valley architecture

The graphics are stunning, to say the least, and you won’t stop marveling at the beautiful structures they have in place. The game maybe a little too much for kids that are really young but I have seen 5-year-olds play Minecraft. So, this should be easy. Oh, and it is free for a limited period of time. Hurry.

Download Monument Valley 2: Android | iOS

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6. Lep’s World

It will come across as a Mario clone and in some ways, it is but that shouldn’t stop you from playing this amazingly fun game. Your job is to overcome obstacles and fight enemies as well as bosses in order to reclaim your lost gold. With more than 160 levels to complete, your kids are going to have a blast.

lep's journey in mario themed world

Some levels can be challenging and will need a couple of tries before could be completed, but the challenge only adds to the fun. The game works offline and is a single player. There are in-app purchases but they are not necessary or required to complete the game or clear obstacles.

Download Lep’s World: Android | iOS

7. Candy Crush

More suitable for kids who are 4-5 years old, according to App Store, Candy Crush continues to be a fan favorite. It was a rage back in the day though. There seems to be an endless number of levels with players getting stuck on a single level for days at a time. If your kid takes to this game and gets addicted which is really what you want, he/she won’t need another game.

candy crush level

Candy Crush is not easy which makes it even more addicting. And, who doesn’t love candies? It’s a puzzle game like no other but make sure that he/she is not able to make in-app purchases. It can get pretty expensive.

Download Candy Crush: Android | iOS

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Offline Games for Kids

There are a number of other offline games that you could download for your kids. These are the ones that we feel you should start with. Some of the games are puzzles while others are arcade-style timeless classics. Just make sure you have parental controls in place. In-app purchase billings can climb sky-high pretty quickly and these are dire times. You need to be saving money instead of splurging them on buying virtual coins and candies. But the kids don’t understand or even care about it.

Do share your own list of offline games with us in the comments section below.

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