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8 Best Chrome Extensions to Enhance Google Apps

by Ravi Teja KNTS
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If you use a lot of Google Apps, then there are many Chrome extensions that can help you enhance the functionality of these apps and also to bridge the gap between them even better. Here are the best of them.

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Best Chrome Extensions to Enhance Google Apps

1. Black Menu For Google

BlackMenu is a shortcut extension for every Google service starting from search to translate. In fact, you can operate every Google app right from the extension itself in a pop-up window rather than opening the website. For instance, you can select Google search and start searching directly in the extension, it even shows you search results over there.

If all you want is a just shortcut to open the websites, you can take a look at G Apps Launcher extension.

Add Black Menu to Chrome

Black Menu

2. Google Results Previewer

As the name says, it shows you the preview of the webpage when you hover on any search result on Google. You can move your cursor over the Google search links and it’ll show you a complete preview of the webpage on the right side of the page. The best part is, the preview doesn’t overlap on the search results, so you can see the search results in the left and the web page previews in the right.

Add Google Results Previewer to Chrome

Google results Preview

3. Google Dictionary & Google Translate

These are extensions from Google itself to show you the quick meaning or translation to any text on the web. All you need to do is select the text and Google translate will show you the meaning of it in a pop-up view. Similarly, you can select the text written in a different language and Google Translate will show you the translation of it.

Add Google Dictionary and Google Translate to Chrome

Google translate

4. Google Keep Chrome Extension

This extension is made by Google itself. It helps you to add any selected sentence to Google Keep by selecting, right-click on the mouse/trackpad, and click on the “Save to Google Keep” option. You can even click on the extension icon and add a note from anywhere in the browser.

Add Google keep Extension to Chrome

google keep chrome


5. Category Tab for Google Keep

Google Keep has an option to choose different colors for each keep note. But unless making it look good, Google Keep doesn’t provide any option to take advantage of it. There comes the Category tab extension, it helps you categorize each color as a different label. It also provide all the color options at the top of the website and by selecting each color you can view only the notes you have categorized to that color.

Add Category tab to Chrome 

category tab for Google Keep

6. Save to Google Extensions

Save to Google Drive and Save to Google Photos are an extension that helps you to save files to Google. You can right-click on any image, video, PDF or any file and click on “Save to Google Drive” to quickly add that file to Drive. Whereas, you can click on the “Save to Google Photos” option to save it to Photos. But unlike Save to Google Drive, you can only save photos\ and videos to Google Photos.

Add Save to Google Drive and Save to Google Photos to Chrome. 

Save to Google Extensions

7. Password Alert

Password Alert is an extension for securing your Google Account, it will notify you instantly when you tried to sign-in on any page with your Google’s Password. To keep the account secured, it will suggest you change the Google password and do not use it for any other account.

Add Password Alert to Chrome

reset google account password


8. Toolbox for Google Playstore

Toolbox adds 4 extra buttons in Play Store – App brain, Android Police, APK Mirror and Join Beta. So you can open any app to download on Play Store and check out the articles related to that app on Android Police, download any version of APK files from the APK Mirror, or even join the beta version of the app.

Add Toolbox to Chrome

toolbox for Google Play Store


9. Quick Create

If you are an avid Google doc user like me using Quick Create gives you the option to start using docs and other apps like slides, sheets, drawing, form, script, etc. Instead of opening them like another tab, this extension will open the doc like another app with its own windows. You can even start with templates right from the extension if you want.

Add Quick Create to Chrome

Quick Create

Wrapping up

There are even more apps like Google Mail Checker, Google Calendar, that gives you a quick look at your mails and events you have. So which extension are you going to try and let me know if there are any good extensions that enhance Google apps in the comments below?

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