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8 Best Templates to Create an Invoice in Google Docs

by Parth Shah
templates to create invoice for google docs

Google Docs continues its sky-rocketing popularity in the education and small business space. It’s fairly well-known among individuals and freelancers as well. Google Docs isn’t limited to creating long word documents. Using Google Docs templates, you can create a project proposal, flyer, invoice, and even a stylist newsletter. 

As for invoices, you can either create an invoice from scratch or opt for templates to create a professional-looking invoice in a couple of minutes. The web is filled with third-party invoice templates for Google Docs and among them, we have hand-picked the top seven options for you to get started. 

Top Templates to Create Invoice in Google Docs

If you wish to use any of the invoice templates from the list below, simply open it in the new tab. Select File > Make a Copy and save the Google Doc file in Google Drive. Now you can open the file from the saved Google Drive location and start editing the invoice with relevant details.

1. Minimal Invoice Template

This one is one of our favorite invoice templates for Google Docs. The reason being it’s minimal with simple looks that get the job done. As for details, you can add company details, product details, description, price, and other notes at the bottom. 

minimal invoice template for google docs

Download Minimal Invoice template

2. Invoice Template by FreshBooks

FreshBooks is a popular online invoice generation tool. The company has also created a Google Docs template if you wish to create an invoice directly in Google’s productivity suite. 

It’s a beautifully designed template with the right information at the right place. You can add company details, logo, product description, price, and sum it the total invoice due at the bottom. 

invoice template for google docs

There is also an option to add invoice terms at the bottom if you wish to add a payment method or a number of days to pay the invoice amount. 

Download Invoice Template by FreshBooks

3. Simple Construction Template

As the name suggests, this is primarily aimed at those working in the construction area. It’s neatly designed and allows you to fill up all the relevant details in a template. 

invoice template for google docs

By default, the template is using a coffee theme but you can change it to your preference from the Google Docs menu bar. Go ahead, download the template and start creating an invoice for the client. 

Download Simple Construction Invoice

4. Service Invoice

Service invoice is an easy-to-use simple invoice template for Google Docs. You can add invoice number, date, add company logo, company address, and more. 

service invoice for google docs

As for item details, the template allows you to add product name, details, amount, total amount, sales tax, and more. In the footer part, you can share your experience working with the client or simply guide them to your preferred payment method. 

Download Service Invoice

5. Consulting Invoice

This one is primarily aimed at those charging fees for advice or consulting. If you are in such a category, look no further and start using consulting invoice to charge your clients for your valuable services. 

consulting invoice for google docs

The invoice template carries simple aesthetics and allows you to add all the required information for a proper invoice experience. Strangely, the notes section is at the top and the company address is at the bottom. You can change it in the edit section though. 

Download Consulting Invoice 

6. Education Invoice

Are you in the education sector charging fees to students for your services? This Education Invoice template for Google Docs is the perfect template for you to create eye-catching invoices. 

education invoice template for google docs

It uses a green theme and allows you to add a company logo in the upper left corner. Fill out the rest of the details and you are good to go. We liked a small design touch at the bottom. It goes fine with the rest of the invoice theme in Google Docs. 

Download Education Invoice 

7. Simple White Invoice

This is another Google Docs invoice template by FreshBooks. As the name suggests, this is mostly aimed at those preferring clean look over flashy looking invoice. 

simple white invoice for google docs

Simple White Invoice is the go-to Invoice for most of the TechWiser team members out there. And we can see why. It offers a clean aesthetic with enough touches here and there.

Download Simple White Invoice 

8. Sales Invoice

Those in the Sales department need to take a look at the Sales invoice template for Google Docs. It offers a unique look compared to the list above. 

sales invoice for google docs

The invoice template carries a nice-looking sidebar. You can add the company logo, address, and other information about you on the sidebar. On the right side, simply add the item name, description, price, and quantity. Download the invoice on the device, send it to the client, and make a perfect impression. 

Download Sales Invoice 

Wrapping Up: Create Invoice on the Go

Gone are the days when you needed dedicated software to create an invoice on the desktop. With the right use of templates, you can instantly create professional-looking invoices quickly. In the list above, both the Simple White invoice and Construction invoice are my favorite picks. 

Go ahead, import the mentioned invoice templates in Google Docs and start sending out invoices in style.

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