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9 Best Gmail Add-Ons to Manage Mails Better

by Gaurav Bidasaria

The G Suite Marketplace is pretty big and features add-ons for Gmails, Slides, Docs, Sheets and every other Google app. It can be difficult to find add-ons unless they are either featured on the homepage or you know what you are looking for. This is where we come in. I have been covering add-ons for several popular Google apps and today will cover Gmail add-ons.

There is a reason why over 1.5 billion users have Gmail on their devices. While Gmail is already powerful, there are so many things that simply can’t. You can’t schedule emails or snooze them, for example. That’s where add-ons come. They not only enhance Gmail’s utility but also boosts your productivity.

Let’s begin.

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Gmail Add-ons

1. Boomerang

Boomerang will allow you to send emails at a later date. Scheduling is a much-needed feature that users have been asking for, like forever. They finally get it with Boomerang. Sending messages at the right time of the day can increase the chances of response or at lease, a view. using boomerang to schedule emails

It also comes with its own AI assistant that will help you write better and faster when composing that all-important email. It is aptly named Respondable and the objective is to write actionable emails. Download the Chrome extension to snooze incoming emails too. One of the must-have Gmail add-ons.

Install Boomerang: Gmail

2. Zoom for Gmail

Most of us already use Gmail to collaborate and corroborate. We also use Gmail to notify others of important meetings and schedules. Zoom will let you conduct these meetings using voice and video calls. What’s more? It works on smartphones too making the experience seamless and transfers smooth.

scheduling meetings in gmail with zoom

Most of us also use Google Calendar to schedule these meetings and send reminders. Fortunately, Zoom also has an add-on for Google Calendar.

Install Zoom for Gmail: Gmail

3. Smartsheet

Smartsheet makes it super easy to search and find emails and/or attachments in Gmail by adding them to a row in a sheet. Once the entire email, with attachment, is added to a row, you can use the power of spreadsheet to find them easily. You can now sort this data, add new rows to add context, and more.

adding emails and attachment to spreadsheet row

Smartsheet is useful if you work a lot with emails and constantly find yourself looking for old mails and attachments. The ability to add context is just icing on the cake. You can access this Gmail add-on from the sidebar, and it works on Gmail mobile app as well.

Install Smartsheet: Gmail

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4. Trello and Asana

These two are among the most used project management tools in the world right now and for all the right reasons. Trello and Asana integrate with a number of apps and also have a Gmail add-on for users.

creating a card from gmail in trello

You can use these two Gmail add-ons to quickly create cards and tasks on Trello and Asana respectively on the fly. In fact, you can turn emails into cards and tasks too. Just select the add-on from the sidebar and add or remove details as you like. You can then add links, attachments, text, reminders, and images to these cards/tasks.

Install Trello: Gmail

Install Asana: Gmail

5. PhishAlarm

If you are working in an enterprise that receives a lot of spam and phishing emails, this Gmail add-on is for you. PhishAlarm will allow you to notify your fellow employees and the IT department of any phishing attach, helping them neutralize the threat, block or blacklist the email ID, and prevent possible hacking attempts that usually follow such emails.

reporting a phishing email

A much-needed security feature that most companies, big or small, would appreciate in their arsenal of add-ons and security measures. Note that it is not free and you will need a license to use this Gmail add-on.

Install PhishAlarm: Gmail

6. ToogleBox Recall

Another one of the best Gmail add-ons that I use on a daily basis. ToogleBox Recall comes with a number of features. The first one is the ability to delete emails in bulk. Which emails? The ones that cause you a headache like spoofing, hacking, ransomware, and more. The second useful feature is the ability to recall sent emails. Yup, you know you have sent an email and then immediately regret it? Recall it ASAP with ToogleBox Recall. Hence the name.

recalling a sent email in gmail

You can delete all emails by the given criteria. You can also track emails if need be. Received an email from an unknown ID? Cross-check their reference database to know if it is legit or flagged by other users before. ToogleBox Recall will let you manage your emails, both existing and outgoing.

Note that it works for domains that are in G Suite. External domains won’t work which means this is not for personal Gmail users.

Install ToogleBox Recall: Gmail

7. DocuSign for Gmail

People send and share important documents on Gmail all the time and sometimes, they need to be duly signed and attested. This is where DocuSign comes into the picture. A Gmail add-on that you can use to sign documents on the fly. You won’t even have to download the document in question.

visual cue for user to sign in gmail

The free version of DocuSign will let you sign unlimited documents, however, multi-sigs are not free. The process is secure and encrypted. DocuSign is one of the most popular solutions for signing documents online and the Gmail add-on is a blessing, really.

Install DocuSign: Gmail

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8. Gmelius

One of the best, if not the best, Gmail add-ons has to be Gmelius. It will supercharge your Gmail experience by offering you features like sales automation, email tracking, CRM integration, advanced security, collaboration features like boards, templates, and more in one handy layout. It will turn your Gmail into this if you choose.

gmelius turning gmail into trello

Gmelius is not free but the features and integration that it offers are worth way more than what you will be paying for it. There is however a free plan that comes with kanban tool, email scheduling, and 5 email templates. Pricing starts at $9 per user per month.

Install Gmelius: Gmail

9. Gfycat

Here is a gmail add-on for those who love GIFs and cats and like to share them with friends and peers. Gfycat will letyou search for and attach cool GIF images right inside Gmail. It works on both desktop and mobile which makes it even more fun.

adding gif in gmail mobile app

While I wouldn’t recommend using lolcats in professional emails that you are drafting, it can be a great stress buster to see something once in a while. Especially, when you share a cordial and healthy relationship with the sender.

Download Gfycat: Gmail

Wrapping Up: Best Gmail Add-ons

These are some of the best Gmail add-ons that you can easily get from the G Suite. The marketplace is pretty big and there are hundreds if not thousands of add-ons to choose from. I will recommend you to install only those that you need and will be using rather than going a little overboard with the whole process.

Do share with us your favorite Gmail add-ons in the comments below.

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