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6 Best Android Text Editor for Programming


If you are a web developer or simply someone who deals a lot of code then you definitely know the joy of using a good code editor. The reason being, it offers much-needed syntax highlighting, auto-completion, etc., and makes your life a tab bit easier. For regular computers, you have …

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9 Android Apps For Web Developers


If you are into coding or development, there will be times when you need to edit files or manage quick server settings on the go. Generally, you have to use a full-blown desktop or laptop for those kinds of activities. Considering how powerful our smartphones have gotten, there are quite …

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14 Best Learn to Code Apps (Android & iOS)


Teaching how to code and basic programming concepts from an early age is very important. Not only learning how to code can help your kids in future but it also teaches important skills like problem-solving, sequencing and logical thinking. That being said, you don’t have to go through complicated books …

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5 Best Collaborative Online Markdown Editors


Markdown is nothing new. It was developed in 2004 as a simple alternative to HTML and since then, it has gained a lot of popularity and has been on the rise since then. It’s a great and simple way to add formatting to your otherwise normal text and make it …

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11 Best Open Source Website Builders


Website building isn’t hard anymore, there are several online services and software that are specifically designed to create and maintain websites as easy as possible. If you are looking to create your own website or an online store, here are some of the best open-source website builders you should try. …

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8 Best Free Google Keep Notes Alternative for Notetakers

google keep notes alternative

Google Keep was recently rebranded to Google Keep Notes. I guess it makes it easier for first time users to understand what the app is all about. Notes. Keep Notes is one of the best note-taking apps on the mobile platform. In fact, it is also available on Windows as …

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4 Best Adobe Acrobat Alternatives That Are Actually Cheaper

Adobe Acrobat

In the list of top PDF applications, Adobe Acrobat is the most preferred one. The main reason behind users opting for Adobe Acrobat is the fact that the software makes it seamless for them to create PDFs, while also making changes to the saved files as well as sharing the …

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8 Best Coding Apps for Kids (Android and iOS)


Be it Amazon, Google or Facebook; all the top companies in the world are technology companies. And it’s going to become pervasive as we age. So, if you are a forward-looking parent or a software developer mom, now is the time to get your kids into coding. It not only introduces …

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6 Best WYSIWYG HTML Editor Open Source


In the world of coding, there are two kinds of code editor – Simple text based editor and WYSIWYG (short for wizzy-wig or what you see is what you get). In our previous article, we discussed some of the best Open Source HTML Editor where you manually type in the code. While …

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How to Customize Google Homepage With Your Name and Picture

Google is the first thing most people open every time they browse the Internet and just like our office desks, we’d want something to customize Google homepage and make it more personal. Google homepage is one of the fastest loading search engine pages thanks to its minimalistic design but it can …

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