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How to Cancel Audible Subscription on App

Audible is expensive. The most popular Gold plan starts at $15/month where you get one credit every month. And if you need more than one book, you might have to spend $20 or $30 depending on the titles. So, if you are like most people, who end up canceling their …

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How to Listen to Audible on Mac (3 Ways)

Audible smartphone app on your Mac

I’m a big fan of Audible and have been it for over 3 years now. While I use the app on my phone while I commute to work, I use my Apple Watch to play audio books while brisk walking in the park. And of course, my iPad on the …

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How to Listen to Audible on PC (3 Unique Ways)

Audible smartphone app on your Mac

Listening to audiobooks is very efficient and I can be doing some work and listening to an audiobook at the same time. Audible works on mobile and requires an Amazon Prime account. There are times when I don’t have my Phone in proximity but wish to listen to a title. …

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Amazon Audible vs. Google Play Audiobooks: Which One to Choose?

Audible vs. Google Play Audiobooks

Google has officially entered the audiobooks market with Google Play Audiobooks and between you and me, it was only a matter of time. Google is already offering eBooks, music, movies, and apps via Google Play, adding audiobooks was an obvious move. While Amazon’s smart assistant, Alexa, can read audiobooks via …

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5 Sites That Are Like Audible, But Free

free audible alternatives

I recently compared Audible alternatives and received several emails from readers asking me to do a similar post on free alternatives to Audible. Before we begin, there is something that you need to understand. While there are sites that offer audiobooks for free, you must understand that it takes a lot …

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8 Tips & Tricks to Save Money on Audible


Audible is an expensive service. The most popular membership starts at $15 per month, where you get one credit, which you can use to buy any 1 book from Audible library. Plus there is 30% discount on other Audiobooks. If you are thinking about trying Audible, but find it too …

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Top 10 Audible Alternatives That Are Cheaper Than Audible

audible alternatives

You came here looking for Audible alternatives, so you already know what Audible is and why it is useful. In case you don’t already know, Audible is owned by eCommerce behemoth, Amazon, and is one the biggest audiobooks platform in the world. Before we look at the 8 Audible alternatives that …

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Audible Membership Explained

Simple Trick to Get 50% Discount on Audible for Three Months

I’m big fan of Audible. I listen to Audiobooks on my way to work and before going to bed everyday. However, there is no denying, that Audible is an expensive service. For starters, the most popular Audible subscription (Gold plan) cost $15/month for 1-credit/month. The 1 credit you get each month can …

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How to Get 2 Free Audiobooks From Audible Trial Instead of 1


If you are like me who read books while stuck in traffic, doing daily chores, or before going to bed etc, then getting Audible is a no-brainer. Like most internet service, Audible provides 30 days free trial where you get 1 audiobook. After which, if you like the service, you …

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How to bypass Audible geographical restrictions?

audible karo

I love Audible. It’s one of the best ways to read books in this busy world. But one thing, I hate about all these media streaming services is their geo-restricted constrain. Meaning, just as Netflix has a different catalog for each country, similarly not all the book are available on Audible for …

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