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Best Apple Watch Games You Should Try in 2019


Although not really made for gaming, Apple Watch still fulfills the need for a growing toddler sitting on your laps while you try to finish a movie. Or maybe a little more tricky game for you while you wait for a date or commute to work in public transport. Apple …

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How to Change DNS on PS4 and When Should You?

Unlike popular believe changing DNS on PS4, does not boost your Internet speed. All a DNS does is translate a URL into an IP address. Yes, it can speed up that initial connection but has no effect on data speeds once you have that connection establish. That said, there are still other reasons …

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30+ Best PS4 Games for Beginners

Spiderman ps4

You might have been off the gaming wagon for a console generation or a brand new owner who’s dipping their feet into gaming. You’re probably better off not spending your dough on Bloodborne right away. There’s plenty of PS4 games that can get you into the swing of things and …

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How to Take Screenshots on PS4

ps4 controller

Sony’s PlayStation 4 is a huge step up from the last generation, it has a completely redesigned controller, upgraded hardware and a few under the hood improvements to make the gaming experience a lot better. I really like that they’ve included an option to take a screenshot and even record …

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10 Google Assistant Tricks To Replace Apps on Your Android

Nowadays, every company seems to be pushing their own version of the virtual assistant. You have the Bixby, Cortana, Siri, Alexa, and the Google Assistant. Out of all of these, Google Assistant is hands down the winner. It’s quick to understand accents and can follow contextual conversations. Recently, I seem …

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How to Connect Wired Headset to PS4

Sony’s PS4 controller features a completely redesigned look and a more natural grip. The added touchpad and a light bar offer extra controls and gestures but one of the most interesting things about the PS4 controller is the inbuilt audio jack. Even though the PS4 came with a gaming earphone, I …

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8 Best Cricket Games And Info App For Android Smartphones

cricket apps for android

The IPL season is officially here and people are going nuts fighting for their respective teams and players. It’s a fierce battle that often breaks out near the water cooler and in the cafeteria. In the spirit of cricket, one of the most amazing and complex games in the world, …

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9 Best Online Shooting Games for Android

Online Shooting Games for Android 8

It is interesting how Android has evolved in terms of gaming capabilities in recent years. Even budget smartphones like Mi Note 7 Pro is capable of handling intense games like PUBG. Android game developers have been busy launching shooting games for fans who love going against all odds with their …

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14 Best Learn to Code Apps (Android & iOS)


Teaching how to code and basic programming concepts from an early age is very important. Not only learning how to code can help your kids in future but it also teaches important skills like problem-solving, sequencing and logical thinking. That being said, you don’t have to go through complicated books …

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