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How To Add Google Forms On Facebook Page (Video)

by Mrinal Saha
Facebook is the great way to create awareness about your business. But sadly Facebook don’t allow hosting external webpage. However there is workaround to host external webpage (in our case Google Forms) using Facebook Apps.

Want to add Google Forms on your Facebook Page? Apparently, Facebook do not let you embedding third party web pages. But, there is a workaround with Google Forms.

In fact, this method is not limited to Google Form, but you can embed almost anything that is using iFrame tags; whether be it a Google Calenders, Maps, YouTube Videos, Slideshow, Presentation, etc, etc.

This whole process is quite simple. For quick understanding, I suggest you watch the following video or read the article below that.

You can use Google Form on your Facebook Fan Page for:

  • Conducting a survey,
  • Selling product on your Page,
  • Feedback and suggestion,
  • Create a Facebook Confession Form,
  • Offer Cashback from your affiliate sells

Add Google Forms On Facebook Page

Part I: Creating Google Form

1. First, we need to create Google Form. So head over to your Google drive and then click on Create > Form.

Creating Google Form

2. A new tab will open, asking you to enter the title and choose a template. Select the template acc. to your requirement and then click OK.

Selecting the template

3. Now creating a Google Form is simple. Enter the Question and then specify what kind of Question you want to ask for example like Q&A, MCQ etc.

multiple choice questions

Click on “Add item” bottom to add new question and build your form according.

4. Once satisfied with your form, you can published it by clicking on the “Send Form” Button.

embed this form on our Facebook Page

Since we want to embed this form on our Facebook Page, click on the embed button and copy the iFrame code.

Embed Google Form on Facebook Page.

Facebook do not allow the user to directly add HTML or iFrame to its page. So there are two-way to fix this.

You can create your own application with Facebook developer option. However, this can be laborious and needs some experience. Or we can use third-party apps for this.

We’ll go with the second method.

5. Open Facebook and in the Facebook search box type ” Facebook Static HTML by woobox “.

Facebook Static html by woobox

If this application does not appear in the search box, then search for something similar and look at their reviews. As of July 16, this application is working fine.

6. Next, launch the application by granting it permission from your Facebook Page. If you have more than 1 page than you will have to specify the page name

granting permission your Facebook Page

7. Now go the settings and simply copy paste the iFrame code in the HTML editor and save changes.

copy paste the iframe code in the html editor

Well this is pretty much it, your Google Form is now hosted on Facebook Page.

add Google Forms to Add Facebook Page

Google drive save all the response in the a spreadsheet, so to see that go Response toolbar on your Google drive and create a new Spreadsheet.

response of Google form in spreadsheetGot a problem or want to say thanks? Whatever it is, just let me know using the comment section below.

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