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What happens after deactivating facebook account

by Mrinal Saha
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To find out really what happens after deactivating facebook account ,I decided to do some research. For the trial I made a fresh Facebook account and started using it like a normal user would use and then Deactivating Facebook Account Permanently after few days .In this article I will be sharing with you the results of what happen after you deactivate it.

Deleting and Deactivating Your Account

When you deactivate your facebook account does it delete everything. Well noIf you deactivate you account then you can regain all your comments, posts and messages after reactivating your account.But if you decide to delete your account then all the data of yours will be delete from FAcebook server forever.And there is no way to get it back.So always make sure what you wanna do before deleting your account.

What happens to facebook messages when you delete your account?

The messages that you have sent before deactivating the Account are still visible to your friends but there is no profile picture and link to your profile either. This is how the messages look likes

What happens after deactivating facebook accountDo you still get promotional mail from Facebook  ?


There is slight catch, According to Facebook even after Deactivating Your Facebook Account your friends can still invite you to events and tag you.And you get this notification directly to your mailbox. To opt out click on the check box as shown in the picture below before deactivating you Facebook account.

What happen to comments,post and other activity in groups and pages ?

Everything including you likes , comment, share and post related to you account disappear like they were never there.But they are never deleted and are stored on Facebook server. In case you decided to join back, all the information are restored.

What happen to pictures and status you were tag in ?


Just like above even tags disappear like they were never there. See this snapshot of Facebook status with tag before and after deactivating the Account.

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