Get More out of Instagram From These Android Apps

Instagram has become the Facebook of Photographs! In less than six years, Instagram became a trendsetter, with a huge number of casual photographs from its user-base. Currently owned by Facebook, it’s more than just a platform for sharing photos and videos.

We can even see people who are into Instagram photography and Instagram marketing — and both are effective too. Despite its massive popularity, Instagram Android app isn’t still enough for some users. It does not have many editing features or options to download photographs.

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But, don’t worry. There are some other Android apps that will help you make up! Here, you can check out our list of top 8 android apps for Instagram.

Android Apps for Instagram

#1 Airbrush – Best Selfie Editor

Do you often upload a selfie to Instagram? Do you want to look better in those selfies?

If yes, Airbrush will be an awesome app for you. Using Airbrush, you can beautify your selfies, and the app has many options for that. Available features in Airbrush include Removal of Blemishes, Teeth Whitening, Concealer, Bright Eyes and Reshape, etc. When you are conscious about your Instagram selfies, this Android app will help you feel well 😉

Bottom Line: Airbrush is for those who take and upload more selfies. It’s not a fully-fledged photo editor but focused on beautifying needs.


#2 IgNo

If you are active in Instagram, you’ll be missing those notification alert sounds. It’s disappointing that the Instagram app does not have a default alert sound.

This application, however, can bring different kinds of alerts into Instagram. You will have to install IgNo and give it Accessibility permissions. Then, you will be notified for different sorts of activities in Instagram accounts. You can customize the activities you need alerts for and types of alert. As of now, IgNo does support Sound, Vibration, Flash Screen and Notification LED.

Bottom Line: IgNo is for those who miss notification alert sounds/vibrations from Instagram


#3 InstaPlace

Do you capture shots from every place you visit and post them to Instagram? Then, you would be having trouble to recognize the places.

InstaPlace Android app gets that job done to you. You can use this app to add details about the current details into the image you want to upload. The details are added as a part of graphics, and it’s impressive as well. InstaPlace has a bunch of postcard templates and graphical templates to use. Once you’re done with editing, it allows you to share the photo to Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Bottom Line: You can have colorful timestamps and location details on your Instagram photos. It’s a simple photo editor to use.



#4 InstaWeather

Wanted to share the weather details along with your Instagram post?

InstaWeather will help you to add weather details into the image, quite beautifully. You just have to enable location access for the app. It will find the weather for your location and add the temperature and other details. You can pick one skin from the collection of more than 70. And, believe us, the skins are really great. You get weather very neatly. InstaWeather works fine with both your primary camera and front camera. You can even purchase premium skins if you want.

Bottom Line: Using this app, you can put weather info on top of your Instagram photos. The skins are really cool, too.


#5 Layout

Do you like to upload collages instead of single photos? It’s nice when you have more memories to share, you know?

The layout is an official app from Instagram itself. It’s a collage app that works fine with Instagram. You just have to pick the photos, select a desirable layout, and you’re good to go. There’s a bunch of editing options like flipping or mirroring but the layouts are awesome, we bet. In seconds, you can have the dream collage for Instagram. You can save the collages to your device or upload them directly to Instagram.

Bottom Line: Create stunning collages with the help of Layout from Instagram.


#6 InstaMessage

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you can message your Instagram followers and friends?

InstaMessage is the unofficial Android app that lets you do that. You have to sign in with your Instagram account for enabling ‘communication’ with other InstaMessage friends. It actually works as an extension to an Instagram account. Here, you can chat with friends, add new friends and discover people who are around. It’s like having Instagram with steroids.

Bottom Line: Talk and socialize with your friends on Instagram. Or, enhance your Instagram network.


#7 InstaTags4Likes

The Instagram app does not show you popular hashtags when you publish photos, does it? But, we have another way to find popular hashtags on Instagram.

InstaTags4Likes is a lightweight Android app that tells you about popular Instagram hashtags. You can go for common hashtags or specific category hashtags. For instance, if you want to find the popular tags in the ‘Sports’ area, you can go to the corresponding category. The application is free and easy to use. For those who are into serious Instagram photography, it’s a nice Android app.

Bottom Line: It’s for those who put a lot of hashtags. You can find popular hashtags and add them from your photos.


#8 XInsta (Xposed Module)

Instagram does not have an inbuilt option to download photos you see. It’s so bad, don’t you think?

Using, XInsta you can download Instagram photos and videos in a single click. It needs to be noted that Instagram Downloader isn’t an Android app, but an Xposed Module. To do that, you need to have Xposed Framework installed on your Android device. It’s a stable module that’s widely used. Once you have installed the module, you’ll see a Download option with every Instagram photo/video.

Bottom Line: It’s a bit geeky to install Xposed Module. But, if you have it, then this module is a must have to download Instagram photos and videos in a single click.


#9 Zoom for Instagram (App | Xposed Module)

Another big feature that is missing in the Instagram app is Zoom the photo. Now, while you can always save the photo and then zoom in, but frankly speaking, this is not intuitive.

And Zoom for Instagram solves this problem. There are two versions of this app — one on Google play and other is the Xposed module. The only difference between both is, with the Xposed module you can zoom in directly inside the Instagram app (see the gif below), while in the play store version, you have to open photos in the different app.

Bottom line: Use this if you want to zoom into any images directly from Instagram.

Zoom for instagram xposed module

Wrapping Up

Hope you liked these top 8 Android apps for Instagram. Do you use any other apps for better Instagram experience? Do let us know via comments.


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