10 Android Apps for WhtatsApp Power User

With more than 1 billion active users, WhatsApp has become one of the most popular messaging apps in the market. And since you are reading this post, chances are you are among those one billion.

Now, here is the thing I always believe, if you are doing something frequent, then do it effectively. So, here are some Android apps, to get more out of WhatsApp.

Android App for WhatsApp Power User

#1 Disa

Want to use two WhatsApp account on a single Android device? Well, with Disa you can do that, and that too quite easily. (video tutorial)

So, Disa brings several messaging app (like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and the SMS app) under the same hood. And since these apps are running in a virtual environment, they never conflict with the original apps installed outside Disa.

You can also use Parallel Space – an app that lets you run two instances of the same app. Though in my limited testing on Android N, it didn’t work well.

#2 Seebye Chat Heads [ROOT]

Seebye Chat Heads turn your WhatsApp into a floating header as we get in Facebook messenger i.e. you can access all your WhatsApp conversation from any app and you can even reply to your messages without even opening the WhatsApp app. Also, when you are using Seebye Chat Heads to reply, your last seen time does not get updated.


#3 Contact Photo

Having a display pictures for your contacts is always nice. This gives you more personalized feeling when you are making or receiving a phone call. But snapping picture for every contact is not easy. Right?

And Contact Photo fix this problem by importing WhatsApp profile picture and setting them up as contact images for your contact lists. However, unlike other similar apps, this one can automate the process to some extent.

See details: Setup Picture to your Phone Contact using WhatsApp


#4 Gif2Video 

Gifs are awesome, but sadly WhatsApp doesn’t support them. Well, Gif2Video can fix this quite quickly.

Simply, open the app and select gif from various source like from – your local collection, Reddit or GifBin, etc. Once you find a suitable gif, tap on it to convert it to a video, next tap on the share button, to forward it to your WhatsApp contacts.


#5 Magic Cleaner for WhatsApp 

This app uses special image recognizing algorithms to detect and delete spam picture that you get from WhatsApp groups (like images with motivational quotes on it or internet memes etc.)

Overall, this app comes in handy, do get some storage back, without having to manually delete all those files.


Video demo of first 5 Apps in the list

#6 Update for WhatsApp

WhatsApp frequently released new updated apk in their official websites. But the same updates take a long time, to show up on play store version the app.

So, if you like to get the new WhatsApp features before anyone else, but don’t want frequently check the official websites for the updates, then try Update for WhatsApp. So, this app checks your current WhatsApp version, and if there is a newer version available, you get an option to download it.


#7 Pushbullet

Pushbullet is not only for WhatsApp. But, if you have not already installed this app (or join) then you are missing out a lot. So, Pushbullet pushes all the notification from your Android devices to your computer that has its Chrome extension installed.

Overall with Pushbullet, you get your Whatsapp notification on your computer, and you can even reply to them from there. Now, this is different from WhatsApp web, since you only get the notification and don’t have to open entire WhatsApp, which otherwise might keep you distracted and will also show you online.


#8 WhatsApp Plus

Before you go any further, it’s worth noting that — WhatsApp threatens to ban users, who use a modded version of WhatsApp (WhatsApp plus or OGWhatsapp etc.)

That said, WhatsApp Plus does add some exceptional functionality to WhatsApp like — hiding your online status, different themes, and sending big files via WhatsApp.

whatsapp plus features

#9 WhatsAppX [Xposed Module]

Unlike WhatsApp Plus (or any modified version of WhatsApp) WhatsAppX is a Xposed module. Which means it safer to use.

So, with this module installed, you can quickly reply to WhatsApp messages directly from the notification (an Android N feature), Call over cell instead of Whatsapp-call (when you press the phone icon inside WhatsApp) and you can password-protect a particular chat inside the WhatsApp.

#10 Dango

WhatsApp built-in emoji were fun back in 2012, but now they are just boring and repetitive. Yes,= there are other 3rd party memes and stickers app, but they lack in-app integration. And Dango fixes this problem.

Once you installed Dango, you’ll see a floating chat header like Facebook messenger, automatically appear near the text body of WhatsApp (or any other app per say). Now, once you type typing, Dango will automatically read the text and show you the relevant emoji.

And yes, it also supports Gifs and stickers. But since, WhatsApp do not support gif; Dango will automatically convert that GIF to a video.


So, these were some of the android apps to level up your WhatsApp game. If you any app that was not mentioned here, then be share with us in the comments below.

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