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8 Best Android Apps for Netflix Users

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The pandemic has locked us into our houses and we are streaming Netflix more than ever. While I won’t comment on the quality of Netflix originals (that’s for another day), the Netflix app itself feels incomplete. It’s restrictive when it comes to searching and finding content or for that matter, quality content. It’s a jungle and you need Android apps for Netflix to find what you are looking for–quality content.

These Netflix-centric Android apps will let you integrate IMDB ratings, unlock international shows, and let you watch Netflix with your friends remotely. There is so much more you can do with these apps. Curious enough?

Best Android Apps for Netflix Users

1. Flutter

Netflix pushes a lot of originals every month and not everything is worth your time. Enter Flutter, an app that shows you IMDB ratings of shows and movies; that would be of great assistance. Once you have the app installed, whenever you open a show on Netflix, it’ll show you a small overlay at the bottom-right with the show’s release year and IMDB rating which are a good parameter to judge movie/series’ quality.

Flutter supports Netflix, Google Play Movies & TV, PrimeTV, Disney+, and Hotstar too. It works well with all these apps, however, at times it fails with the newly released shows that have lower IMDB scores.

Download Flutter for Android

flutter imdb ratings netflix

2. MissingFlix

MissingFlix is a great app to watch content from around the world. For instance, I just discovered a documentary on Jeffrey Epstein that’s missing from the Indian catalog. It’s available on Netflix UK, Germany, Russia, etc. So now, I can just point my VPN to that particular country server and watch the series. MissingFlix lists out all the missing and available series and movies in your Netflix region.

Download MissingFlix for Android

missing flix user interface

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3. Paid VPN

Now, that you know what are the geo-restricted contents and how to discover them using Android apps for Netflix, you’d need a VPN app to watch it. At TechWiser, we have created a list of free VPNs that we recommend. However, none of the free VPNs except the Opera browsers’ inbuilt VPN unlocks geo-restricted content on Netflix. OperaVPN has its own set of privacy concerns and it doesn’t work outside the Opera browser. So, you’ll have a hard time using it with Netflix.

Hence, to overcome all these complexities, I recommend getting a paid VPN instead. They usually cost around $3-$5/month but promise maximum privacy. Some of the options are premium versions of ProtonVPN, Surfshark VPN, or NordVPN. We tested all of these and they seem to work thoroughly on Netflix.

4. TV Time

It’s hard to keep track of things with so many movies, TV shows, and originals releasing every month. In fact, it’s even harder to keep track of movies and shows you’ve already watched. TV Time is an Android app for Netflix that handles pretty much all of this. It keeps track of shows that you have watched, shows that you should watch, and newly released seasons based on your watch history. In case you have finished a season, it sends you a reminder of the show when a new season is released.

However, you’ve to be patient with TV Time. It requires some data and time to learn your streaming interests and behavior. Post that, the recommendations and alerts about newly released shows are on point.

Download TV Time for Android


5. Dinggo

Dinggo is basically Tinder-for Netflix. It has the same Tinder-like swipe process wherein it recommends Netflix shows and originals to you. Swipe left if you don’t like the show and right if you do. As you go about disliking and liking shows, the app’s algorithm starts gauging you better and provides better suggestions.

Download Dinggo for Android

dinggo-android - android apps for netflix

6. Netflix Remote

Imagine watching a Netflix season with your roommates or family with your laptop out there far from your reach. Now, you have to lower the volume or skip past 10-20 secs. You’d normally have to reach out for your laptop but be lazy and use Netflix Remote. It lets you control your Netflix session on your laptop right from your Android.

All you have to do is install the Netflix Chrome extension on your computer and open the Netflix remote webpage on your mobile. Next, scan the QR code and you are good to go. The user Netflix Android app lets you control volume, play/pause a movie, or seek 10 secs. A must-have if you watch a lot of Netflix.

Visit Netflix Remote for Android


7. Fast

Netflix way back launched an option in the mobile app to check your Internet speed. It isn’t that popular and buried inside the Netflix settings. Nonetheless, it’s quite handy and useful. To use it, head over to the More tab and tap on “App Settings”. Tap on “Internet speed test” under the Diagnostics section.

fast internet speed test in netflix app

8. Rave

We all are missing those long binge sessions with our friends or significant others. You cannot really have the same experience but you can replicate a bit of it. I use Rave to binge-watch Netflix series with my friends remotely. It’s easy to set up and you can check our detailed guide on it. However, do note that all of your friends would need a separate Netflix account.

Download Rave – Videos with Friends for Android

Watch Netflix Together - android apps for netflix

Closing Words: Netflix Apps for Android

This was the list of the must-have Android apps for Netflix that enhance your Netflix experience. For more issues or queries, let me know in the comments below.

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