30 Best Android Apps You Wouldn’t Find on Google Play Store

Apparently, there are more than 1 million Android apps on Google Play store. Some of them are good, others, well not so much. However, due to its strict policies, few apps don’t make it there. And as a result, most of us don’t even know these apps exist. So, let’s change that today.

What type of Apps are banned on Google Play Store?

Any app that:

  • Stream movies or TV shows without proper license
  • Hacking or Network spoofing
  • Change license of paid apps to free
  • Make system level changes
  • Play YouTube video in the background

are a strict no-no on Google play.

Android Apps You Wouldn't Find on Google Play Store


Some of these apps may harm your device if you don’t use them right or download it from a wrong place. Please use them at your own risk.

Android Apps You Wouldn’t Find on Google Play Store

1. *WhatsApp Plus: Modified version of  WhatsApp with tons of customization options. It also has an option to hide online status and can send larger files.

Update Jan 21 2015, WhatsApp has suspended accounts of some WhatsApp plus user. Using third-party application is against their t&c. So use WhatsApp plus at your own risk. If you have a rooted device and Xposed Framework installed, then try WhatsApp Extensions module. It does everything that WhatsApp plus does like hiding last seen and read receipts etc. Plus, it add other useful features like —

> Option to directly call over the phone.
> Lock facility to individual chats.
> Reminder – Reminds you to reply to a contact

2. TubeMate: Download YouTube videos in various resolutions. You can also download them as an audio file.  However, there are better alternatives. Look below.

3. *WiFi Kill [root]: Stop internet of any device connected to same WiFi network.


We are a big fan of Netcut now. Basically, it’s a WiFi kill replacement, i.e. it kills the internet of any device on your network. But it can do more. It all in one networking app for Android. You can use Netcut to visualize your network. Search for devices on the network by name or IP address. Generate a fake MAC address on your Android.

Video: How To Kick Someone Off Your WIFI on Android (No WiFi Kill)

4. VideoMix  Stream movies and TV shows from your Android. No login, no sign-up.

Update: Unfortunately this app is no longer available. But there are other options available. Continue reading this list.

5. Lucky Patcher [root] Remove licenses from paid application. It can also remove Google Ads from the app.

[Video demonstration for app 1-5]


6. Network Spoofer It’s like an advanced version of WiFi Kill. You can redirect traffic of any internet user on the same network. Like redirecting them to a new web page or replacing words or images in a website. Not specifically useful but funny.

There is a better alternative to this app now – cSploit and zAnti. You will find them in the list below.

7. Netease Chinese music streaming app like Spotify, but it’s free. No ads or subscription. You can download audio and see lyrics within the app.

8. OG YouTube This app look very similar to YouTube official app. But has extra features like YouTube red. You can download any YouTube videos. But that’s not all, you can also play video in a background or when the screen is OFF or even in a pop-up resizable window.

But that’s not all, you can also play video in a background or when the screen is OFF or even in a pop-up resizable window.

9. Media river Search and download music, books, apps, videos or wallpaper etc, from your Android.

10. X-posed framework: Customize your Android and make system level changes without flashing ROM. Extremely powerful and continuous support from devs.

If you are looking for some fresh Xposed module to try, check out this video.

[Video demonstration for app 6-10]


#11 TinyTunes stream or download music like you do in Netease, but comes this one come with English interface.

#12 FrostWire a torrent client which also lets you download videos, music, images etc. It’s similar to Media river, but with a huge database.

#13 SCR pro screen recorder for Android that records audio from both internal/external speaker and also supports face cam. It has all the features a screen recorder should have. Earlier it was paid on Play Store, but now it’s free on XDA.

#14 MovieHD/GameHD stream movies and Tv shows on your Android or cast it on the chrome cast. You can also filter the content with a genre or arrange them with IMDB rating. A good alternative to Showbox and TV portal.

#15 zANTI [root] an advance WiFi penetration toolkit that lets you see what other people are browsing/downloading on your network. It also has SSL strip to change https sites to open as HTTP instead.

[Video demonstration for app 11-15]


Update: There are few others, I recently discovered.

#16 SnapTube Better alternative of TubeMate. It doesn’t show you any annoying banner or pop-up ads and works well. It also supports other videos site like Facebook, Instagram, Dailymotion, etc.

Update: Seems like after getting popular the app has started adding intrusive ads. But still, in term of functionality it’s still the king.

#17 PopcornTime Instead of first downloading contents from the torrent, and then watching it. Popcorn time lets you do both things simultaneously i.e. it lets you stream movies and Tv shows from torrent.

#18 Mobdro It’s similar to Showbox or movieHD. But comes with more variety and less content. Now what I mean by that is, other than movies or TV shows, you can also stream sports, news, tech channels etc.

#19 AdClear This one is similar to Adaway – a popular adblocker, but with one big difference. Unlike Adaway, it also works on a non-rooted device. But, this comes with a price. The app is free and works well, but it collects tons of anonymous data.

#20 AdSkip This one the hidden gems that I discovered recently. And what it does instead of disabling the app (which kills the ads revenue for people like us). It only mutes the video ads. So, the ads play just like that and you just won’t hear anything. A win-win for both publisher and consumer. And yes, the app doesn’t require ROOT as well

#21 MiXplorer For some unknown reason, MiXplorer is not available on Google Play, which makes it a hidden gem that most people are not aware of. Like all the other File Explorer, MiXplorer has all the basic features like – dual panel, text editor, image and media viewer, Zip unZip files, root access, FTP etc.

However, unlike the File Manager, MiXplorer support 19 cloud storages for free can also cut/paste multiple separate things instead of one at a time.

#22 Humble Bundle If playing Android games is what you live for then try Humble Bundle is your new best friend. It’s a community which offers paid games for less price that what you get on Google play store. You will have to buy games in a bundle of 5-10 though.

#23 BlackMart It’s a popular alternative to the Google Play Store. But unlike any other alternative like Fdroid, or Amazon app store, BlackMart offers all the apps for free and without any country restrictions.

#24  Viper4Android [ROOT] If you are an audiophile waiting to unleash the audio setting of your Android to its full potential then meet Viper4Android. Basically, it is audio equalizer app for Android.

Like Tasker, the app also comes with a steep learning curve. But once you get over with it,  you can customize audio profiles of your Android’s internal speakers, headphones, and Bluetooth audio devices

#25 QuickLyric It’s a simple open source app that adds lyrics to any song that’s playing on your android smartphone. Unlike its competition on Google play, Quicklyric is fast and works better.

The dev has made a promised to released the app soon on Google play store, but at the time of writing this post, the app only available on official website. Also, even when it’s available on Google Play store we still suggest you download it from the link above to avoid Ads and IAP.

#26 Mango If you are a fan of Naruto, Bleach, One Piece etc, then try Mango. It’s a free manga (Japanese comics) reader app for Android with a huge library of over 9,000 comics to read.

#27 Black Screen Of Life one big problem with YouTube app is – there is no option to play YouTube video with screen OFF for Free. If you lock your phone, the video playback stops. And the black screen of life, fix this problem. When you block the proximity sensor (usually next to your front camera), the screen turns black while everything that being playing on your Android keeps playing. This even works when you, turn your phone screen facing down or when the phone is in the pocket.

#28 HappyChick to play nostalgic retro games on Android, you have to download game emulator and ROM separately. Right? And with Happy Chick, you can get both inside the same app. It comes with all popular retro games. though it does ask for tons of permissions, so, you might want to take a look at that.


#29 TerrariumTv Similar to Showbox, VideoHD, and CartonHD, i.e. let you stream movies and TV shows on your Android smartphone and tablet without any sign up required. The app is fairly new with minimal ads and seems to be working fine everywhere. While downloading it from the apk mirror, make sure you scroll down and get the latest apk version.

#30 NewPipe  Available on F-droid, NewPipe is an Android app that lets you play YouTube video in the background. After using it for few months, I can say the app is stable and does its job nicely. You can search for video from the app or share video from YouTube, though for this, you’ll have to download another small extension — share with NewPipe.

# 31 Identiconizer a simple app that identifies all your photos without a contact image and replaces them with some interesting 8-bit images. You can choose from five different identicon styles: Retro, Contemporary, Spirograph, Dot Matrix and Gmail. See this before and after screenshot to understand what it really does.

So, these were some Android apps you wouldn’t find on Google Play store. I’ll keep the links updated and new ones as I found them. *Some of the apps download links not available. Please Google that.

*Some of the apps download links not available. Please Google that.

#Top image edited from Pixabay

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