Where to find Paid Android Apps on Sale

Everyone love discounts. Remember, when the nova launcher prime was sold for 10 cents. Or when Cerberus- the popular anti-theft app for Android, was giving away free lifetime licenses to the early birds.

So, do you often miss deals like that?

Android Apps on Sale

Earlier, before buying a paid app, I used to add them to my Google Play wishlist. And then regularly check the list, to see if any of those apps are on sale.

But, there is a better way of doing that. There are communities/Apps that keeps a log of all the cool apps that on sale. I buy most of my paid apps through them. This way, I can confirm that app is worth the money.

So let’s see how to find paid Android Apps on sale

#1 App of the day


As the name suggest, it offers one free app every day. The suggested apps can be used by everyone- like a flashlight, camera app or a game etc.

In the past, it used to give you paid apps for free, but now they offer more of an ad-free version or remove the in-app purchase. Sometimes they just recommend apps which still have in-app purchases or is already free (for example Kindle reader).

Bottom line: Used to be good, but not so effective now. Suggested apps are often already free and repetitive. Though, you can still find some good deal once in a while.

App of the Day (Android)

#2 App sale


This app has improved a lot in past few months. As you open the app, you see the list of all the Android apps that are on sale. It also shows you the Google play rating, before and after prices of every app directly on the first page.

So, basically, you open the app and scroll through the list. If you find an interesting app, tap on it and it’ll show the price history graph of past 30 days (or 1 year if you get the pro version). Now, you can either buy the app at this discounted rate or add it to the app’s watchlist, where you’ll get the notification if the prices fall further down.

But, what I really like about the app is, you can use it to analyze the price pattern of any paid android app. Simply open Google play > search for the app in question > scroll down to share option > and there you’ll see the price history of past 30 days.

App Sale (Android | Web | Twitter)

#3 r/GooglePlayDeals


There is a popular saying on the internet– if this thing exists, there has to be a subreddit for it. And guess what, it holds true in this case as well.

Google play deals is a community of where people who are sharing the hand pick deals on Google play. And it not only limited to deals on Android apps only, buy it also cover other genres like music, books and movies on Google play.

I frequently visit this subreddit. And the reason behind that is, the best deals always get up-voted. And by looking at the other people’s comment, you can find out if the app is worth the money, or if there is a better/cheaper alternative available elsewhere.

If you don’t browse Reddit frequently, then use this PushBullet channel to direct notification on your android device.

Visit r/googleplaydeals

Closing Words

So, here we have seen some way to get my paid apps for discounted rate. If you have google play credits and looking forward to some paid apps, then the best time to check for the sale is around holidays, like Christmas, new year or a local festival.


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