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Quickly Get Rid of “App is Using Battery Notification”

by Mrinal Saha
App is Using Battery Notification

We recently got a Samsung Note 9 in the office and I’ve been setting it up with a few essential apps. After a while, I got an annoying ‘Audible is using battery‘ notification, which unlike other notification can’t be swiped away.

Why is that?

In Android 8.0 Oreo, Google introduced a new feature called ‘persistent notification‘, that detects battery draining app in the background (cough Facebook Messenger) and show it in the notification tray. While I like the idea of the persistent notification, it sure gets a bit annoying after a while. Thankfully there is a quick way to disable it.

Fix – App is Using Battery Notification

Swipe down on the notification shade, to bring up the “ app is using battery” notification

app is using battery notification

Long press on that notification (or slide it left if that doesn’t work) and new setting cog will pop up with a toggle button right next to it.

Tap on the toggle, to disable it.

Save changes by taping on the ‘Save‘ option at the bottom. And it should hide the persistent notification. Do note, this only hides the notification, the app is still running in the background. If it’s not an active app like a music player or podcast, you need to ‘Force close’ it.

app is using battery notification

Alternatively, you can install Hide “Running in the background” Notification app from the Google Play Store. As long as you have this app installed, you won’t see any persistent notification on your phone.


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