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Apps That Extend the Features of Digital Wellbeing

by Ravi Teja KNTS

Digital Wellbeing is a feature from Google that helps you to spend time wisely. You can find this option in your Android phone settings if your phone is above Android 9 Pie. It already has a lot of features like “App Timer” that helps to set a time limit for specific apps, “Focus Mode” helps to block apps for a certain time, “Bedtime Mode” can be useful to stop distractions while sleeping and it also provides a ton of statistics like screen time, unlocking, App usage, etc.

But here are few apps that can take your Digital Wellbeing to a whole new level.

Apps that extend the features of Digital Wellbeing

Apart from features in the Digital Wellbeing, you can use these apps that bring the digital wellbeing features to the forefront. These are not apps that show you statistics like Digital Wellbeing but act like small tools that enhance the Digital Wellbeing features.

1. Unlock Clock

This is a wallpaper app that shows you the number of times you have unlocked your phone. Though unlock stats are also available in the Digital Wellbeing settings, using it as wallpaper will show the unlock counter, right on your home screen. To set Unlock Clock as a Wallpaper, download the app and get back to the home screen. Now long press and click on the “wallpaper” option in the pop-up menu. Open the “Live wallpapers” option, here you can find the option called “Unlock Clock”, click on it and click on “Set Wallpaper” to set Unlock Clock as a wallpaper.

Download Unlock Clock

2. Activity Bubbles

Talking about Wallpapers, Activity Bubble is also another wallpaper app that shows your phone usage in terms of the bubble. The more times you unlock your phone, the more bubbles you are going to get and the bubble size represents the time of your phone usage. Unlike, Unlock Clock, you can find an Activity button app, you can just open the app and set it as wallpaper. In my usage, I like to keep the Unlock Clock wallpaper on the lock screen so it shows you the number before unlocking the phone and Activity Bubbles on Home Screen so I can see how much time I am using my phone while using.

Download Activity Bubble 

3. We Flip

We Flip is an app that helps switch off your time from technology as a group to spend quality time together. Install the app on everyone’s phone and flip the switch together. All your phones will be connected to each other with the help of Wifi and Bluetooth. Now anyone in the group tries to unlock their phone, your session will be ended and you can see how you have performed and who ended the session. So you can keep everyone out of their phones in parties, meetings, etc.

Download We Flip 

4. Actaflow

This app asks a reason for it whenever you unlock your phone. You can specify the reason and click on save to start using your phone. This helps you to stop unlocking your phone without a reason. Additionally, you can also set a reminder while unlocking, so it reminds you after that period of time. You can enable the reminder option from app settings.

Download Actaflow 

5. a decluttered launcher

The home screen is a portal to open the apps. To stop using, you can declutter your home screen and place only the basic apps you need or you can use a decluttered launcher to block yourself from accessing all the apps. You can set 4-5 apps on the home screen like phone, messages & camera. Apart from that, you cannot even find an app drawer. Just search for the apps when needed. As any distracting apps are not available right in front of you, you will be opening any of them less often without the need to leave them completely

Download a decluttered launcher 

6. Morph

If completely decluttering your home screen is an overkill for you, you can try our Morph. Morph helps you create multiple workspaces, you can create a workspace for work, home, travel, etc and assign a time for them. When you are in your work hours you can only access apps that are assigned to work. And when you get home, you can find apps that you need to in-home. That way you can clear distractions while working and stop worrying about work while in your home.

Download Morph 

7. Day Wise

Day Wise is an app that bundles all your notifications and delivers all of them in the pre-specified time. In that way, you don’t have to check your phone every time for new notifications. By default, the app delivers notifications in 4 times a day, but you can change time, delete them, add even more, etc.

The best part is, this app leaves out specific notifications like phone calls, messages, WhatsApp messages, calendar events, uber ride alerts, payment status, etc which are important and have to be accessed instantly. Anyhow, you can make your changes per-app basis later.

Download Day Wise

Wrapping up

If your device doesn’t support Digital Wellbeing, you can use apps like Action Dash or you can use the Google clock app for Bed-time mode features. Anyhow, Activity Bubble and Day Wise are my favorite apps, so which apps you are going to install. let me know in the comments below.

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