Top 5 Apps To Control Desktop From Android Tablet

Wouldn’t it be awesome, if you can access to entire computer screen from an Android tablet or a smartphone?

Well, of course, it’s possible.

Even though the small smartphone’s screen is not ideal for controlling a 15-inch monitor. But still, it can come handy when you are out of town and want to remotely access your home or work computer.

If you just want to access your computer files from your smartphone or Computer and not the screen, then this post.

There are a plethora of Android apps, to control your PC from the smartphone. But most of them are either paid, or their free version doesn’t work that well. So here, I have made a list of top 5 free Android apps that can be used to control the desktop from an Android tablet.

But first of all, how does it work?

Well, to control any remote computer, you first need to install a program in the host computer, this small program acts as a server. And to access that server from your Android tablet, you will install its relevant app,  that act as the remote control.

So in a nutshell, the app send the instruction over the network, and the server i.e. install in the computer carries it out. And now that we know the basics, let’s get started with the apps. Shall we?

Apps to Control Desktop From Android Tablet

1. Remote mouse

This is the most basic app, I have come across. One can only control the mouse and keyboard.

You will need to have both, PC and Android under same wifi network. But the good part is, it’s cross platform. i.e. it’s also available for iPhone and iPad and Mac.


Quick to install and highly responsive.


Very basic lacks advanced features.

Download Remote mouse from Google play

 Remote mouse from Google play

2. Teamviewer

Teamviewer is popular screen sharing programs and has earned its name over a decade. So, with TeamViewer, you can completely control your computer’s screen from your Android phone or tablet. That’s it will mirror your computer on your Android.


Available for all version Windows, Mac, Linux.

Send files from PC to Android and vice versa.

Open task manager and reboot the computer remotely.

Always free and widely used.


The connection may get disconnected from the slow internet.

Android app does not support features like chat (text/video) as the desktop version.

Download Teamviewer for your Android.

Download Teamviewer for your PC.

Teamviewer for your Android.

3. GoToMyPC

This one is another remote desktop application for Mac and Pc. The only problem with this is, it’s paid. (you still get 30 days free trial). I found the setup process a little time consuming. But looking the performance, it’s worth the time and money.


Good mouse control and support pinch to zoom

Send files from PC to Android and vice versa.

Pair multiple computer to single device.



Server Setup may take time

Download GoToMyPC from Google play

GoToMyPC from Google play

4. Remote Control Collection

This application consists of different remotes control apps. You either use the mouse control, keyboard, live screen, setup a slideshow from your Android to your computer.

Some features are available for the pro version, but there is another lite version which is free. Moreover, you can get the pro version for trial,  by liking their Facebook Page.


Easy to use and works great with tiny lag or delay.

Includes standard keyboard shortcuts.


You will have to buy the Paid version for advanced stuff.

Download Remote Control Collection from Google play

Bonus Tip

One thing worth mentioning is that you can use this app to give powerpoint presentation from your smartphones directly to the projector. To connect android tablet to the projector, you will have to use the laptop as a communicator.

In my final year of engineering, students has to give a lot of seminars, where we explain stuff with a powerpoint presentation using a projector. And this app was very useful.

So, instead of chaning Power point slides manually, i.e. by walking down to my laptop and pressing the arrow key, each time. What I did is, use this app to change slides remotly from my Android. And yes, it looks cool as well.

Remote Control Collection from Google play

5. WIN – Remote Control

This is similar to the remote desktop collection and guess what, it’s free.


Controls work flawlessly.

Good for giving the presentation from mobile and managing desktop while watching movies.

Best apps for remote desktop and works like a charm.


Ads, which are sometimes annoying

Download WIN – Remote Controll from Google play.

 WIN - Remote Control from Google play.

Comparison: Best Apps To Control Desktop From Android

Comparing Top 5 Android Apps To control remote desktop


These are some of the android apps to control a computer remotely, and Teamviewer is my favorite. But others apps are useful as well. They come with specific feature that team viewer lacks.

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