The Apps We Can’t Live Without – 2019 Edition

Every day, we share the how-to, gadget’s reviews, software, and mobile apps recommendations. Today, we’ll give you a sneak peek at Team TechWiser. This is an opportunity to let you know about the people who bring it all together and which apps they use every day. Let’s get started.

Apps We Can’t Live Without

1. Mrinal

Editor-in-chief, New Delhi

These days, most part of my work is to see what gets published on and on our YouTube channel. So, one piece of tech that I can’t live without, has to be Slack. I use it every day to communicate with the team on what they are working on. The app has got every feature that you would need for communicating with the team spread across the country. I just love it.

The second thing, I can’t live without (yes, you guessed it) is Audible. I listen to audiobooks before going to bed and it’s one of the most productive habits I’ve developed over the years. Although I mostly listen to non-fiction, a chapter of Lord of the Rings every once in a while helps me get through sleepless nights. Enough about me, let’s meet the others.

2. Kaushal

Staff Writer, New Delhi

Most part of my day is spent in front of the computer looking for problems to solve and nights are spent on Reddit and Imgur. I browse a lot of forums and websites and one app that always saves me a lot of clicks is the Hover Zoom +. It’s a Chrome extension which loads the image without clicking on the link. I can just take the cursor to the hyperlink or the thumbnail and the image just pops up. I can be looking for a perfect mockup for a blog or just casually browsing for cute cat pics this extension lets me browse more efficiently.

It might sound basic but the time saved by this extension quickly adds up and saves me from opening a million tabs on the Chrome. Yup, I can’t live without this app and I have been using it since 2013.

Serious days. Serious Work.

3. Pratik

Staff Writer, New Delhi

Photography has stuck to me since I first used my uncle’s Kodak camera. As the hobby grew it went from shooting in the streets for fun to shooting weddings for clients. I like to edit all my photos and my most favorite and go-to-app to do that is the Lightroom Mobile App. It’s pretty feature-heavy and the mobile version has almost all the features that you get on the desktop version. The most useful feature for me is that I can edit RAW photos directly from the camera on my smartphone.

In case you end up buying the full variant, it also lets you sync all your photos between the Lightroom desktop and Lightroom mobile app. That way I can keep track of my work both from my desktop and mobile phone. It also helps me escape the trouble of transferring an image to and fro.

4. Abhijith

Freelance Writer, Kerala

I use Macbook Air for both home and work. One app that I can’t live without has to be Tadam. It is a wonderfully minimal macOS app for time-tracking, based on the Pomodoro technique. As someone who wants to take breaks amidst writing, Tadam is a great productivity booster. This tiny app stays on macOS menu-bar and there are even shortcuts. It also reminds me to take breaks at specified periods and the whole thing can be customized. While it doesn’t have any reporting/invoicing feature, Tadam had made 2018 a comparatively more productive year for me.

Another app which I love is Sesame Shortcuts, it brings universal search into Android. Coupled with Nova Launcher, this app has changed how I navigate within my Android device. You can search for almost anything on Sesame, including contacts, files, apps, and in-app actions. There are also quicker shortcuts for calls, messages etc. It’s a great way to say goodbye to the traditional app drawer as well. I’ve not used it without Nova Launcher, but it should be awesome.

5. Gaurav

Freelance Writer, Gujrat

My favorite app for 2018 has to be SMS Organizer. It’s an SMS replacement app for Android that bring sanity to my inbox by creating separate tabs for promotional, financial, and personal messages. It also sends reminders for events like credit card payment due dates, flights and so on. You can directly copy OTP without having to select it first. Notification for the promotional message tab can be disabled. Overall, a time saver.

6. Vamsi

Freelance Writer, Kerala

Over the past year I’ve stopped going to the gym due to an accident and became quite lazy and a bit bulky too. The Home Workout app has helped me a lot in maintaining a healthy activity level without hitting the gym. The app focuses on exercises that require no gym equipment. i.e, using only your body weight. Since I don’t have any gym equipment other than a couple of dumbells, I stuck with the app and it worked out great.

7. Vishal

Freelance Writer, Hyderabad

For someone who tries to eat healthily, Runtastic Balance Food Diary is very useful. You can basically catalog everything you eat in the day, the app then uses information from its database to estimate the calories and macronutrients quantity. Cataloging everything I ate made me cautious towards what I eat, helping in eating clean for the most part of the day. The best part of the app is that it has a large database of Indian cuisine as well so most of the Indian dishes are covered and you can sync it with the Runtastic fitness app and it will update your daily calorie intake according to the workout information. It has a minimalistic UI, focusing on just the essential information.

Which is your favorite app?

This was a brief introduction to our team and the apps they love the most. This is far from a complete list but we can fit only so much within a blog. We’ll continue to discover and test the latest tech for you and bring unbiased reviews of products, apps, and Tech.

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