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Best Audio Editing App for iPhone and iPad (2020)

by Kaushal

From Recording boring lectures to capturing your baby’s first words, we’ve all used our phone to record audio at some point. If you were to edit this file you would need an audio editor, but you’d think of uploading it on your computer first, right? Well, we can edit the files on the very phone which we recorded these files in the first place. We recently discussed our top picks for the best Audio editor for Android and in this one, we’ll see the best audio editing apps for iPhone.

You need an audio editor when you wish to create a sample for your piece, snip out irrelevant parts from that lecture, or if you want to just have some fun. These apps would help you record samples, edit audio, and create music. Let’s start.

Audio Editing App for iPhone

1. Hokusai Audio Editor

Best for – basic audio editing

When you record audio with your phone, Your iPhone can’t filter out noise and irrelevant piece of sound on its own. Hokusai Audio Editor records and lets you edit audio files with easy to follow directions which lets you snip the audio.

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hokusai cutting a portion of an audio

When you begin editing your audio file. It displays a waveform bar which has all the highs and lows of your file. You can zoom into the file up to 1/10th of a second. Snipping out parts of audio is a breeze. Just select the portion and snip it out. You won’t even realize it was there in the first place. You can insert or append new files and add a few effects like adding silence, white noise or you can synthesize your own sound with the inbuilt synthesizer.

adjusting the frequency with hokusai

It can save your projects and share it on social media or cloud with this app.

Hokusai is a free app on the App store and comes with a lot of features but some of them are only available in the paid version. You get panning controls, additional sound effects and presets in the upgrade.

Download Hokusai Audio Editor (free, in-app purchases)  

2. Lexis Audio Editor

Best for- editing and combining multiple audio recordings

The next app on the list, Lexis Audio Editor is a fairly powerful software in an intuitive package. You can record, edit, and tweak multiple audio clips with just your iPhone. The app has a wide variety of tools such as trim, copy, paste, insert/remove silence, etc. You can also change the pitch, tempo, and speed of any selected portion of the audio clip. Not just that, the app also lets you add an echo, reduce noise, adjust the reverb, etc.

If you want an app that can handle multiple audio clips and offer decent tools as listed above, get this audio editor. It is free on the App Store.

lexis audio editor

Download Lexis Audio Editor (free, in-app purchase)

3. GarageBand

Best for – creating music

If you’re like me who always loved music but never learned to play an instrument? GarageBand will be like a personal tutor to you. You can create sample pieces, record audio and learn the basic of many musical instruments.

garage band

Garageband lets’ you play musical instruments on your phone and produces almost real sound. You can record a piece and put it on the loop to create a beat or choose from a list of available loops. It has EDM, hip-hop, dubstep, RnB and many more live loops. There are Keyboard, drums, bass, guitar, and AMP to help you create new music or recreate your favorite song with a combination of these.


GarageBand is more than just a digital musical instrument, it’s a digital instructor that lets you learn a new instrument from scratch. It lets you make music by combining multiple instruments and audio which makes it a great tool for budding artists and garage musicians.

Download GarageBand (free, in-app purchases)  

4. Ferrite Recording Studio

Best for – editing audio files

Let’s say you’re having a conversation for a podcast where there is more than one person talking at the same time. You have to record two different audio files and edit both the files to sound like you’re having a conversation. This whole process may sound intimidating but Ferrite Recording studio lets you do that easily.

ferrite 1

Ferrite displays each recording with its individual wave bar. You can add background music and set it to sound in the background of the conversation. It can snip and edit out parts of the recording and join the remaining parts. You can even add new files in the middle of a recording which is actually pretty impressive. However, this snipping of unwanted parts could have been implemented and automated to a single tap which seems tiring in the long run. You can pan the audio to give it a 3D feel which is an interesting feature and took some time to figure out. You can easily share the final cut over the cloud or directly to your SoundCloud.

ferrite screenshot 2

Ferrite is free and you get additional features in the paid version like sharing the files in different file formats(AAC, M4A, MP3, ALAC, etc) and add tags while editing.

Download Ferrite Recording Studio (free, in-app purchases) 

5. TwistedWave Audio Editor

Best for – editing audio files instantly.

TwistedWave Audio Editor is a heavy lifting audio processing app for your iPhone. It lets you edit audio files and has many additional features that weren’t available in the apps above, effects like fade, amplify and normalize.

twisted audio interface

The app has a simple layout and displays each audio file in a waveform which you can drag around and zoom in by pinching. Apart from the basic cut, copy, paste and append, you can change pitch or speed of a snippet or whole file, reverb can be added or removed from the clip with one tap. Delays can be increased or decreased. You can directly set up an FTP server and save your files there or you can choose to share it on iCloud or Drive.

TwistedWave Audio Editor is a paid app on the app store and has all the features needed by a voice-over artist for editing audio.

Download TwistedWave Audio Editor ($9.99)  

6. Auria Pro

Best for: professional audio editing and post-production on iPad

Have you seen those gigantic instruments in the recording studio with a million buttons? This app is a digital mobile mixer for all your audio editing and post-production needs.

auria ss layout 1

When you open the app after paying $50 for it. It shows you an array of buttons and dials which can be set to different MIDI files. You can add up to 24 simultaneous records with compatible hardware. You get flexible snapping tools to allow snapping to events, cursor, bars, beats and more.

auria pro layout ss

Auria Pro is a paid app and has all the solutions to your audio editing and post-production.

you can download Auria Pro ($49.99)  

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Best Audio Editing App for iPhone and iPad

There are various kinds of Audio editors available for iPhone. Budding musicians can use GarageBand to create beats and Auria Pro for Post-production and heavy audio editing. Podcast creators can use Opinion and its one of the best app for them in my opinion. What are your thoughts? Let us know.

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