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How to Find a Lost iPhone Without Find My iPhone

apple watch and iphone

Owning the latest iPhone doesn’t come cheap. I just bought an iPhone Xs Max and a major chunk of my savings is gone. With such a price tag comes extra responsibility. And now I’m always worried about losing my phone. In fact, I panic even if it slides between my couch …

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5 Best Franz Alternatives That Are Free and Offers More Features


So how is it treating you, Franz? Franz is a popular all-in-one messenger app, that brings all your messenger apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Slack, Gmail, Skype etc in one single application. And while it does everything it advertises, Farns does has its fair share of the problem. For instance, …

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Best Sleep Apps For Apple Watch To Try in 2019

Your Apple Watch does not come with an inbuilt sleep tracking application but it does come with the essentials like accelerometer, gyroscope, and heart rate sensors etc, that are the necessary hardware required to track your sleep. I recently bought the Apple Watch and wanted to find out the best …

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How to Remove MDM Profiles From iPhone and iPad

Ever stuck with app’s settings haunting you even though you deleted the app form your iPhone? Since you’ve reached this, I’m guessing you have either deleted an app on your iPhone but its effects are still bugging you or you have an iOS device that comes pre locked with MDM (Mobile …

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How to Get Two Different Apple IDs On iPhone


Apple now allows you to change your Apple ID to any country in the App Store. This is especially useful if you are a businessman or an expat, who travel between different countries. But while doing so, you always end up losing the sync between your other Apple devices. For instance, …

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5 Best Parental Control Apps for iPhone and iPad

parental control iphone

Why do you need parental control apps for your smartphones? Why does your kid need to have access to a smartphone or a tablet at all? Well, you can’t always tell your five-year-old kid to go play outside when you’re tired. And you cannot, for sure, tell your 12-year-old to …

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Alfred vs Spotlight: Which one to Choose

spotlight vs alfred

Spotlight is ‘the tool’ when it comes to working on Mac. It not only lets you find files and launch apps but also comes with a built-in calculator, currency converter, dictionary and much more. What is the need for another launcher app then? What more can Alfred offer? Let’s analyze …

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Best AR Apps For iPhone Xs Max

AR feature

Smartphones can do so much more nowadays that soon we might have to rename the device altogether. We get to see a new tech in smartphones every year. Augmented Reality being a recent one. You might have been playing Pokemon-Go for a while now and kids must be enjoying some …

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iPhone Xs Max Tips And Tricks You Probably Aren’t Using

iPhone Xs Max - Techwiser

The first thing you probably learn in iPhone X series is the new gesture controls. You might know the basic gestures and a couple of extra features by now, like sliding the bottom edge of the screen to switch between recent apps (hope you knew that!). We won’t trouble you …

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