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8 Kid Safe YouTube Alternatives

kids watching youtube

As a parent, you already know YouTube is not safe for kids. If you give YouTube to your kids, chances are they will find something violent or something sexual either via ads or related videos. That said, finding something better than YouTube isn’t that difficult. I will show you some …

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13 Best Tech Podcasts Channels

Best Tech Podcasts

There’s something about listening to a conversation but not really paying attention to it. That’s my idea for a podcast. I generally listen to Science and Tech podcasts with an occasional Audiobooks from Audible. In this article, I’ll share my list of the best Tech Podcast channels which cover every …

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8 Best Workout App That You Can Use Without Equipments


Lifting weights at the gym isn’t the only way to stay fit. Exercising against your own body weight is enough to keep you in shape. Working out by yourself may look like an easy task but in reality, we miss out on important key factors like posture, target muscles, switching …

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8 Best Coding Apps for Kids (Android and iOS)


Be it Amazon, Google or Facebook; all the top companies in the world are technology companies. And it’s going to become pervasive as we age. So, if you are a forward-looking parent or a software developer mom, now is the time to get your kids into coding. It not only introduces …

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Best Weight Tracker App To Stay Fit And Healthy


Tell me how hard is it to resist that muffin sitting on the desk? Before you know it you’re gorging on a pack of 12 muffins in one sitting. Well maybe that’s just me but we’re really here about weight tracking apps. Now you might wonder which app would suit …

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6 Best 4chan Apps For Android and iOS


4Chan is famous for its fair discussion threads, memes and some controversial gray things (almost sounds like The Happening). If you browse 4chan on your computer you won’t have any problem but 4chan isn’t ideal for mobile browsing. Although there isn’t any official app the community has developed many unofficial …

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Best Teleprompter Apps for Android

Feature image for Teleptompter apps for android

If you make YouTube videos or want to practice the song, you know the importance of a teleprompter. While you can always buy a real teleprompter from Amazon but if you have a spare Android tablet lying around, it can function as a teleprompter as well. Some teleprompter apps even …

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Trello v Wekan – Which is The Better Project Management Tool

Whether you want to start your own venture or doing an international project for the Denmark government, a well-built project Management tool makes all the difference. Trello and Wekan are two players rocking the same boat and offer Kanban style boards. Both Trello and Wekan are best for small to medium …

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Best MP3 Tag Editors for Android, Windows, iOS and Mac


Your audio file has an ID3 tag, which stores information like Cover Image, Name, Title, Track Number, Artist, and Album Name within the audio file. Now if you buy the original album and transfer it to your phone, you won’t have this problem but if you download your songs from ‘other …

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