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9 Best Pixabay Alternatives for your Next Project

Best Pixabay Alternatives for your Next Project

Pixabay is a popular website that offers free images. All the images on Pixabay are under CC0 license and can be used without any attribution or permission from the creator. We often use Pixabay to gather feature images on TechWiser. But there are times when we were not able to find the …

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How to Disable Incognito Mode in Google Chrome for Android

Disable Incognito Mode in Google Chrome for Android

Every Web Browser has an Incognito mode that allows users to browse the Internet without recording any history. It also stops websites from tracking you by automatically deleting the cookies once the session is over. While the incognito mode is useful is some situation, there are times when you may …

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Best Online Video Editor Without Watermark (2018)

video editing

While there is no shortage of robust video editors for Desktop and SmartPhones, there are times when all you want to do is join two clips, remove audio from the video, or rotate a video. In such situations, it makes sense to use online video editors instead of download software. However, finding …

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How to Watch Netflix on TV – 5 Ways


You’ve just got Netflix and you’re wondering how on earth you’d get it on to your TV from your laptop or Phone maybe even a tablet. Well, Lady luck says it isn’t rocket science and easy peasy. So you can watch some of the favorite shows like breaking bad, arrested …

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Best Audio Editing App for iPhone and iPad

From Recording boring lectures to capturing your baby’s first words, we’ve all used our phone to record audio at some point. If you were to edit this file you would need an audio editor, but you’d think of uploading it on your computer first, right? Well, we can edit the …

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9 Best Video Editing Apps for Instagram


Instagram has become the most popular image-based social media Platform.  Content creators love Instagram because it discourages freeloaders by sticking to the parameters making the experience more streamlined. It has also included videos and the maximum length of the video can be 60 seconds. Now, most of our videos are either …

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How to Listen to Audible on PC (3 Unique Ways)

Audible smartphone app on your Mac

Listening to audiobooks is very efficient and I can be doing some work and listening to an audiobook at the same time. Audible works on mobile and requires an Amazon Prime account. There are times when I don’t have my Phone in proximity but wish to listen to a title. …

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7 Best White Noise Apps for iPhone


Whether you want to focus on your work or having trouble falling asleep, the white noise apps could be of great help. A month ago, we talked about the best white noise apps for Android and now we’re here with best white noise apps for iPhone White Noise is a static sound …

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Compress iPhone Video for Email & WhatsApp With These Apps

iPhone Camera is a marvelous piece of technology capable of shooting videos in up to 4K. It is amazing but takes up enormous amounts of space on your iPhone, which is fine until you have to upload and send the video over the internet. Maybe you don’t have WiFi everywhere …

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10+ Best Voice Recorder Apps For iPhone (2018)


There are many reasons why you may want to record your audio. for instance, a student may want to record his or her lectures, a journalist needs to record interviews or a musician who wants to record jamming sessions etc. Obviously, you could buy a cheap Dictaphone but why spend money, when you …

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