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How to Take Screenshots on PS4

ps4 controller

Sony’s PlayStation 4 is a huge step up from the last generation, it has a completely redesigned controller, upgraded hardware and a few under the hood improvements to make the gaming experience a lot better. I really like that they’ve included an option to take a screenshot and even record …

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How to Connect Wired Headset to PS4

Sony’s PS4 controller features a completely redesigned look and a more natural grip. The added touchpad and a light bar offer extra controls and gestures but one of the most interesting things about the PS4 controller is the inbuilt audio jack. Even though the PS4 came with a gaming earphone, I …

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How to Stop People from Adding You to WhatsApp Groups

We’ve all been there. Waking up to irrelevant and obnoxious motivational messages from people you barely know in both private and group chats on WhatsApp. I can avoid those people by simply blocking them from WhatsApp but stopping people from adding me to pointless groups? That was impossible, until now. …

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How to Remove Saved Login Info on Instagram iOS App?

Almost everyone I know is on Instagram. And the other day, a friend of mine logged into his Instagram account from my iPhone and was unable to log out, he claimed to accidentally tap ‘remember Login Info’. Now, removing accounts on Android is a one-tap process but to my surprise, …

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25+ Best Galaxy Watch Apps (2019)

galaxy watch

The new Samsung Galaxy Watch looks just like a real watch but packs a lot of stuff under the hood. It can play music, track your heart rate and steps, store images, show notifications and tell the time. Despite all our hopes of seeing a Wear OS on the Samsung Galaxy …

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Crello Review: Easily Create Static And Animated Visuals

I’ll be honest, I’m not a graphic designer by any means, I just know a little bit of Photoshop and still get a ton of requests to create banner ads for Facebook and Instagram. It’s mostly from my distant relatives but it still counts. I wanted a tool which would …

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How To Create Your Own Personal Stickers On WhatsApp (Android)


WhatsApp recently rolled out much-requested sticker support for Android. While you can get a range of stickers for WhatsApp by either searching within the application (appears next to the existing emoticon and gif option) or by installing it through third-party sticker Apps like these. But wouldn’t it be awesome, if we can …

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How to Share your WiFi without Sharing Password on Android Q

android q - techwiser

Google has launched a developer exclusive Android Beta Program of its latest OS iteration, Android Q for all the Pixel devices. There had been a lot of rumors for months about some exciting features like System-wide dark mode, inbuilt Screen Recording, updated Privacy and app permissions, and much more. There’s …

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How to Play PS4 Games on iPhone and iPad

Play PS4 Games on iPhone and iPad

Gaming on consoles is great with exclusives like Spider-Man, Uncharted, RDR2, etc. The problem with console gaming is that you have to commit, get to the console, turn it on, grab the controller, and whole nine yards. Sony recently released its new app PS4 Remote Play which lets you play your …

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