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How to Control your Android Camera With Your Mi Band

Xioami recently released Mi Band 3, which unlike the Mi Band 2, comes with new touch display, call rejection, notifications and much more. But, your new Mi band is much more than a fitness tracker. Thanks to its built-in Bluetooth, you can also use it to control other Bluetooth devices. In our previous article, we …

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Use Your Mi Band 3/2 To Control Music on Your Android

Mi Band 3 Music Control

Your Mi Band is more than a simple fitness tracker. We recently showed you how to unlock Windows PC with Mi band 3/2. And as it turns out, you can also use it to control music from your phone without taking it out of your pocket. Or even better, if you have …

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How To Unlock Windows PC With Mi Band 3/2

Unlock Windows With Mi Band 3/2

Windows is my go-to OS not because I dislike every other OS but it allows me to do some cool things with it. Recently, I did an article on how to unlock your Windows computer with an Android fingerprint, now I have found yet another way, i.e., unlock Windows with …

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How to set up TP-Link Smart Plug with Alexa


I recently bought an Echo Dot 3 and it came with a TP-Link smart Plug. Okay, I was getting a discount if I bought those two together, so I did. Although its very easy to connect Alexa with Smart Plug, but it can be challenging if you don’t follow the …

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6 Best Lyrics App for Android Smartphone (2018)

Yesterday, Apple partnered with Genius – a crowdsource lyrics platform, thus expanding the quantity and accuracy of lyrics on Apple Music library. While Google is yet to strike such deal, till then, we can all use the third-party lyrics apps. There are several factors to keep in mind when getting the …

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How to Watch Hulu Outside The U.S

hulu outside the us

Hulu offers some of the greatest shows like The Handmaid’s Tale, The Good Place, Fargo and not to forget the US live TV. But, what if you want to watch Hulu from Europe, Australia or any part of the world? Well, the Hulu official blog says – “A Hulu subscription …

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Echo Dot 3 v Echo Dot 2: A Detailed Comparison

Echo Dot 3 v Echo Dot 2

Amazon released Echo Dot 3 in India today, and as always, I was excited to try out the next-gen smart speaker. Out of the box, it looks like a worthy upgrade from the last generation. To understand the differences better, I’ll do a comparison between Echo Dot 3 v Echo …

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How to Setup Two Factor Authentication on your Instagram App

Instagram supports SMS authentication, meaning, once you enable this feature, every time you log in to your Instagram account from a new device, a text message (SMS) code is sent to your register mobile number, which you’ll need to enter in the Instagram app before you log in. However, today, …

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How to Change App Store Country on iOS 12/11

app not available on iOS store

Unlike Android, Apple makes it relatively easy to change App Store country on your iPhone. Most guides on the internet suggest you create a new Apple ID if you want to install iOS apps that aren’t available in your country. However, after the recent iOS update (iOS 11.4) makes it …

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