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6 Best Teleprompter Apps for iPad and iPhone (2018)


Whether you are practicing your presentation or making YouTube videos, having a teleprompter next to your camera can significantly boost your video production quality. Now, you can always buy a real teleprompter from Amazon but if you have an old iPad lying around why not use that instead? There are plenty …

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Dell Laptop Keyboard Not Working – 11 Fix You Can Try


Dell keyboards are reliable but every hardware fails sometimes and often we throw out perfectly good hardware. Troubleshooting any hardware is a three-step process: Probe, Identify and Fix. If this doesn’t fix the problem we move to the next step and iterate this until the problem is identified and fixed. …

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How To Cast To Roku From Android, PC and Mac

By default, both the Netflix and YouTube apps support an open protocol called DIAL (Discovery and Launch), meaning you can cast any Netflix and YouTube videos from your phone to TV connected with Roku without any need of a third-party app. To do so just simply launch your YouTube or …

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How to Reduce PDF File Size Without Losing Quality

“You can’t upload files larger than 25MB”. I’ve had this error way too many times while attaching PDFs in my Gmail. And not just this, there are several other reasons to compress a PDF file, like when I have to upload some documents on a government website and it only …

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9 Best Chess Apps for Android and iOS (2018)

best chess apps

Chess is one of the oldest and most popular strategy board game today. It has been around for centuries and has gone through several changes. The chess we know and play today has standard rules worldwide. It’s equally fun to play with other people and AI. Our Phones are capable …

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4 Different ways to Loop YouTube Videos

Loop Youtube Videos

Open computer. Headphones in. Log in. Start writing with YouTube playing in the next tab. This is my daily routine, the background noise is drained with the music and I focus better. This is usually the case but sometimes there’s one song that gets stuck in my head and I …

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8 Best Project Management Apps to Boost Your Productivity

Best Project Management Apps

Whether you are a freelancer or running a small startup, having a good project management app is vital for success. Now, while there is no shortage of quality project management apps, finding a right one that checks every box is difficult. Most people end up spending more time to find the …

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3 ways to Rotate Video on iPhone (2018)

rotate videos on iPhone

I’ve very recently started using the iPhone and while recording video one day I got the orientation wrong. The video was shot in Portrait instead of Landscape. I assumed that it was nothing and proceeded to the Photos app to change the orientation. To my surprise, you can’t rotate videos …

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30+ Best Alexa Skills for India

Amazon’s Alexa is a smart AI and it’s getting smarter every day. With the introduction of Skills(apps), Alexa has become so powerful that it can even call you a cab, order food for you with just a few voice commands. Here is a list of 30+ Amazon Skills for India …

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