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Make Photo Square Without Cropping – Online Tools

feature image

When you take a photo with your phone or a camera, the photo will either be in landscape mode or in portrait mode. However, there will be times when you need to make a photo square without losing any details. The most common ways to make a photo square is …

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6 Places to Find Background Music for YouTube Videos For Free


So you have created an excellent video. Great. Now all you need is the right music. Obviously, you can not just use any music from Radiohead or Ketty Perry. YouTube doesn’t work that way. You need to have a copyright or written permission for the music you use. Related: How To …

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3 Ways to Loop YouTube Videos on Android and iOS


When I like a song, I play it until I hate it Nowadays I listen to most of my music on YouTube. One of the biggest feature requests for most of the users is a native option to play a video on repeat or loop inside the official YouTube app …

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6 Android Apps to Add Moving Text to Video

Text Animation Apps for Android

Want to create a YouTube intro with some text animations? Or maybe add some text effect for your presentation? Well, you don’t need to use professional tools like — Adobe After Effects or Sony Vegas. These require a steep learning curve and Not to forget how expensive they can get. …

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How to Clear Data Usage on Android

how to clear data usage stats in android

Android comes with a handy feature called — ‘Data Usage‘ that keeps the track of how much mobile data you have used. But the strange thing is, there is no option to clear that data usage stats. So here is a guide on How to clear data usage on Android. But first, …

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How to Remove Someone From Your WiFI


Well, consider some of these situations: Your friendly neighbour is mooching off your Wi-Fi Your roommate is out and about while downloading torrents on his computer Your kids are binge-watching YouTube, instead of doing their homework You own a small business where you don’t allow visitors to use the work …

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7 Ways to Send your Location (GPS coordinates) to Someone

How to send your location to someone

For someone with a poor sense of directions or if when you are in a new city, online maps are a godsend. Simply ask the person to send his/her GPS location and you can meet them right at that place. No need to waste time explaining the address. However, this …

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Now You Can Share Your Real Time Location with Google Maps

Share Your Real Time Location with Google Maps

Like many ride-sharing apps, Google Maps now also lets you share your real-time location with your contacts. So, now you can share update your friend with your real-time location without having to text or call them when you leave from home. Before we get started, make sure to update Google Maps …

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