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Which Webpages Should you Optimized For Adsense

better adsense earning

Most of the blogger (including me) use Google analytics to determine top pages in search engines. So, we start working on them to make it look better, load faster and get more backlink to it. Hoping that it would increase our revenue !! We assume that top pages in search engines …

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How to make money on facebook (Case study)

can I earn money from FB

With more than 800 million user, we all know Facebook is making fortune. It’s no surprised to see Mark Zuckerberg, among top 30 richest men on earth. But what about us we are checking FB every hour. We are one who are making them tons of $$$ everyday. Of course …

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Effective way to Embed YouTube Videos

better way to embed YT video

No doubt Videos are the future and why not!! They are short, simple and to the point. Researchers have shown that people don’t read the entire blog post anymore, but instead, they try to scan it. This might be one of the reasons why YouTube has become is the second …

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Which is the best free offline dictionary for android

free offline dictionary for android

Most Android apps work online since most smartphones are connected to internet 24/7. But there times, when you don’t have access to internet like when your data pack had just expired while you are travelling, you want to save your battery or like me you are using android tablet which runs …

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Easily stream videos from computer to Android [Video]

Today I going to share an awesome workaround that I use when I want to stream videos from computer to Android smartphones or tablet. There are many places around the house where you can’t take you laptop with you like toilet, kitchen or rooftop and you still need the watch videos from …

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Nexus 7 not powering ON !! What work for me

Nexus 7 not powering ON !

You might have seen my other post on N7 where I talk about various tips and tricks to improve it’s productivity. Today I had I strange problem with my Nexus 7, that it didn’t turned on. Yesterday I forget to put in on charge, so the battery must have drained …

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NFC Technology: Things you should know about it

NFC technology

You might have heard people talking about NFC in their smartphones, or you might already being it. In both cases, this guide will help you do understand this technology better. NFC is an underestimated technology and despite of it’s huge advantage people are not using it like it should be …

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ATM to ATM Money Transfer Guide for Indian banks [Researched]

Atm to Atm money transfer guide for Indian banks

A while ago, I wanted to transfer some funds to my friend’s account via ATM. To make sure everything goes smoothly, I decided to look online for some tutorial. And surprisingly, I find no guide that explains how to transfer money from one ATM to other. Update: Ever since PM Modi demonetised ₹500 …

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CyberStalking !! Are You Being Stalked

Know what to share

Technology has evolved rapidly over a decade.Everyone is now connected with WiFi at home and smartphones in their pocket.Social networking sites like Facebook, Google+, Twitter have become part of everyone routine and helps bringing people closer.But Are we 100% right to say that ” Life has become better as everyone …

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Computer ports explained | How many ports are there ?

How many ports are there

Many of computer users have heard terms like USB, HDMI port, firewire, RJ 45 but only a few know about them,  in this post we will see how to identify the different ports and understand which devices use which plugs and ports. Computers come full of holes (ports) where every …

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