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iYTBP – The Best YouTube Alternative App For Android


We have talked about the 10 Best YouTube App Alternatives For Android before, but apparently, there is a new kid in the town – iYTBP – a modded version of YouTube app, which looks and feel exactly like the official YouTube app but comes with extra features. iYTBP is based upon the …

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6 Websites That Every Android Enthusiast Should Know


I often get asked in the YouTube comments, “How do I know so much about some apps or its developer?”. Now, while I’m no psychic, I do like to research a lot about an app I’m going to review in my next video. And there are some lesser know Android …

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Best Video Editing Software for YouTube — A YouTuber Perspective


Okay, so a little background first, I’m doing YouTube for past 5 years, and while going from 0-125k subs, I’ve gone through several video editing software. I started with free Windows movie maker, then tried a couple of intermediate ones, like Power Director, Sony Vegas, and finally, once I got …

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How to Connect USB Mic to Smartphone for Video Recording

Connect USB Mic to Smartphone for Video Recording

I recently did a live stream on YouTube with my Google pixel and it turns out, you can connect a USB mic like Blue Yeti with your Android smartphone. It only 30 sec. However, you’ll have to buy a connector like – USB-to-type C adapter or OTG cable. You can get …

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