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How to Share Files between Two Computers Using LAN Cable


Over the years, Wi-Fi has grown tremendously but sharing huge files or for that matter, a whole drive is still not efficient. You get cramped up speed and your data is running through a public channel. I would any day prefer sharing a drive or transferring data over LAN cable. …

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How to Find Out What DNS Server Am I Using?

DNS ubuntu

You have set up a new DNS server on your machine and you have no clue whether it’s working or not. Well, there are ways to check it. You can do it natively through the command line or with the help of third-party apps. But before that, it’s important to …

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Bridge The Gap Between Windows And Android


The ecosystem is a thing and that’s what makes Apple products so good to use. We have something similar called “Your Phone Companion” on Windows. It tries to bridge the gap between Windows and Android phone. But, let’s be honest it’s still got a long way to go. Until then, you …

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Best SSH clients for iOS To Manages Remote Servers

iPad SSH Client

There are a lot of SSH client apps for iPhone and iPad but not all of them work as expected. Some are free while some are paid and all of them perform the basic function of connecting to an SSH server. But the user requirements differ from just engaging the …

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6 Best Private Search Engines That Don’t Track You Like Google

duck-duck go

Majority of the Internet uses Google for their searches and we know what’s wrong with that. Annoying ads, tracking your searches, filter bubbling, search leakage, and even profiling you. I mean that’s a concern and to add to it, Google only shows you 4% of the entire Internet. So, you lose data …

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How to Enable Telnet Server in Windows 10

telnet techwiser

Telnet is the oldest computer protocol that allows two computers to talk to each other over the Internet or local area network. However, Microsoft decided to remove the Telnet server from Windows 10 and Windows Server 2012 onwards. It’s a good step considering that Telnet doesn’t support encryption and the …

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6 Best Windows Package Manager to Auto Update Apps (2019)


In Windows, you get the .exe files for installation. You download it, install the software and forget about it. There is no native app to track whether the software has an update. Here’s where a package manager comes in. Linux has RPM (RedHat Package Manager) for Package Management. But, RPM …

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Comparing The Best Disk Space Analyzer For Windows 10

hard drive

Every now and then Windows ask you to free up the storage and you have absolutely no idea of what’s taking up so much space. But before you head over to buy an external hard drive, how about you analyze the one you already got? Enter Disk Space Analyzer. Now, when …

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How to Change Key Functions on Windows 10/8/7

Change Key Functions on Windows 10

Ever wondered what are you gonna do with two Shift keys, two Alt keys and the Caps Lock key. Pretty Useless right! Every Windows keyboard has duplicate keys and the only purpose it serves is you can use them with both your hands. But wouldn’t it be more efficient if …

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How to Set Two Default Search Engines On Any Browser

duck duck go

Let’s be honest, Google is the best search engine available today. Period. That said, we also can’t ignore the privacy issues that come with it. Google tracks your searches, your search patterns, and stores a profile of you on their server. While I’m okay trading off my privacy for better …

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