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How To Make Windows 10 Faster in 9 Simple Steps

faster windows

No doubt, Windows is a popular OS when it comes to desktops. But, the popular OS has its own fair share of problems. Due to the diversity in hardware and the amount of built-in bloat, Windows has never been as stable as macOS. To add to that, unnecessary background services …

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How To Use Chrome Extensions On Android


Google Chrome comes inbuilt with Android. And that’s the default browser most people end up using. The Chrome Desktop and Chrome Mobile are mostly identical with little limitations on the mobile version. The biggest restriction of them is “Chrome Extensions”. You cannot use Chrome Extensions on the mobile version and …

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5 Ways to Identify Songs Playing Near You

Identify Songs Playing Near You

That moment, when you listen to some random music and lyrics. It’s really dope and for some reason, you cannot recollect the song. Well, you can always Shazam it, call Google Assistant to your rescue, or Google the lyrics, etc. But out of all these apps, which one’s the most …

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Xiaomi Mi Wireless Charger 10W Review – Another Hit?


We, at TechWiser, were anxiously waiting for Apple’s ambitious Wireless Charger – “AirPower”. But since that never happened, we started looking for other options. Last week, I got my hands on the Xiaomi Mi Wireless Charging pad and interestingly I couldn’t find any reviews about it on the Internet. Not, …

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Xiaomi MI Airdots Review – Worth the Hype?


Well, year after year you see every flagship quitting the headphone jack. Even the midrange phones are joining the bandwagon now. So, the time has come for a truly wireless experience. Or should I say truly wireless earbuds? After the Apple AirPods launch, we saw a couple of truly wireless earbuds …

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10 Google Assistant Tricks To Replace Apps on Your Android

Nowadays, every company seems to be pushing their own version of the virtual assistant. You have the Bixby, Cortana, Siri, Alexa, and the Google Assistant. Out of all of these, Google Assistant is hands down the winner. It’s quick to understand accents and can follow contextual conversations. Recently, I seem …

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Apps To Use Phone Camera as Web Camera For PC And Mac

phone as webcam

We all use Webcam, be it those random video calls, meetings or interviews. And for that, what you have to deal with is the crappy little WebCam or no webcam at all. Recently, I was stuck in a meeting with my webcam not working and then the idea struck. What if …

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How to Completely Remove All Google Apps From Android

Google Android

Let’s be honest, Google is awesome. It offers the best app and services for free. But there’s also no denying that nothing comes for free. If you are using a free service, you pay for it either by watching ads or with your data. So, when I decided to stop Google …

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