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Best Windows Utilities You Should Be Using In 2019.


Windows 10 has come a long way in terms of features. When I compare it to my Windows XP desktop, its hard to believe you couldn’t even take a screen clipping back then. However, there are still a lot of tasks such as clipboard management, application management, and hotkey management which cannot …

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Best Sex Education Apps For Adults and Teens Alike

sex education

Giving the talk to your children can be very awkward and at times damn unpredictable. Kids these days can come up with so many weird questions that you might run out of ways to answer them. That said, it’s still important to address these sex and puberty questions or else …

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Looking For Spotlight for Windows 10? Here Are Five Alternatives

spotlight for windows

If you have ever used a Mac, you know the feeling of using Spotlight search. It makes searching apps and files so much easier. Spotlight not only launch apps and search files in a jiffy, but it also works as a calculator, currency converters, weather calculation and much more. However, …

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6 Sticky Notes Alternatives For Quick Note Taking

sticky notes

All most every version of Windows comes with the Sticky Notes app inbuilt, if not it can be easily downloaded from the Microsoft Store for free. With all the usability quotient it has got, there are problems with Sticky Notes. You cannot set reminders, alarms, passwords or send the Sticky …

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9 Lightroom Mobile Tips And Tricks To Use It Like A Pro


Lightroom is hands down, the best mobile editing app for professionals. It provides you with lots of powerful tools like HSL tab, Selective edits, Healing, Masking and much more. But using it on a smartphone is not the same as using it on the desktop. Firstly, it’s not very intuitive …

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netflix is a popular app to watch movies and music together with your long distance friend. It not only supports numerous platforms like YouTube, Netflix but also available for both Desktop and mobile. However, it does have its fair share of problems. requires registration which takes away the anonymity. …

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How to Disable Windows Firewall With Command Line


Firewall is a tricky thing in Windows. It restricts your downloads at times, stops you from remotely connecting to a PC and blocks applications from running, which is quite irritating. But so far this is a top-notch security feature provided by Windows if you know how to use it right. You can …

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9 Best Air Purifier in India to Beat Air Pollution

air purifier

When we think of air pollution, Delhi is the first city that comes in mind. However, it’s not the only polluted city in India. A report from WHO claims, 14 out of the 15 world’s most polluted cities are from India. Pollution is a major concern since it affects your health …

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Top Instagram Feed Planner App For Android And iOS

Instagram Feed Planner App

Managing Instagram is not easy these days. You not only have to come up with creative photos but also have to take care of scheduling those pictures and make sure your profile looks consistent. While the official Instagram app doesn’t let you swap your uploads. Thankfully, you can use third-party …

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