Vamsi Krishna

Vamsi is a tech geek who enjoys writing how-to guides and tinkering with computers and software in general. He especially loves using Windows and writing about it. You can check out his Windows guides at WindowsLoop.

How to Tell if an Image Has Been Photoshopped

Nova 3: Huawei

We all know of the saying “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Now, imagine what will happen if this picture is fake or manipulated. Photoshop is undoubtedly the best photo editing program ever. And thanks to Photoshop tutorials on YouTube, Photo manipulation is not just for experts anymore. Anyone …

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6 Best PDF Editor Apps For Android

pdf android

PDF is a widely used format for applications and other important documents but editing PDFs is not easy. You can’t simply edit a PDF because most of the times you’re not supposed to.  However, that’s not the case every time, there are several apps to edit and annotate PDF document …

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8 Best Text-to-Speech Apps for Android


Reading the tiny text on a mobile screen is never a pleasant experience. Especially when you are using an Android device with a super bright screen. Additionally, visually impaired or elders might also have problems reading web pages, ebooks, PDFs, and other files. In those situations, you can make good …

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How To Setup Your Own VPN Server In Cloud


A VPN not only masks your location but also encrypts the connect and make it almost impossible for the outsiders to track what you are browsing. Additional, depending on where the VPN server is located, you can easily access geo-restricted websites. There are several VPN services, both free and paid. …

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14 Ways to The DNS Server Isn’t Responding” in Windows 10


One of the common problems many users face when trying to access the Internet is DNS not responding error. In case you don’t know, DNS is responsible for translating human-readable web address like to computer understandable IP address. When the DNS server is not working as it should, you …

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4 Best PeerBlock Alternatives You Should Try


One of the ways you can protect your system from malware, tracking, and spying is by blocking or blacklisting the IP addresses, ranges, and packets. PeerBlocker makes it quite easy to block any IP address especially while using torrents. However, PeerBlock lacks useful features and slow down your Internet speed …

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8 Best Hard Drive Health Check For Windows 10

hard drive

Every computer has a hard disk. Generally, once you’ve installed a hard disk you don’t have to worry about it for years. For instance, I have a ten-year-old 160GB Hitachi mechanical hard drive the still works just fine. However, that’s always not the case. From time to time, you need …

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6 Best Task Manager Alternatives for Windows 10

task manager

One of the best and important tools on Windows is the Task Manager. Almost every Windows user makes use of the Task Manager one time or the other to monitor their system resources, manage processes and kill unresponsive applications. As good as it is, there are far better tools on …

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9 Best Windows 10 Privacy Tools

Windows 10

One of the most controversial things about Windows 10 is its telemetry gathering. Windows uses telemetry to identify security issues and fix software problems. There is so much telemetry gathering in Windows 10 that it is just astounding. Of course, there might be good intentions, like to improve Windows 10 …

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How to Backup Android Files, Apps, and App Data To Computer


When it comes to backing up Android smartphone, there are a ton of software, both free and paid, that makes backing up data as easy as possible. However, most backup software is quite bulky, comes with quite a few unnecessary features, and not that user-friendly. Not to mention, some software …

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