How to Automatically Mute your Mac When it Wakes Up From Sleep

Macs are a powerful machine. And if you happen to own a Macbook, then chances are most of you don’t bother to fully shut down your system. I once had a 120 days uptime on my MacBook Pro and it still worked flawlessly (unlike my previous Dell Inspiron). The only time I shutdown or restart my Mac is when there is a system update or if I’m not going to use it for more than a week.

However, there is one little problem here. I often fall asleep while listening to some Ted videos at nights, and the next morning when I turn ON Macbook in my office, well everybody got to listen, what I was listening to the other night. Now, thankfully, Ted videos don’t grab people attention as much as other things on the Internet (something that rhymes with corn, Cough! Cough!) But hey, we are not judging.

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But hey, I’m not judging, I’m the guy who provides solutions.

Enter AutoVolume. It’s a free open-source app, that automatically change the volume of you Mac when it wakes from sleep. So, once you install and configure the app, next time you leave music or a video running, the app will automatically mute the volume when the system wakes up from sleep. So, let’s see how it works.

Automatically Mute your Mac When it Wakes From Sleep

1. Download AutoVolume for its official website. It’s a small file (2.27 MB)

Automatically Mute your Mac

2. You can run the app by double clicking the zip file, however, you should install the app first to make sure it work every time. To do this, unzip it and install the program by dragging the AutoVolume the icon to your Applications folder.


3. Next, open the app and configure the 3 main settings.

3.1 Checkmark start at login

3.2 Checkmark Enable

3.2 At move the volume slider all the way to left, to mute the audio.

4. Next, close the window. Do not click on Quit or it’ll stop the app from running in the background. If you want to stops the volume from automatically being set in future, then reopen the app and click on Quit.

AutoVolume Automatically Mute your Mac


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