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Facebook Tips: Automatically backup your FB images to dropbox

by Mrinal Saha
How to backup your Facebook images

Most of us are living a virtual life on Facebook. We chat, we share our thoughts, upload selfies, comments on others and pretty much do everything that we do in our real world.

How to backup your Facebook images

But at the same time it important to differentiate between a real world and virtual world. Facebook is not forever, and you never know what might happen to your Facebook photos, how secure is the server hosting your Fb images, etc. Although I am a strong believer of you should know what you are sharing, or you might become the next victim of cyberstalking.

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Now coming back to the topic, In this post, I will tell you an effective way to download all your Facebook pictures that you share from the day you have join Facebook to your last day.

How to backup your Facebook images

Traditional method

The first thing that pops into our mind is, going to our photos library on Facebook and right clicking on every single image to download them one by one.

Another way of doing that will be, to take a complete backup of your Facebook data and then uploading back the photos to your favorite cloud services weather if it’s dropbox or google drive. And then Repeat this process periodically like after every month or so.

download facebook data from facebook

The above method sound good for one time, but doing that periodically will not only be very tedious but will also waste a lot of your bandwidth because every time you will download a copy of your Facebook data, it will download the everything from the beginning that you have already downloaded.

Well, don’t worry there is a simple workaround that we try here (apparently this is my favourite line these days) with which we will only need to download the Facebook data backup once and later all picture will be automatically uploaded to your cloud services as soon as you post it on Facebook.

How to automatically save Facebook photos to your cloud account?

Here we going to take the help of amazing web services called IFTTT (If this then that)

So Here is a small trick which will let you download your Fb and Instagram images directly to your Dropbox account. IFTTT enable users to connect their different online account like Facebook, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. and use them with simple if that then this statement.

If you open the website, it might look little overwhelming for the first time user. But trust me it’s very easy to use.  IFTTT has this thing they called the recipe, which lets the user perform their tasks. Now you can either make your recipe or use a popular recipe shared by another user. To download our images from Facebook, you will have to download these two types of images.

  • Download all Facebook images shared by you to your Dropbox.
  • Download all Facebook images in which you were tagged to your Dropbox.

You can use the pre-existing recipe to do this, or you can make your recipe. I will show you both ways to do that. In the first example we will use the existing recipe to download out tags images from Facebook, and in the second example I will show you how to make your recipe download images that you upload on FB.

Steps to backup your Facebook images ( tag by others)

Step 1 Go to IFTTT and create an account by verifying your email address. [link]

Step 2 Now in the search box type in Facebook and you will see a list of all Facebook recipe. (see the screenshot below)

In this post, I will use IFTTT to download images in which I was a tag to my dropbox account.

Download new Facebook Photos you're tagged in to Dropbox

Step 3 Now click on Activate button. And authorized your Dropbox account.

Step 4 After successful authorization you will be directed to a page which will let you use the recipe. Click on use recipe and this is it.

 How to make your Recipe on IFTTT

From now on whenever your friend would tag you a Facebook photo, it will automatically get downloaded to your Dropbox account. Similarly, you can use IFTTT to download your Instagram photos or your upload to Facebook. However, these cloud services have limited storage so in case you would like to stop this service you can do that by logging in to your IFTTT and stop that recipe by going into it’s setting.

Now let see how to make your recipe that downloads your Facebook picture to your Dropbox account.

Step 1: Login to IFTTT and click on the link which says create my recipe.

Step 2: Next you will select the trigger. A trigger is something which starts (or in other words triggers ) the tasks. Click on this link and you will see no. of options displayed, from there select Facebook.

IFTTT tags facebook


Step 2 Now the next page chooses the particular trigger as New photos post by you on Facebook.

how to make a recipe on IFTTT


The rest is easy, just follow the steps given in the screenshot below.

how to make a recipe on IFTTT to save facebook images

I hope that I have done my job in explaining this to you, but if you any doubt in any step do let me know using the comment below.  This is a beginners guide to IFTTT, but you can do much more than simply download Facebook images to a dropbox account. I will strongly suggest you to popular checkout recipe; they are quite cool too.


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