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10 Best Adblock Browsers for Android (2018)

by Kaushal

Looking for the best Adblock browser for Android? Well, there are plenty of ways to block ads on your computer, but when it comes to Android, the options are rather limited to apps that require ROOT access (like Adaway). Yes, you can block ads on your Android without ROOT by using a DNS based ad-blockers like AdHell and DNS66, but on the flipside, they drain your battery.

The issue with Google Chrome

Google Chrome comes as an inbuilt browser for many Android smartphones, and after the recent update, now they block most intrusive ads by default. However, they still allow many ads to pass through. Also, recently, Google added support for asynchronous DNS, which override the system DNS. Meaning,  most DNS based blocked won’t work on Google Chrome. In simple words, there is no Adblock for Android Chrome browser. And that’s third-party app browsers comes in.

So, if you are looking for a way to block ads only on your browser, it makes sense to use a dedicated web browser with an Adblock feature. Surprisingly, almost every Android browser except Google Chrome advertises Ad Blocking. But not all apps are equal. We tried various web browsers on Android, and here is our pick on the best web browser for Android with Adblock

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Note:  To force the Google app to open various links with my 3rd party browser of your choice, open up the Google App > Settings > Accounts & Privacy > Open web pages in the Google App and turning that off.  Now, all your links will open in the default browser.

1. Brave: Chrome with Shield protection

It is an alternative for people who like Chrome for its UI and performance but also want ads removed from the web pages. Brave is built on the same engine as of Chrome (i.e. Chromium) and also has an inbuilt adblocker with additional features.

The adblocker is built right into the browser and is active by default. It blocks all ads and pop-ups automatically and shows an active shield on the top bar to indicate a working ad block. You can check for the tracker and ad details by pressing the brave icon on the top right corner of the browser. There are a couple of individual controls like Block Ads and Tracking, Https everywhere, block 3rd party cookies, script blocking and fingerprinting protection.

It has all the same features as Chrome like bookmarks, a history manager, download manager, desktop site support, password manager. Brave developers proposed a newer business model to remove ads from the publisher’s website and replacing them with their own, which we’re not sure how would benefit the publishers and users alike, so we’ll have to wait for the popular opinion for this one.

Pros: Open source, effective Adblock and one-touch information of the blocked content.

Cons: Proposed business model may affect publishers, no option to sync bookmarks cross-platform.

Verdict: This is a better alternative if you like Chrome and you wish to block ads completely and manage security features such as blocking 3rd party cookies, fingerprinting protection.

Download Brave Browser

2. Firefox: For Secure and Private Browsing

Firefox for Android has been here for quite some time. It has the same engine Gecko, powering the browser to provide the same performance as with the resourceful desktop machines.

firefox Adblock browser

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The adblocker in Firefox is installed as an add-on and works flawlessly in blocking ads. It also gives the user to choose and block specific trackers, the user can block ad trackers, block analytic trackers and social trackers. It also has an option to block other trackers but it might affect the functionality of the webpage. You can increase performance by blocking javascript and web fonts but it comes with an added disadvantage of the unpredictable behavior of the web page.

Ad blockers can be added by following these steps: tap options icon > add-ons > search for Adblocker Plus > Add.

Firefox also has a cousin, Firefox Focus, best for users who want a lightweight browser with the best security features.

Firefox Focus is the lightweight cousin to the mighty Firefox. It is developed entirely around the idea of private browsing. It does have many distinct features which set it apart from its competitors, one tap dump, tracker blocking, and stealth mode.

Pros: For people want a cross-platform browser to sync bookmarks and data, highly effective content blocking with ad-blockers and pop-up blockers, whitelist selective publishers

Cons: Slower than Google Chrome

Verdict: Firefox is recommended for people who want a resource-friendly browser and a clean look with added security features like ad block. We like it because of the strong community backing offering updates and security patches for users.

Download Firefox Browser

3. ArmorFly: The browser built like a tank

It is one of the best web browser available for Android with a beautiful and robust UI, advanced ad blocker and tools for a better experience.

Adblocker on this app is built keeping users perspective in mind, it not only blocks the ads but also shows a notification of blocked ads on the page. You can customize and disable the bubble if you find that distracting. It has so many tools built in for the user like night mode, incognito,  translate. You can disable images to load pages faster. You can customize the settings to clear your data every time you exit and set a password on the settings page.

What separates Armourfly from other apps in the lists is the features like history lock, you can secure your history with a pattern lock to avoid snooping for other people who might have access to your phone. It has a number of tools listed which can be easily accessed by pressing the shield button. Night mode, bookmarks, and sharing are on the top. You can customize the text size of a web page, load web pages without images to save data and clear browser data with just one tap. It has an inbuilt translator converts you web pages instantly.

Pros: Efficient and clean UI, Useful tools, Adblock and tracker blocks.

Cons: Privacy may be at risk because it is made by Cheetah Mobile, a Chinese Corporation.

Verdict: This browser is best for people who want an advanced browser with tools to customize their web experience. Even though it has an ad block, but we are not entirely sure how much privacy would we get as it comes from Cheetah Mobile.

Download Armorfly Browser

4. Turbo Browser: A faster browser with Adblock

Turbo browser ensures that you get the fastest web experience without ads.

It has a softer looking UI with its rounded edges interface and icons. The main page offers weather updates right on the screen in a minimal bar on the top. You get your favorite websites on speed dial and a tap away. The hamburger option sits in the middle on the bottom bar next to other controls like back, forward, tabs and homepage.Adblock browser- Turbo Browser

Adblock is inbuilt and you can toggle it ON by tapping into settings and ‘saving data and speeding up’. It also offers a dedicated no image button which stops images from loading and makes your pages load even faster and easier to read. The best part about its Adblock feature is that it fills the spaces where ads were in the first place, making your browsing experience better.

Pros: Aesthetical built, an option to toggle images and ads off with a toggle button.

Cons: No option to sync with google account or any account for that matter.

Verdict: Turbo Browser is recommended if you want a faster web browser without the clutter. It offers one-tap option to block cookies, ads, and images for faster load times.

Download Turbo Browser

5. Samsung Internet Browser: not just for Samsung

Last year, Samsung decided to bring its smartphone’s browser to all Android phones and it has a major advantage over Chrome – the built-in Adblocker. It is based on the open source Chromium and offers a finely tuned browser with intuitive features and added content blockers and security protocols.

Adblock browser- Samsung Browser

The Adblock feature for Samsung Internet Browser is managed as an extension. It is powered by Adblock Plus and comes preloaded. Other options are also available like Adblock fast, Adguard or Disconnect for Samsung which can be downloaded by simply following these steps: tap on options icon(three dots)> tap on extensions>content Blockers. You can also block trackers and pop-ups. This helps in achieving a cleaner web page.

Samsung also included features like Gear VR integration which can be used to play VR games on the web browser. With Reader mode, Bookmark and open tab sync with a dedicated scroll bar that hides easily and makes it a delight to have for readers. Equipped with secret mode with biometric authentication and secure autologin for a secure web session, Samsung offers a secure environment to surf web. The quick menu offers widgets to turn on night mode, resize webpage text and sharing with just one tap.

Pros: Reader friendly, Gear VR integration, added security to incognito mode.

Con: No option to whitelist websites.

Verdict: Samsung has a lot of features to offer and is ideal for people who read a lot and want a reliable privacy browser. It really makes the experience better with its quick menu button and scroll bars.

Download Samsung Browser

6. Microsoft Edge: The Prodigal Son

It looks like everyone is out for Google Ads revenue. Earlier it was Samsung, and now, Microsoft, also a dedicated browser with the Adblock feature. Yes, Microsoft Edge, the default browser in Windows 10, is available for Android and iOS with Adblock built in.

Adblock browser- Microsoft Edge

Microsoft edge has an ad blocker built into the browser powered by Adblock Plus. Although it arrives activated out of the box but can be disabled by following these simple instructions: tap on options > settings > content blockers. It allows you to whitelist some good websites like Techwiser which do not spread malware. Ads are completely blocked instead of whitelisting. Microsoft Edge not only blocks the ads but removes the empty space for a cleaner look.

Microsoft has always had backward compatibility with web standards but due to the strong feedback, they decided to remove that. They opted for newer and anticipated web standards to support new technologies. It uses edge HTML which was developed specifically for Edge to support web standards and interoperability across platforms.

Pros: Cross-platform, efficient blocker with advanced settings, reader view, whitelist selective publishers

Cons: Does not support extensions.

Verdict: Microsoft Edge offers cross-platform functionality to cater to a wider audience and allows for a better syncing option. Reader view is a delight and security is robust. It is best for people looking for a reliable browser.

Download Microsoft Edge Browser

7. Opera: The veteran of the Internet

We all know about Opera, most of us grew up with it. It has been around since 1995 and it is one of the better android web browsers out there. It is built on the Bink layout and has gone through many design changes.

Adblock on Opera comes inbuilt with the browser and is effective in blocking most of the intrusive ads. It does not have an option of customizing the websites which can be whitelisted.

Adblock browser- Opera

Opera for mobile is famous for its compression feature, it compresses the web pages using the turbo software and results in faster load times and less bandwidth consumption. Bookmarks and a feature to view offline pages certainly is a plus.

Pros: data saving with compressed web pages, inbuilt ad-blocking, the faster browsing experience

Cons: no option to customize ad-blocker.

Verdict: Opera for Android is a good choice if your priority is faster web surfing with less data consumption, ad blocker offers additional support by blocking ads and offering an even better browsing experience.

Download Opera Browser

8. Bromite: The better Chrome with Adblock 

Bromite is the Chromium cousin with superpowers. It comes with update privacy features and an inbuilt ad blocker.

Chrome has the most smooth interface and you can’t deny that Bromite is the closest to Chrome in terms of usability with most of its original features kept the same it performs with no problems. The ad blocker is one tap away in the options menu and does its job religiously. It also supports third-party payment apps and can be integrated with this browser. You can turn on ‘ auto-fill forms’ for easier input of redundant data like addresses and cards. You can manipulate the webpage layout by configuring the text scaling, simplified view and enabling force zoom. The only thing this browser lack is the lack of google account sync.Adblock browser-Bromite Browser

If you don’t like AMP (accelerated mobile pages) results in Google search then Bromite is for you. It removes that from search results as well. Bromite allows playing videos in the background which is a decent feature for anyone who loves YouTube but dreads it playing on mobile (for famously pausing videos whenever the tab is switched despite serious criticism from the community).

Pros: Supports ad blocker, remove amp pages, background playback

Cons: Doesn’t support sync.

Verdict: You’ll get the experience closest to the actual Chrome browser because most people prefer Chrome for the functionality and ease of access. So go for it if you don’t wish to give up Chrome functionality.

Download Bromite Browser

9. Kiwi Browser: is it a bird, is it a fruit, it’s a Browser with Adblock  

Finding a web browser with all the desired features is hard. Putting too many features in the web browser results in cluttered web experience and too little forces you to keep multiple browsers. Kiwi browser has all the necessary features which we look for in a web browser.Adblock browser- Kiwi browser

You get an inbuilt night mode and an option to bring down search bar to the bottom. Night mode is an interesting feature which lets you adjust screen brightness and contrast to strain your eyes less during long reading sessions in the low light environment. Adblocker is efficient in blocking all the ads and leaves you with blank spaces where ads were to appear. You can see the blocked ads and tracker count by pressing the options button. The browser supports multiple languages and translates the page in real time.

Kiwi browser also supports background playback, meaning you can listen to YouTube videos in the background. Background playback works like this, you open your streaming website in a tab and play your content, then when you open the second tab it might pause but don’t worry just scroll down the notification panel you’ll see the tab as a notification bar with the pause/play button, pressing that would resume the content and you can go back to browsing.

Pros: Inbuilt adblocker, background playback, night mode

Cons: You can’t sync your Google account

Verdict: Kiwi browser is only available as an Android app now

Download Kiwi Browser

10. Lightning Browser: fastest browser for android with Adblock

It may not be the best looking browser around but it certainly is useful. Lightning Browser is an open-source browser which makes it the most transparent of the list. Based on the same layout as of Chrome, it handles most of its request easily.Adblock browser- Lightning Browser

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Lightning Browser has an inbuilt ad-block. The ad block works perfectly and removes any ads from the page leaving behind a grey empty space. However, it can not redirect requests which is a common practice in the web space.

You can add bookmarks and sort them into folders but can’t sync them with your account. It has a reader mode which enables the user to consume content without any distractions of the web page. You also get some privacy features like clear your data on exit which ensures no trace of your browsing history is left after.

Pro: Open source, one tap data clearing feature, reader mode.

Cons: Cross-platform sync is not available

Verdict: Lightning is great for private browsing when features are not a priority. It blocks ads effectively and has no issues with rendering. Reader mode works fine on pages with high text content. If you’re looking for a backup browser to surf the web anonymously, This is the one.

Download Lightning Browser

Which is the Best Adblock Browser for Android?

We believe a browser should be fast, reliable and secure. The apps listed do all this and have additional features as well. For a robust UI and updated security features, Firefox and Microsoft Edge take the spot. Opera is the best bet for speed and data saving, will be best for people who prefer data saving and fast browsing. Samsung Internet for Android and Armorfly come with a lot of additional tools to make the browser more efficient. Brave and Lightning are healthy alternatives to Chrome with added privacy options.

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