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5 Best Aesthetic Notion Templates and Tricks

by Parth Shah
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Notion continues to win hearts among power users. The modular productivity software allows users to create beautiful customizable Notion pages with all the relevant details to organize work and personal life. The internet is full of beautiful Notion templates to quickly help you get started. Read the post to learn about the five best aesthetic Notion templates.

Best Aesthetic Notion Templates

The post won’t be limited to aesthetic Notion templates only. We will also include tips to add custom fonts, icons, and widgets to Notion to create an eye-catching Notion page. Let’s start the list with the best aesthetic Notion templates. 

Note: To download and use any of the suggested Notion templates, simply click on the Notion template link and open the template in a new tab. From there, use the Duplicate button at the top and copy the template to your Notion page. Now you can start editing the Notion page based on your requirements.

1. The Blissful Template

The autor has done an excellent job of using custom fonts, background colors, and icons. We like how the author has integrated GIF and a custom cover image to the Notion page. 

blissful notion template

We appreaciate the use of Notion seciton as well. It gives a minimalist look and keep eveything organized. 

The default template comes with Calendar, dedicated habit tracker, Diary, To-Do, and more. Of course, it’s up to you which part you want to keep and which section you want to remove from your Notion page. 

Download The Blissful Notion Template

2. Writer Page Template

This template is meant to be the bare bones of your writer’s page. One can add projects, monthly goals, resources, log current activities, and even add writing tips to improve the writing. 

writer paget template

We like the overall green vibe throughout the Notion page. The template maker has added relevant pictures with a green theme to match the other content on the page. 

Download Writer Page Template for Notion

3. Clean Green Self-Care Page

As the name suggests, this one is all about taking care of yourself and tracking all health-related activities on a single Notion page. 

selfcare template in notion

The admin has integrated daily routine, exercise routine, five-minute journal, habit tracker, and a tips section to reduce stress. Our favorite add-ons are the Quote section and Life widget. The Notion page is perfectly complemented by a beautiful theme image in the middle. 

Download Clean Green Self-Care Notion Template

4. Motivational Template

This aesthetic Notion template is all about motivation and getting you started with a busy schedule. The admin has added a dedicated Tasks section with multiple filters such as Inbox, Today, Priorities, and High School. 

motivational template in notion

You can also log morning steps, apply habit tracker, and create a daily journal. The createor has used a dedicated Quote widget that changes everyday with inspitrational message.

The database secrtion include a dedicated Note-taking and task management system.

Download Motivational Notion Template

5. Dotion Template

Don’t go by the fancy Dotion name here. This Notion template is all about creating and managing task and projects.

to-do template in notion

The template carries a beautiful night and purple theme. You can manage projects, tasks, move to-do cards from today to tomorrow, and manage projects based on priorities. The template will cost you $10 to download and use. 

Download Dotion Template

Apply Custom Text, Icons, and Widgets in Notion

So far, we have talked about some of the best aesthetric Notion templates. You must be wondering how these creators are using custom text, icons, and widgets in Notion. The answer is pretty simple. 

The web is full of Notion resources to customize the page exactly how you want it. Using the resources below, you can build the ultimate aestheic Notion page designed specifically based on your requirements. 

Use Custom Text in Notion

By default, Notion only allows up to three text styles to choose from. You can visit igfonts website and type words. Select from the multiple font style and paste it on the Notion page. 

That’s it. Apply the same trick to all the page headings and create a unique look. 

Use Custom Icons in Notion

Notion’s default offering is limited to the emoji panel only. There are dedicated Notion icon packs out there. Among them, we have found vibrant and modern Notion icons that go perfectlty fine with your custom Notion page.

custom notion icons

It will make your Notion workspace even more vibrant and give you a more modern look. This pack consists of 94 icons. These are duo-tone icons that will bring a smile to your face every time you open Notion workspace.

Download Vibrant Notion Icons

Use Custom Notion Widgets

From Indify.co webpage, users can apply multiple Notion widgets such as Google Calendar, Countdown, Weather widget, Quote widget, Clock, and more widgets to a Notion page.

Read our dedicated post to learn about the best Notion widgets and how to customize them before implementing them on a Notion page. 

Wrapping Up: Create Beautiful Notion Pages

Go through the aesthetic Notion templates list above and start integrating them into your Notion workspace. While you are at it, don’t forget to use custom text, icons, and widgets to make it more appealing.

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