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Best Airpods Pro Cases to Give It Extra Protection It Needs

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Apple recently announced the Apple AirPods Pro with Active noise cancellation, Bluetooth 5.0, wireless charging, and sweat resistance at a price of just $249. And like any other electronic gadget, it’s a good practice to put a case on it. However, you can’t just slap an old case on the AirPods Pro. The case is a little wider than the previous generation and stands a little shorter. So, if you are in the market for a new pair of Airpods Pro cases, here are your options.

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Best Cases for AirPods Pro

1. Clear Plastic AirPods Pro Case

If you are looking for Protection and visibility, this is the case you need. As the name suggests, this case is built with clear TPU material that offers a soft rubbery texture and adds a ton of grip to your slippery AirPods Pro case. It comes with a hingeless design to ensure there is no obstruction during the opening and closing of the case. If you’re worried about wireless charging, it is thin enough that it won’t cause any interference with wireless charging. If clear white isn’t your preference, you can get it in clear black, and clear green to match your iPhone 11 Pro color.

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Get Clear Plastic AirPods Pro Case from Amazon ($11.99)

2. Bounce Case for AirPods Pro

While the clear case makes more sense when you want something minimal, but a bounce case will go a long way in protecting your case. It’s made of silicone that is thick enough to protect your AirPods Pro from repeated drops. It has an attached flap on the bottom which adds another layer of protection against dust in the lightning port and a hole for the light in the front. It comes in seven different colors including retro Apple Gray.

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Get Bounce Case for AirPods Pro ($9.99)

3. Translucent Hybrid AirPods Pro Case

This hybrid case offers the minimalism of the clear case and the toughness of the bounce case. While the translucent body makes the design subtle, the black TPU frame adds significant protection against drops. You get the best of both worlds. Just like the previous two, it also comes with a built-in keychain, which makes it easy to carry.

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Get Translucent Hybrid AirPods Pro Case ($12.99)

4. DamonLights AirPods Pro Case

For the times when you want the protection of a silicone cover and still want to preserve the pearly white color of your AirPods Pro. This Case cover offers a durable shell that would protect your AirPods from drops and its soft texture adds a lot of grip, minimizing slipping. It’s minimal, soft, and doesn’t interfere with Wireless Charging.

Get DamonLights AirPods Pro Case ($9.99)

5. PU Leather Case for AirPods Pro

Made with TPU and PU leather materials, this Case offers both protection and elegance to your AirPods Pro. Dual-tone PU adds to the appearance of the case and a matching keychain brings it all together. You can get this case in Red, Blue, Black, Brown, and Coffee.

Get PU Leather Case for AirPods Pro ($8.99)

6. Pokeball AirPods Pro Case

Bring out the trainer in you with this slick Pokeball Cover for your AirPods Pro. Made with high-quality soft silicone, it will offer both style and protection to your new AirPods Pro. If the Pokeball doesn’t catch your fancy, you can choose from other designs sold by the seller for the same price of $10.

Get Pokeball AirPods Pro Case Cover ($10.99)

7. Catalyst Waterproof AirPods Pro Case Cover

While most of the silicone case cover on this list would give you some degree of water resistance, those are fairly incompetent at waterproofing. If you’re into water sports and find yourself near bodies of water then you might want to give this case cover a try. It upgrades your AirPods Pro’s existing IPX4 to IP67 when you put the cover on and you’d be able to actually submerge it in the water without worrying about water damage.

The Case cover is a single piece of silicone that opens like a clamshell and fits the entire AirPods Pro case inside of it and creates a watertight seal just above the seam. It is a bit pricier at around $35 but you do get what you pay for.

Get Catalyst Waterproof AirPods Pro Case Cover ($34.99)

8. Dbrand AirPods Pro Skin

I know, this is not a case. But a list is not complete without Dbrand. If a case is too bulky for you then I would suggest getting a skin from Dbrand. You can order one from their website and get a ton of different styles and colors. I should point out that applying a Dbrand skin can be a tedious process but if you do it right then you’ll surely love it. In any case, they also offer an in-depth guide that you can check out to apply the Skin on the AirPods Pro.

Get Dbrand Skin for AirPods Pro ($12.95)

9. AirPods Pro Belt Case

Handcrafted by WeirdOldSnail, this belt case is made from synthetic leather, felt, and Polyester. If you want to support local creators, Etsy is a great way to do that. You can choose to get just the case, with a belt loop, or with a keychain. You can check out their Etsy page to see all the available variations on the website.

Get AirPods Pro Belt Case ($22 approx.)

10. Custom Painted Apple AirPods Pro

Another creator on Etsy, EvilHeadphones makes truly custom Apple AirPods Pro. They purchase a new AirPods Pro and do a custom paint job as per your preference. You can get any one of 14 different colors listed on the page and choose between a glossy or a matte finish. You can contact them here if you wish to buy a pair from them.


Get Custom Painted Apple AirPods Pro ($ 315+)

Best AirPods Pro Cases

These were my picks for some of the best cases for your AirPods Pro. AirPods Pro being fairly new doesn’t have many choices at the moment but as soon as we start getting more variety of cases come in, I’ll update the list. Meanwhile, you can drop a comment telling me which case are you going to buy.

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