uTorrent is Bloated With Ads Try These 8 Alternative

If you are a torrent user, then you might remember the good old days when the uTorrent used to be the best, lightweight, and open source torrenting client. But that all changed after Bittorrent bought the client and filled it with ads. And not any ads, but the ads that are pretty shady and make you click on them to download additional unwanted software.

To make things even worse, the uTorrent client has become bloated with unnecessary features and other things. So, if you are not a fan of what the uTorrent client has become then here are some of the best alternatives to uTorrent clients for your daily torrenting needs.

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The Best Alternatives to uTorrent

1. qBittorrent

qBittorrent is one of my favorite torrenting client that is free, open source and aims to offer ad and junk free torrent experience. I’ve been using qBittorrent for over two years now, and I’m pretty happy with it. The good thing about qBittorrent is it was built on the same source code as uTorrent and has all the necessary features as in uTorrent with a simple to use user interface.

Just like with uTorrent, you can control the download and upload speeds, add filters, add or control ports, password protect the client, real-time statistics, etc.

Pros: Lightweight, built on the same uTorrent source code and ad-free.

Cons: Lacks some advanced features and tools.

Is it cross-platform: Yes, it is. It supports, Windows, MacOS, Linux, and FreeBSD.

Price: Free.


2. Deluge

Second to qBittorrent, Deluge is another excellent torrent client that is free and lightweight. Deluge is like qBittorrent in terms of user interface but has its own quirks. The Deluge client also support third-party plugins, available from the Deluges official website to increase or add new functionality. Just like any other BitTorrent client, Deluge has all the standard and necessary features like encryption, DHT, local peer discovery, peer exchange, web seeds, etc.

Pros: Just like qBittorrent, it is free, lightweight, easy to use and has a plugin system.

Cons: Lacks in features out-of-the-box, but that can be managed via plugins.

Is it cross-platform: Yes, it is. Again, just like qBittorrent, Deluge supports, Windows, MacOS, Linux, and FreeBSD.

Price: Free.


3. Vuze

Unlike qBittorrent or Deluge, Vuze is a closed source torrent client that offers both the free and paid versions. Vuze has two different torrent clients. The first one is called as Vuze Leap lightweight, completely free and is suitable for the basic torrent activity like searching torrents, downloading and playing them.

The another one is also called Vuze that comes in both free and paid versions. The good thing about this client is it has all the advanced features like better control over how you download or upload torrents, anti-virus protection, support for plugin system, ability to play media while downloading, etc. However, the client is pretty bulky and uses a significant amount of resources. Also, the free version of Vuze is limited in terms of features.

Pros: Have different clients for both the advanced and general users.

Cons: The advanced Vuze torrent client is ad-supported and may install adware while installing the software. So, always select the “Custom Installation” option while installing Vuze or any other application.

Is it cross-platform: Nope, only supports Windows.

Price: Free and paid.

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4. Transmission

Transmission is one of the most popular torrent clients for many Linux and Mac users. Just like qBittorent, it is an open source and volunteer-based project that has no ads whatsoever. The good thing about Transmission is it is lightweight and has a minimal user interface. Moreover, it doesn’t track its users and even its website has no third-party analytics. Transmission client has all the necessary features like support for the magnetic links, encryption, peer exchange, web interface, watch directories, tracker editing, etc.

Pros: Integrates well with the operating system and uses fewer system resources.

Cons: Transmission client is pretty minimal in options, and it doesn’t support Windows.

Is it cross-platform: Yes, it has clients for Linux and Mac users, but no support for Windows.

Price: Free.


5. Hadouken

Hadouken is a simple, free and open-source torrent download client that has the web interface with all the essential features like bandwidth control, support for UPnP, DHT, local peer directory, etc. Hadouken is based on BitTorrent but with better algorithms for better download speeds and consistency. Moreover, Hadouken can also send push notifications and supports plugins to add additional functionality.

Pros: lightweight, uses the web platform and has the plugin system.

Cons: Being a simple and minimal application, there is a lack of advanced features for pro users.

Is it cross-platform: Yes, supports Windows and Linux environments. But, there is no Mac application.

Price: Free.


6. Tixati

Though the name may sound weird, Tixati is a free torrent client that has no adware or ads in it. The good thing about Tixati is it has all the options that you will ever need for both the general and power users. Unlike the other clients in the list, Tixati displays the real-time statistics in charts. Moreover, the client also has a feature called “Channels” where you join your favorite channels and share or download files.

Pros: Free and has a feature called Channels that enables you to share or download files easily that already have seeds and peers.

Cons: If you are long time uTorrent user then it can take some time to get used to this client due to all its advanced options.

Is it cross-platform: Yes, supports Windows, Linux, but no MacOS client.

Price: Free.


7. FrostWire

FrostWire torrent client is mainly focused towards the media centric users. Even the layout of the client screams a media player. Being a media-centric torrent client, it shows the top and featured artists so that you can easily download. If you have or use iTunes, you can also directly sync to it using the FrostWire client. Just like other torrent clients, it has all the basic features like bandwidth control, local peer discovery, etc.

So, if you are more into media like music or videos then do this app a try and see if it fits your needs.

Pros: A pretty good client to download media. It supports media preview while downloading.

Cons: Tries to install adware while installing. So, choose custom installation option to avoid it.

Is it cross-platform: Yes, clients available for Windows, Linux, MacOS, and Android.

Price: Free.


8. BitTyrant

BitTyrant is created with the soul purpose to optimize and speed up your torrent downloads. Obviously, the BitTyrant client has no adware or ads in it. Unlike other clients, BitTyrant acts fair. If you upload more, your downloads are optimized, and the speed is increased. If a user is selfish and won’t upload a single byte, they are unprioritized and may see limited speeds. Moreover, the BitTyrant client won’t change the amount of data uploaded, just the peers that download the data.

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Pros: BitTyrant is free and optimized for better download speeds.

Cons: As I said before, BitTyrant acts fair. If you don’t upload the data, then your download speed may be limited.

Is it cross-platform: Yes, clients available for Windows, Linux, and MacOS.

Price: Free.


Hope that helps and do comment below about using the above alternative uTorrent clients to download torrents or just to share your favorite alternatives to uTorrent

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