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7 Best Apple AirTag Accessories to Attach It to Anything

by Pankil Shah
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Apple recently unveiled its long-rumored tracking device called the AirTag. As you can probably guess, AirTags essentially helps you keep tabs on your items and dead useful in case you lose them. All you have to do is attach it to something that you don’t want to lose and track it using Apple’s Find My app. The only catch is it doesn’t have an integrated key ring or a magnet to cling to your items. To compensate for that, you will likely need Apple AirTag accessories to attach the AirTags to your keys, luggage, backpack, and more.

What’s Special About Apple AirTags

Apple’s AirTag faces direct competition from Tile, Samsung SmartTag, and other tracking devices out there. However, the Apple AirTag stands out in so many ways. First, it’s extremely tiny (about the size of a quarter) making it hardly noticeable. Secondly, it uses Apple’s Find My network made of millions of iPhones, iPads, and Mac devices to easily locate it in case it ever gets lost or stolen and is out of Bluetooth range. And that’s a huge plus, given that no other tracking device on the market can match Apple’s large pool of devices. In fact, if someone else with an iPhone or any NFC-enabled Android device finds your lost item with an AirTag, he/she can use his/her Apple/Android device to scan and read your contact details and connect with you.

Whether you plan to use AirTag as a keychain, hide it somewhere in your purse or stick it to your phone or tablet, there are a plethora AirTag accessories to help you do that. Some are already available while others are listed for preorder. Here are the best 7 Apple AirTag accessories you should buy.

1. Best Overall: Belkin Secure Holder with Strap

First on the list is the Belkin Secure Strap. It’s ideal for attaching AirTags to your backpack, suitcase, purse, keychain, and more. The twist-and-lock design ensures that your AirTags won’t fall out. On top of that, with slightly raised edges, the strap will also prevent your AirTags from scratching. Belkin offers the strap in four different color options – white, black, blue, and pink.

Belkin Secure Holder with Strap accessory for apple airtag

For $13, Belkin Secure Holder with Strap is an easy to recommend accessory for your Apple AirTag. Also, for the same price, the company offers a Keyring version for your AirTag. 

Buy from Apple ($12.95) 

2. Best for Sunglasses: Nomad Glass Strap

Do you often tend to misplace your sunglasses? Then Nomad Glass Strap is an excellent solution to your problem. Combine the strap with your Apple AirTag and finding it becomes fairly easy. Also, the lightweight design of the strap means that you can hang them all day without even noticing. The strap is available for $30 if you preorder. After that, it will retail at its regular price of $40. 

Nomad Glass Strap for apple airtag

Aside from the glass strap, Nomad also offers a leather keychain version for just under $20 if you preorder.

Buy from Nomad ($29.95)

3. Best for Hiding: Moment Mounts for AirTags

The mount is made of a rugged aramid fiber shell, backed with a super-strong adhesive which makes it easy to stick the AirTags to any flat surface. What’s more? The shock-absorbent design helps when Moment Mount takes some beating. As a result, the Moment Mount can be easily hidden inside a camera case, luggage bag, car, bike, drone, and more.

Moment Mounts accessory for AirTags

The hard-shell version costs about $20, but you can also grab a fabric mount or a curved-surface mount for only $15.

Buy from Moment ($19.99)

4. Best Premium: AirTag Loop

Apart from the above, Apple also has its own take on AirTag accessories. The AirTag Loop is an elegant-looking loop that can be easily attached to your backpack, luggage, handbags, and other valuable belongings. Plus, the AirTag loop carries a lightweight and durable design for rough usage.

AirTag Loop

While the cheaper version is made from polyurethane (mainly foam) material, if you want a premium look, you can opt for a leather version for about $39.

Buy from Apple ($29.00)

5. Best Looking: dBrand Grip Case

Popular for device customization, dBrand also has an accessory for your AirTag in the form of a keyring holder. Coming from dBrand, you also get a bunch of skin options (sold separately) to easily differentiate between your AirTags. While the case is only available in black color, you can distinguish between them by applying different skins.

dBrand Grip Case for apple airtags

Costing around $20, plus an additional $15 for the skin, dBrand Grip Case is an expensive accessory for your AirTag.

Buy from dBrand ($19.95)

6. Best Bargain: SZJCLTD Silicone Case

If spending more on Apple AirTag accessories like a case than the AirTag itself sounds unwise to you, then checkout this budget-friendly silicone case from SZJCLTD. Made of medical-grade silicone rubber, the case is soft and durable to protect the key finder from impact, drop, and scratches. To differentiate between your AirTags, it also comes in five different color options.

SZJCLTD Silicone Case

The SZJCLTD silicone case retails for only $5 and the best part is that you can grab a pack of 4 for less than $10.

Buy from Amazon ($4.99)

7. Best Color Options: Catnot Silicone Case (2-Pack)

Summing up our list is the Catnot Silicone Case. It’s made of soft silicone rubber and a glued side on the back. This way, it’s easy to stick it to your phone, headphones, remote, and more. The case is available in 10 different color options. Plus, it can be glued multiple times without having to worry about the glue leaving a mark on your device.

Catnot Silicone Case

At $15 for a pack of 2, the minimal-looking Catnot silicone case is an excellent choice for sticking your AirTags to almost anything.

Buy from Amazon ($14.99)

Wrap Up: Best Apple AirTag Accessories

It’s no secret that the Apple AirTags will be popular among those invested in the Apple ecosystem. And so will be the AirTags accessories. However, selecting the best accessory for your AirTags will totally depend on what you plan to attach them to. So, let us know what you intend to track with your Apple AirTags in the comments below. 

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