Best Apple Watch Games You Should Try in 2019

Although not really made for gaming, Apple Watch still fulfills the need for a growing toddler sitting on your laps while you try to finish a movie. Or maybe a little more tricky game for you while you wait for a date or commute to work in public transport. Apple offers a wide range of gaming apps with minimal functions of course. Here I have prepared a quick list with a brief introduction to the apps. Let’s begin.

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Best Apple Watch Games

1. Dare The Monkey

A simple game with a simple aim to collect all coins and bananas while also save the monkey from dying. All you have to do is tap the screen to make the monkey jump any obstacle. A long tap gives you a higher jump for bigger obstacles. If you like Super Mario, you will like this one.

Download Dare the Monkey: Go Bananas! (free, $3 for ad-free version)

2. Loop

Loop is kind of a mind game where you have to solve a design puzzle. tap on the puzzle pieces to move it in a clockwise direction and try to arrange them in a manner that it creates an endless loop design.

Download Infinity Loop: Endless Zen (free, $2 for ad-free version)

3. Pong

Just like ping-pong, the game is played between 2 players, one being a computer. Unlike other games, to play Pong you need to move the crown on your Apple Watch to control the base. The score is displayed on the screen simultaneously.

Download pong for Apple Watch (free)

4. Letterpad

Letterpad is a word guessing game where you are given a hint of what the word is related to and how many letters does it consist of. Force touch the screen to get to the ‘options’ menu. You can choose to reveal the word letter by letter but you’ll have limited chances.

Download Letterpad – Free Word Puzzles (free)

5. Clockmaker

Another mind game on the list. Clockmaker tells you to memorize a bunch of gemstones and then you’ll have to find a particular one from a clocked screen.

Download Clockmaker—Match 3 Games (free, in-app purchases)

6. Wordie

Wordie, as the name suggests, is a word game with a little flavor of mind application. It shows you a couple of pictures and you have to guess a word that is common on those graphical images.

Download Wordie (free, in-app purchases)

7. Peak

Peak is a fast pace memory game, played in three different modes. The game rolls around the different shape of objects that you need to memorize in order to answer the following question. Depending upon the mode, you will have to recall, type of shapes, combinations, or a number of items in a picture.


Download Peak – Brain Training (free, in-app purchases)

8. Guns&Bottles

An arcade game for Apple Watch, Guns&Bottles is a retro American shooting game. The game has two modes, an aim and shoot mode where a wrong tap would end the game and a free hit mode where a missed shot won’t affect your score.

Download Guns&Bottles (free, in-app purchases)

9. Chess

Needs no introduction but there is something different here. You can play with other players online. Just select your game level and tap on start game. The app will notify you as and when your challenge is accepted by another player online. The app offers a list of players who are available to play so you can choose your own opponent.

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Download Chess – Play & Learn (free, in-app purchases)

10. Solitaire

A quick game of solitaire is always an option between work hours or commuting. Even on Apple Watch, the game would not let you down. You cannot move around a card or a deck, but you can simply tap on a card of your choosing to move it to the next obvious position.

Download Solitaire The Game (free)

11. SnakeWatch

Living big and growing bigger since the early years of mobile phone’s existence. SnakeWatch on Apple Watch will equally amuse you. The rules are already fed in your subconscious mind I’m sure, the only needed two controls are present at the bottom of the screen.

Download Snake for Watch (free, $1)

12. Elevate

Learning and improving experiences in gameplay model. That’s what Elevate has to offer. When you first set up the app on your iPhone it will test your quicker maths and vocabulary, and you might be a little surprised to see the results. The app on Apple Watch will throw quick vocab and math questions all you have to do is make the right guess.

Download Elevate Brain training (free, $43 yearly)

13. Tally Hoops

Not actually a game, but is a companion for Basketball players. Tally Hoops is a score counter right at your wrist while you play in a real court. You don’t even have to look at the watch to enter a score, Digital Crown on you Apple Watch does the job. The scorecards are synced with your phone app.

Download Tally Hoops (free, $20 yearly)

14. Trivia Crack

A quiz round on random subjects and in competition with random people. You can connect and play quiz rounds with other online players.

Download Trivia Crack (free, in-app purchases)

15. Time Unit

Another arcade game on the list, Time Unit is a time sensitive boxing game. Hit your opponent when you see an opportunity to finish him first.

Download Time Unit (free)

Best Apple Watch Games

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That’s NOT IT. Yes, it’s not all, I am trying to bring you the best experience in Apple Watch and hence my trials for new apps continue each day. I will be updating the list soon with some latest game app and also some hidden gems that I find in the depths of the App Store. Till then, try all the apps on the list in your free time and let me know what I’m missing in the comments below.

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