8 Best Apple Watch Timer Apps (2019)

Your Apple Watch comes with an inbuilt timer app, but for the most part, it’s pretty basic. There is no option to set multiple custom timers or Pomodoro timers. But thankfully, there are many paid and unpaid third-party timer applications that perform more functions than a basic timer application which comes inbuilt. I personally have been looking for the best Apple Watch timer apps, and here’s what I found.

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Best Apple Watch Timer Apps

1. Timer+

Timer+ application is just one step ahead of what the inbuilt timer app of your Apple watch has to offer. While the inbuilt timer app only starts a countdown of a timeframe you choose and that’s all you can see on the screen the timer+ application will offer you multiple timers that can be run simultaneously.

Say you want to set a timer for laundry and to roast your turkey simultaneously, the timer+ application you can set both the timers which will appear together on your watch screen.

Where this application lacks is that you cannot set the timer from your Apple watch, instead, you will have to use your phone to set up the timer, meaning it’s is not a standalone application. Another downside of this application is that you can only see one-timer on the watch screen until you are on a pro version which costs you around $4. But even for a paid version, you cannot set a timer from your watch. all you get is an ad-free Apple Watch multiple timers.

Pros: Multiple timers can be set simultaneously

Cons: One can not set the timer from the Apple watch

Availability: iPhone, iPad and Apple watch

Download Timer+ (Price: FREE /$2 for Pro version)

2. Workout Timer

As the name suggests, Workout Timer is a workout specific timer application that offers you multiple options to plan your workout. Workout timer can help you with Rounds of a specified time, Interval workout timer, stopwatch, and Tabata, an high-intensity workout timer.

On the watch screen, you’ll find four options, Remote Control that lets you control the timer for both your Apple watch and phone simultaneously, Tabata, Rounds, and Stopwatch. The timers can be activated from your Apple watch itself for all modes including the remote-control function which in fact starts the timer on both devices even if the application on your phone is inactive. The Tabata mode here is a bit different and is specific to a high-intensity workout regime.

Although the application sticks to workout timers only but the interval timer feature could be used otherwise as well. The application also offers history on the iPhone when on the premium version. But who wants to spend $4 a year to see the workout history when the mirror on your wall could tell you the same for free.

Pros: Accessible from Apple watch

Cons: Restricted to workout specific timer options

Availability: iPhone, iPad and Apple watch

Download Workout timer (Free / $3 per year for the premium version)

3. FocusWatch

The application on Apple watch has the most basic theme with just a number in between and a start button which is about it, there’s nothing else in the interface. If you are looking for the best Pomodoro apps for Apple watch, this is what you need.

Although the application can start an activity by itself, it is only partly functional when used alone. To set or edit the timer you’ll have to go the application on your iPhone and do it there. So where does it differ and why to try it? Well, apart from setting and editing timer from your iPhone, you can add tasks with different titles. You may choose different timers for different tasks which are then available on your Apple watch as well. You can simply switch between tasks and don’t require to reset and edit the timer again and again between your workout or other tasks.

Although the application is absolutely basic, it still offers a timer history available on the unpaid version. For the full version, you have to pay around $2.5 to avoid ads and have unlimited tasks. But the ads won’t disturb you on your Apple watch anyway and the available number of tasks are pretty much enough so paid version won’t make any sense.

Pros: Set separate tiles for different tasks

Cons: Cannot edit timer on the watch

Availability: iPhone, iPad and Apple watch

Download FocusWatch (free / $2.5 for ad-free version)

4. Intervals

Intervals is a workout specific application again, that focuses on interval workouts. The application’s home screen on Apple watch shows a timer preset which could be activated from Apple watch itself, although the timer has to be set and edited on Apple watch. yes, this is once again a partly operational application which has to be run both from Apple watch and iPhone.

Intervals also use workout tracking, which is inbuilt in your Apple watch, and thus connecting to your health app to keep a track of your fitness. Apart from this the application also uses location and both of these are visible on the Apple watch home screen of the Intervals application. The application is also voice enabled and narrates every step.


For a paid version of approx. 5$ you can get multiple timers, which is restricted to a single timer in the unpaid version and also offers iCloud sharing, workout history and customization to the presets as well.

Pros: Connects to health app to keep fitness track

Cons: Non-editable single timer in unpaid version

Availability: iPhone, iPad and Apple watch

Download Intervals (Free / $5 for the paid version)

5. Intervals

No, it is not a repetition. This is another application with a similar name and almost similar in functionality as well. This application offers multipurpose workout timer presets for different tasks like Tabata, Fat Burner, 7-minute workout etc.

The application is functional from Apple watch itself and almost all the presets available are accessible on your Apple watch as well. You just have to choose one from the app home screen and you are good to go. Although when it comes to editing a preset or adding a new customized workout scheme, that’s the part only accessible on your iPhone.

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The application lacks the workout tracking and location services unlike the previous application and also does not offer any history of the workouts done although it does show a popup saying ‘workout saved’ when you end a workout on the Apple watch, but that’s nowhere to be seen. Maybe it’s just learning your movements which an AI will use to kill you someday.

Pros: Multiple workouts presets accessible from the watch

Cons: No track records of workouts

Availability: iPhone, iPad and Apple watch

Download Intervals (Free)

6. Seconds

This workout timer application seems a little too simple like its name when you first open it on your apple watch. But don’t be disguised, it’s a tricky one. On the very screen on your Apple watch, this application will show you only a single tab which reads ‘quick timer’ unless you have upgraded to a paid version which shows you’re your saved and customized presets on the main screen.

So what this application does is it’ll ask you to fill in details of your workout before you start the timer like, number of exercises, duration of each exercise, number of cycles, rest between exercises, warm-up time and cool down time. This information is pretty much it makes it an intense workout timer application. You just need to fill in details and it’ll take you through.



There’s also an option to select what workout you are actually doing whereby you select a title which is saved along with the inputs when the workout ends. This saving feature is only available on a paid version though which is approx. $6 which in our opinion is a waste as there’s nothing fancy about the paid version and the free version works just fine.

Pros: Detailed workout timer settings

Cons: Paid version is waste

Availability: iPhone, iPad and Apple watch

Download Seconds (Free / $6)

7. Runmeter

A workout timer application specially designed for runners and cyclists, Runmeter is an application that’ll hold almost every detail of your workout. The application is to be operated from your iPhone and has no operational control on the Apple watch app but provides Apple progress details on the Apple watch screen with half the screen displaying a map tracking your geo-location and remaining half showing runtime and distance units.

Although the application has nothing to offer on Apple watch apart from a clean and stylish interface, the iPhone application tracks your movements details like runtime, pace, distance, geo-location, ascent/descent, elevation and of course, history.


The details of this data collection can be seen on different tabs available on your iPhone application that show you map locations, history calendar, workout graphs, pedometer etc.

The application also offers a paid version that’ll cost you around $12 for a year which gives you an ad-free interface along with coaching announcements, pause feature, saving workout history, music control while workout, Apple watch operations, connect to health app on your iPhone, iCloud sharing and much more.

Pros: Offers detailed workout history with geo locations and connects to health app as well

Cons: Fully functional version is too expensive

Availability: iPhone, iPad and Apple watch

Download Runmeter (free/ $12 per year)

8. Easy Cooking Timer

If you are looking for a cooking timer app for your Apple watch, then this one is for you. As the name suggests, easy cooking timer, display a timer for each step in your meal, showing when the step will start. For example, boil the eggs for 5 mins and then boil the carrots.

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Pros: This makes sense since you would prefer a hands free operation without making your screen dirty.

Cons: The app is Paid with no free trial

Availability: iPhone, iPad and Apple watch

Download Easy Cooking Timer (free/ $1.9)

Apple Watch Timer Apps

Although it seems like timer apps are only meant for sports utility but there is so much more to it. You can choose the best suitable from the list above. My personal favorite is Seconds which I use for my gym hours. Take your pick and let us know your experience in the comments below.

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